Monday, May 30, 2011

Chi Fitness Turns 1 With Sh'Bam!

Okay, so my gym that I attend just turned one. What a baby heh. And I was there to witness that happy occasion. 

chi fitness cake 1 year old
There was a cake! Woots!
Ok but celebrations aside, it was a fitness marathon day. Every member could bring friends to participate in that marathon of sorts (fun step, body combat, RPM, circuit challenge & Sh'Bam!).

I must say it was tempting to attend the complete marathon but then, I had Mando classes so it was a valid excuse. Ehem, ehem.

Niway, I was there for the later part of the event.. in time for 1 good class, the highlight of the day, yes the Sh'Bam! And I was glad to have joined this class!

sh'bam instructor, ana
This is Ana, the fun Sh'Bam instructor.
This was the first time the class is done at Chi. When asked the instructor, all I was told by Ana is that it's gonna be fun & you don't need to know dancing for that matter.

Now, I've been a fan of the dance classes in Chi (there's the MTV Jam too)... and looked forward to this. I believe dancing is quite a fun way to work out anyway.

So joined I did.. Here's my take:
Doing the Sh'Bam class is just like dancing like Shakira or Ricky Martin. 
You can say it was kinda sexy yet fun.. and it's a form of exercise! Woots! 
(Btw Sh'Bam sounds so much like She Bangs!).

mr fitness
Mr Fitness

Miss Fitness
After that final exercise, it was lucky draw & prize giving ceremony. And the above are the Mr & Miss Fitness! Yeah, they completed the full Fitness Marathon, and got some good points with it.

chi fitness 1 year celebration
Mr CEO cutting the cake.
Finally, it was time for some merry making, birthday song singing & cake cutting.

staff of chi fitness
Family of Chi Fitness
Must say this was quite a fun affair. I like the new class that is now offered here. Besides, the staffs at Chi are really friendly & warmth, and I believe that makes this gym somewhat different. 

To Chi @ PJ Trade Centre, Happy 1 Years Old, and may you continue to grow & grow! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Syed Farouq & Simply Malaysia

It's sometimes amazing how people with similar passion meet up together. And more so if it relates to this country, Malaysia.

I know many out there who just have a bagful of complaints about the country, and so it is a pleasant surprise to have befriended a group of Malaysians who are the total opposite. In fact, so much so that they form a movement (#iheartmy) just promote the inspiring side of beloved Malaysia.

And the one of the team members in this movement, whom I got to know is Syed Farouq. His passion about Malaysia and how he wants to make change in impacting lives of fellow Malaysians got my attention.. hence, the invitation for him to share his story.. 

syed farouq & iheartmy

I've always been so proud to be a Malaysian since I was young. Nyanyi Negaraku dengan penuh semangat, ikrar dengan penuh semangat and sing our Merdeka song "tanggal 31...." dengan penuh semangat as well but the thing is I didn't know what it meant and how I was suppose to feel at that time.

But to do all that dengan penuh semangat only doesn't really explain why Iheartmalaysia. As I get older, I start to know why:

Iheartmalaysia because i can make a difference.

Iheartmalaysia because of my friends.

Iheartmalaysia because of the choices of food available.

Iheartmalaysia because deep inside we Malaysians do care about one another.

Iheartmalaysia and I am proud of it!!

i heart my

Now I don't take Malaysia for granted but instead value everything that this country has offered and done for me!

I want to make a difference in & for Malaysia. I want to make a mark. 

And to do that, I know that I can't do it alone - which is why I am glad that in dire times, when it is time to throw out our differences, and work together, we can do it!

"Secercah cahaya menembus relung,
Menerangi sudut hati yang telah berpalung,
Tidaklah pantas berputus asa,
Selama nafas masih terhela.

Memang benar matahari terbit dari timur,
Dan pasti tenggelam di ufuk barat,
Ada saat hati ini hancur,
Namun saat bahagia pun patut diingat.

Ada batu menghalang jalan
Membuat laju jadi tertahan
Jangan berhenti berusaha dan berdoa
Lakukan saja dengan Semangat Iheartmalaysia!"

Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Choose A Gym

I mentioned that I'm now back gym-ing. Today, I'd like to share how to choose a gym.. (note: these are my pointers, anyway).

