Saturday, May 31, 2008

Singapore Island

I have a perception that as tourists, we always find things in the places we visit with a different angle. We could be away clicking photographs to any building or group of people or any object - everything seems to fascinate us in one way or rather.

That is why I keep myself to being like a 'tourist' - even at the place I live in, in this case, island-city, Singapore. People come to visit this city-state for its East-West image, its rather modern infrastructure and basically a bustling city on an island (surrounded with blue waters!).

So, the other day, I had the opportunity to have a meal at one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. This restaurant allows one to view the island from East to West, and even a lil up north.

So, I've 'transformed' myself into a tourist, clicking here & there, just like how a tourist from overseas would - like seeing things for the first time with awe. It gives an opportunity to feel in love with the city (again)...

singapore city
Just look at the city - so many high rise buildings - and still with some greenery. What contrasts.

Next, let's look at the city:

singapore city skyline
The famous Singapore skyline that has appeared in postcards everywhere. This is unique as the Esplanade is in the front.

singapore river, boat quay
The pub area of Boat Quay. It used to be the more hip place, but now, Clarke Quay has taken no. 1 spot. Nevertheless, this place still has some atmosphere, dining by the river. Behind, the tallest building in Singapore - the UOB Plaza One.

singapore esplanade
More view of the Singapore's Esplanade. You can see the Singapore Flyer at the back, and the big piece of land - that is where the construction of 1 of the 2 integrated resorts (casino) for Singapore. At the back, just look at the number of ships.

singapore flyer
More on the Singapore's flyer, its 'playground' area of fun & entertainment, and the surrounding sea. By the way, this is the south of Singapore.

singapore suntec city
This one shows the famous shopping & exhibition centre, Suntec City

singapore east
And finally, a lil bit on the east of Singapore. That is where the is the long coastal beach of East Coast Park is located (can't view here). Nearer to the pic, is one of the new attractions in Singapore, the hot air balloon (the one in yellow) which is near Bugis.

The views from the top really is different with a wonderful discovery of something familiar... yet reinforcing something Singaporenas forget, that we are living on an island surrounded with blue waters :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Colourful Drinks

Have you realised that our drinks come in so many colours? The past few weeks have had me testing out a few very different coloured drinks - some the usual we all know, and some very new ones.

First up, the morning brew of black coffee which turns brown when mixed with milk.

black coffee with milk
The morning dose

Some would opt for the usual brown tea instead - or 'teh' as they call it in the coffee-shops, which goes well with the half boiled eggs... and maybe the kaya toast!

tea or teh
Tea or teh peng

Then comes the many coloured drinks.

First off, the one we are rather accustomed to - the air bandung (the rose drink).

air bandung, red
Just look at its rich red

Talking about red, there is also the strawberry drink - in red as well.

red strawberry freeze
Just look at its red & pink - topped with the contrasting white cream

Next up, yellow. First the usual mango - but this comes with a twist. It has the pearls in them.

bubble tea, mango freeze with pearls
Remember the bubble tea craze? Mango freeze with pearls

Another yellow - rather unique: the durian drink. I just mentioned not too long ago on wanting to try a durian drink, and I did!

durian freeze
Durian freeze

Two more colours - first green.

The ever refreshing sugarcane

I also had a take of a green fizzy (or is it fuzzy?) drink.

green soda
The green soda

Finally, blue. Yes, a blue drink. And we call aliens weird. lol.

blue soda
The blue soda

So, there you have the many colours of our daily drinks. What a colourful life! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pizza, Anyone?

I've been eating in the past few days. It's not because suddenly I got the desire to cook all over again, but more so that I'm a lil bit too preoccupied with work.

And