1. Understanding what type of gym u prefer
When talking about a gym - the one thing that will come to most people's minds are most likely the gyms with a network of outlets. But there's more to it. For example, you could gym at a hotel club or workout at the smaller standalone gyms, or even workout at your community gym, if there's any. 

All are good - but it all boils back to what type of gym do u prefer, or want.. cos it may bring different results. For example, the standalone gym are usually more for those keen on entering competitions, so if that's what you want to achieve, it's better to enroll in one. The crowd there might motivate you better. 

lap pool chi
Some gyms go to the extend of having not just jacuzzis & saunas, but lap pool too. 
But of course, if you are like me, who prefer a more lifestyle sort of gym, then most major chained gyms are more suitable though they most likely are pricier.

2. Gym Facilities
Linking back to point no. 1, gym facilities play a role as well. You need a gym that have enough gym facilites for you to do the workout you need. 

For me, I choose a gym with a good mix of cardio & weight facilities.

3. Crowd 
I'm not sure how many people list this as a criteria, but I avoid gyms that are too crowded. Waiting for your turn to use the threadmill can sometimes turn me off - and can be a bit of a timewaster. 

gym facility
I don't even queue up for food, what's more to use a gym facility :)

But of course, some people prefer more crowded gyms.. like those who prefer crowded shopping malls. Truly, this is a peference. 

4. Classes
The other factor some may consider is the classes - firstly whether a gym provides that, and if they do, what type of clasess are there. 

I used to not think much about classes provided by the gym - and didn't even went for any while I signed up with one last time. But this time round, I've been attending some classes and find them very interesting. 

gym class
Body pump class.. tried it - it's like medicine: tough but good
They give a new routine to the otherwise mundane gym sessions. And the ability to make some new gym friends along the way. 

To note, different gyms have different classes, and I am pleasantly surprised to have gone for MTV Jam classes in this new gym I am with. I truly enjoy this as it is refreshing, and unless I take professional dancing classes, I most likely won't have that opportunity to learn the boy-band like dances.  

5. Location
I first tweeted about this question "How do u choose your gym". And most of my online buddies replied with one simple answer - location. 

Of coz this rings true.. if there's a few gyms that kinda meets all the above needs, the one factor that will differentiate them is most likely the location. In fact, location can even be a more important factor than some of the above.

Imagine going through this to go to the gym.. Yeah, do I hear "Forget it". 
Look at it this way.. if a gym is far away from home or the office, there is less motivation to go gym-ing. Already going to the gym needs enough motivation, and we don't need anything else to kill it - eg traffic jams or such. 

A gym that is near home or the workplace is most ideal, as you can workout just before you work or after office hours. 

With all these in mind, I gladly like to say the gym that I'm currently attending is Chi Fitness @ Damansara Perdana. Btw all gym photos (minus the traffic jam photo are credited to them) :)

chi fitness

Chi Fitness @PJ Trade, Damansara Perdana 
03-7492 1023

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Time To Get Grand & Setaway!!!

In a few days time, we are entering June. That's like 5 months of the year gone.

Ever looked back and see what you've achieved or been doing? Well, I have.

Looking back - this year, I've been engaging more into the digital media. And one of the projects that I have been focusing pretty much is Project O&O (or #PONO - ps: there's no R in it! haha).

Some of u close friends or those following this blog or my tweets will know that it is a Youth Ambassador Search for Malaysia.

Many months have passed, and from over 200 over hopefuls from the start, there's only 5 remaining.. the very Top 5.

You can say they are quite the cream of the crop - first for having the courage to join this competition, and to then be the best from their peers.. And while I don't know them personally, but I've seen some of them grown leaps & bounds.. and some sure possess that leadership qualities lacking in many Strawberry Generation kids.

puteri project o&o

megat project o&o

shannon project o&o

li may project o&o

tevan nair

Anyway, in the end, like in most competitions, there must be only 1 winner. Now who of the creme de la creme will be crowned & work with us on his/ her Dream Charity project?

There's one way to find out.. yeap, it's all happening in the Grand Finale of Project O&O 2011 - with the theme #SETAWAY! And I say - hooray! :)

project o&o 2011]

Btw if you are in town, and can make time for this event, I would sincerely like to invite you & join in the fun. Marilah ramai ramai :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

You Too Can Be King/ Queen!!!

Kings, Queens... Princes & Princesses. They are more fantasy than reality huh? Or at least all these seem to be in a faraway untouchable land.. that we are not included (or should I say kena excluded haha)..

Anyway, if the closest you think you can get to the Royal blood..  is to gawk & get glued with the likes of Prince William's & Princess Kate's wedding.. then, you are in for a surprise!

For, you too can live a life like a KING or QUEEN! Oh #YEAH!

Imagine this life...

zicco tees
You first start wearing the I am King/ Queen tees (by Zicco Tees) to show that you are for REAL. Ehem.

Then you get (or should I say given) a camera that is to capture your all new Royal life with your all new Pentax RS1000.

You wanna take some good shots, cos you'll be then compiling them into a personalised photobook by Photo & Print.

chi fitness
And in the mornings, you head over to the lifestyle gym at Chi Fitness for a good workout - be it cycling, jogging, carrying weights, or swimming at the pool.

For your afternoon tea, you only have the best cookies from Delectable By Su.

mamadeedee restaurant
And dinner time, you are set for that unique dining experience at Mamadeedee!

Finally, once you call it a day (& night), you use the Inuovi skincare (okay for the Kings, then your Royal Queen uses them lah :) ).

Does all the above sounds too good to be true?

No, this is really for REAL. 

Cos these are the prizes that we are running under the Online King & Queen Contest! Yes, whoever get crowns King or Queen will get all the above... and also a big mention of Project O&O Facebook Fanpage!

And of course, full bragging rights!!! :) (who don't wanna blow yr trumpets if u r King/ Queen?).

*All you need to do to join this contest is simply - tweet, update your FB status or blog on 6 things about  Project O&O. It's really that simple to be King/ Queen!

*Full details: Project O&O Online King/ Queen Contest.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Event Launch & Review

Mind my bluriness, but when I got invited to the recent launch by Asus for its Eee Pad Transformer, I had the thought of the big budget Hollywood movie in mind.

technical guy asus
And in some ways or rather, I'm not wrong.. as explained by the technical guy from Asus. Cos.. this new tablet in the market can stand alone similar to the iPad or attach it with a keyboard and then 'transforms' itself into a laptop.

asus eee transformer keyboard
Put the keyboard together, and.. we have a laptop. Detach it, and take your table with you!

Well, okay, that's cool. But what other differences are there to this Asus new baby, as compared to the iPad - you most likely will ask?

asus eee transformer

Now, the team from Asus came prepared to answer that. Now, mind you, I was too very interested to know.. cos I am a very happy iPad 1customer.

asus eee pad
What we were told is that the Asus is created not just for entertainment but also for Productivity & Creation.

Here are some of the features of the Eee Pad Transformer that allows it to do all the above. Seriously some are pretty cool:
1. QWERTY keyboard docking station which offers two USB slots, & a SD card reader.

2. Battery life up to 16 hours.

3. It also boasts an IPS panel made from a durable, scratch-resistant glass (the guy actually took a pen and tried rubbing it against the screen - with no scratch marks noted after that..).

4. Comes with Polaris Office, to create create Microsoft Office-compatible Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

5. Dual cameras with 5MPx rear camera and 1.2MPx front facing camera.

6. Supports Adobe Flash 10.2 (can I hear some hooray?).

7. Full HD Playback.

8. SRS surround sound.

9. GPS software attached.

10. Supports waveshare (While this is not totally new, but still this demo was interesting. The tech guy showed us how one can control the desktop remotely to retrieve files or use the software within your desktop (eg play music on your desktop using the Transformer as the 'remote control'). 

I guess the next big question:
Will this Eee Pad Transformer gives the other tablets out there a run for its money? Of course, only time will tell. But one thing for sure, Asus sure wants a piece of share in this increasing competitive table market. 

For the start, they are on with a very good bargain.. yeah, the suggested retail price (SRP) of ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (tablet + keyboard) is RM1,799; and RM1,498 for tablet only.. this sure is reasonable, and may just pull the trick!

Need more convincing? Check this video commercial out:

*Full specs of the Eee Pad Transformer
Dimension 171 x 276.8 x 12.98mm
LCD 10.1” IPS panel
Resolution 1280 x 800 (full HD)
Multi touch 10 fingers
Operating System Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Processor Cortex-A9

NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2

(1GHz dual-core)
Built-in Flash ROM 16GB
Front Camera 1.2 megapixel
Rear Camera 5 megapixel, 720p video
Wireless Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n,

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
I/O Mini HDMI/ Micro SD/ Docking connector
Battery Life Pad only 9.5 hr

Pad + Docking 16 hrs
Weight 680g (Pad only)

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Gina Yap & Writing Malay Novels

Ever gone wide eyed when you see some Chinese friends speak fluent Malay? Or ever stop your tracks and wondered when you see some Chinese personalities doing in the Malay entertainment industry?

I for one, don't, as I can relate to these Malaysian Chinese. But what got me going "Wow" is when I personally know someone who is actually not just fluent in her Malay language but going into the Malay media scene herself.

I first met, Gina Yap (also known as Cmate), as she is one of our partners for Project O&O. As we worked on the project, I got to know her background then her passion.. which is book writing. And it's not in English, she says.. but Bahasa Malaysia! Now, to me, that's cool. So of course, when this series came up, Gina, and her unique passion, just has got to be featured!

And, here, is her story..

gina yap

Inspiring. Never thought that I would one day be labeled as INSPIRING. As far as I am concerned, I am a writer trapped within my truth. I’m content simply being who I am and it doesn’t bother me how the world perceive me. I am just a crazy writer refusing to let go of my dreams – to be a storyteller. My dream is to be a storyteller that touches lives and I’m doing just that.

Many people said that to be a published novelist is tough in Malaysia. From as young as I could remember, many have discouraged me to walk down the journey as a novelist simply because local writers do not really earn for a living.

Family members didn’t want to see me begging for food as a writer, friends didn’t want me to walk down a path that promises nothing but personal satisfactory – but isn’t living all about just that?

The personal satisfaction of achieving that which our heart desires for?

gina yap with book

I was stubborn, still am very stubborn.
I want to be a renowned novelist in my home country and I will. 

So I started writing my first manuscript in the quiet comfort of my room. It took me less than 10 days to complete 80,000 words. I could still recall that moment I wrote ‘The End’ at the bottom of the last page; it was a victorious moment for my writer’s soul.

Determination and perseverance, all a dreamer ever needs to keep running after his/her dreams. It all begins with you believing in yourself before others can believe in you. When the world distracts you from running after your dreams, you run harder. When people discourage you from what you believe in, you shut your ears and listen to your heart. When your loved ones try to put you down, you be stubborn and prove that they are wrong. Why? Because you are the dreamer. You are responsible for your dreams. No one else can help you to achieve it but yourself. It all begins from within.

gina yap author

Sent my first manuscript to the publisher of my choice expecting a rejection slip as everyone has said, “A writer is normally rejected multiple times before a successful hit.”. Well, that didn’t happen to me. My manuscript got approved within a month and hit the bookshelves in less than 3 months’ time. And from then on, my novelist career sprints ahead while I try my best to keep pace.

Some may find it surprising that a Chinese writer has chosen to write in Malay. Well, I needed a stepping-stone, don’t I? Seeing that the local publishers are publishing more Malay books than English, I leverage on my passion for the Malay language and wrote a Malay novel to penetrate into the writing world. It was the best decision I have ever made. With one published novel out in the market, doors of opportunities start to open one by one.

I was at the recent International Book Fair Kuala Lumpur, the biggest book fair of the year, to meet my reader fans (and a fan gave me a basket of flower). Giggling high school girls and shy teenage boys surrounded me for photo sessions and autographs. I spent hours meeting my readers, talking with them and being their friend.

At that moment, I knew it was all worth it.
Yes, I do not earn enough to feed myself through my books, but hey, I am touching lives.

Families and friends have nothing to say about my pursuit of dreams. Some of them are proud of me; others are skeptical especially when I told them my 2nd novel would be hitting the bookshelves this June. (Yes, I am woo-ed by publishers to write two books this year.) Why write more books if it doesn’t feed you? They forget; it feeds my soul.

gina yap signing autograph

I am glad that my pursuit of dreams has inspired others to run after theirs.
Everywhere I go, I tell people that dreams are worth chasing after.

We all have dreams. Big or small, our dreams matter because it’s the core of who we are deep within. The moment we stop believing that we are capable of achieving our dreams, we lose a piece of ourselves. I don’t want to lose a piece of me, do you?

*Gina's debut novel, Eksperimen Cinta by Geena Edora, is available for sales at most major bookstores. Her 2nd novel, Ngeri, will be hitting the bookshelves soon.

*Gina does writing & designing as her bread & butter. Her works can be found at Cybermate Dungeon. The banner for this feature is specially done by her! :)

*The What's Your (INspiring) Story? is a 12 weeks series where people from all walks of life are to come together and share anything that inspires them. I've invited friends from all walks of life & inspired by a wide variety of things, but am also open to anyone else who wants to share their story.

If u have an (INspiring) story you'd like to share, simply contact me! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Other Pepper

Finally, I got some time & inspiration to do another set of comic on this duo. As the relationship sinks in, so does jealousy. Check this out.

*Like this story? Check out the others that I've done so far: Pepper & Salt :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back To The Gym!

Ever since I moved to Kay El, I have not stepped to the gym. Sure I played basketball and even do regular swims, but not gym-ing.

This is like quite a far cry from my lifestyle back in Singapore, where I'd hit the gym 3 times a week.

Many reasons (& some excuses, I admit ehem, ehem)..

I mean, hey swimming is relaxing, especially when amidst the sunset. And playing basketball kinda reminds me of the time I was in high school.

And of course, the fact that the thought of gym-ing kinda puts me off in some ways (this always happen when you stop it for a while, huh).. In other words, bit lazy lah. Haha.

But then, in the past weeks, I've been going back to jogging on the tracks, carrying weights and even joining the gym classes. Yes, I'm back at the gym!

I guess, the time has come whereby the reasons to go to the gym outweighs the excuses.. well, I have my dreams to accomplish - and that comes with a better body.

The first priority - I need to start losing some weight from the very good Kay El (& Pea Jay) food that I consume (it's so hard to resist the good food lah grrr!). Then of course, this time round, I also hope to tone & firm up the body.

You can say Manila/ Philippines sure got me going here too (read: Getting Sexified in Manila!). While I feel all sexified in Manila, but I also know that I need to tone up more!

philippines sexiest stars

Can I look as good as Piolo Pasqual? Or any of those hunky actors out there (Manila or others)? I don't know.. but well, I believe, even half as good as them will do for now!

Anyway, here is me, after a few weeks of workout. Lots more to be done, but well, this is for the start! :)

In some ways, I think the gym workout helps

*I currently workout at Chi Fitness, a relatively new lifestyle gym. More of the gym facilities & my workout experience to come! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Jeffery Yeo & Musical Theater

I first known Jeffery through a common friend's gathering. Sandra Wong invited a group of friends for a CNY dinner last year, and there, I networked with her friends including Jeffery.

However we didn't connect till earlier this year. We  chatted and I found out more of what he does. As he spoke about his works and interests, suddenly, his eyes glittered and he was beaming as he spoke. For he was speaking about his involvement in musical theater.

It has been a long time since I've seen someone spoke so passionately about something and immediately knew that he has to be one of the Guest Writer for this series.

So, without much further ado, presenting Jeffery Yeo, and his story..

jeffery yeo, musical theater

This year Easter is a little different for me because part of my dream came true.

I am an engineer by training but now running my own business and am nuts about my work. There is a side of me who truly appreciate arts and music and is a silent passion of mine. 

Being involved in arts allows me to see things more creatively which helps me propel my businesses. 

the velvet rabbit

However, this is a write up about how a small me getting to a place where I manage to direct the most recent work of mine The Velvet Rabbit, a full 2hours 15 minutes musical.
The Velvet Rabbit was a full fledge Broadway style musical with 45 casts held on the Easter weekend produced by my church, Harvest Generation. 

It has 20 scenes and 20 songs; 16 of which are original songs. Almost 500 people attended in the 300 theater seating venue.. the isles are literally packed to the door.!

Annie & the Velvet Rabbit
It’s about a story of a young girl, Annie whose mother passed away at a young age. Due to some misunderstanding, she blames her dad. One day, she found a magical talking velvet rabbit and together they escaped to the city in search for freedom and love. There she got into trouble with the local Mafia and was in constant running. 

the velvet rabbit production

This is her amazing adventure searching for hearts and love as she discovered conniving wolves, sexy geishas, police ladies, orphans, mysteries and much more.

director & musician, the velvet rabbit
Me, and the musicians

The music arrangement time
I spent many nights writing the 50-paged script and composing the songs while thinking how each song will affect the dance steps, blocking and acting.

The story line has to be interesting and carries a positive message. 

With the minimal budget that we have, we have to produce a stage production that is par excellence despite being not only a Malaysian but also a church production!

velvet rabbit
  Final fight scenes between the wolves and the mafia
jeffery yeo velvet rabbit
D Don, the Mafia leader and main villain
jeffery yeo, velvet rabbit production
 Annie in the orphanage
Each song, music and dance is then thoroughly thought through with an awesome team of musicians and choreographers. Working with the different photographers, designers, prop architects, light and sound technicians, etc. is really amazing.

After finalizing the script and songs, comes the directing. It is a challenge and a learning experience for me directing a production of this scale. Note: I had no formal training. 

95% of the casts have never been in a stage production.
95% of them are first time dancers.
90% of them are not actors.
85% of them are not singers.  

With limited practice time for the students and working adults, I am concerned bout how will the show turned out. How would the crowd accept and react to the storyline? Will the message be clear? Will the songs be palatable? Will the stage be ready? Will it be a full house?

The hall in Subang was packed!
15 minutes before the show starts, the house is already overflowing despite the bad weather! Being able to see a Malaysian theater scene pulling off such a performance is very encouraging.

velvet rabbit song

velvet rabbit dance

The hours of practice had paid off and the casts are performing as if it’s natural to them.

audience applause

We got many good feedbacks from the audience. 

I was especially excited when the audience applauded multiple times between scenes and even standing and cheering at the climax scenes. 

velvet rabbit end

velvet rabbit cheer

I was so wound up I even take note of the number of applause for each scene. The audiences even relate and liked the songs. We had enquiries for soundtrack, DVD, script, etc. 

I am really moved to see the fruition of our work and my dream coming true.

jeffery yeo young
 3 year old me learning the piano and messing with the metronome
I have only attended basic music training when I was young but could not complete the training due to financial reasons. That has not stop me from writing songs and composing music with the little knowledge that I have. I started my own collection of self composed songs for personal use. 

Doing what I'm passionate about allows me to strife through the many nights composing, and being into the creative zone. I do not have professional training in acting or directing. Everything is self taught and learnt through hard work. I love music. I love art. 

Being able to see the inspiration materialize is a euphoric feeling. 

jeffery yeo productions

Starting only slightly more than 2 years ago, I have managed to write, compose and direct a few productions including ‘Bondi and the Patch of Clay’, ‘My Last Christmas Holiday’, ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘The Velvet Rabbit’. In total more than 40 original songs were composed comprising of a variety of genre including Broadway, jazz, gospel, rock, R&B, pop and instrumental.  

As for the casts, I like to push the people a little sometimes out of their comfort zone because I know their true potential. Doing this allows the youths to rise to a different level each time they participate in a production. So it’s not only the audience but the casts as well will have a learning experience. It gives me great joy to see the casts mature in different ways through out the production period.

I believe that each of us can rise to our greater potential if we believe.

I hope one day, I would be able to produce an award winning and life impacting musical production in the Broadway arena or perhaps even a movie; proving that Malaysians can excel in the theater and entertainment industry.  

Looking back, I am still amazed how we managed to deliver the production beyond satisfaction. I cannot express enough thanks to my casts, crew and team which help make this thing a success and to God for His abundant grace in allowing us to pull through this production to such a level. 

jeffery yeo

Believing in Dreams..!

*The 'What's Your (INspiring) Story? is a 12 weeks series where people from all walks of life are to come together and share anything that inspires them. I've invited friends from all walks of life, but am also open to anyone else who wants to share their story.

If u have an (INspiring) story you'd like to share, simply contact me! :)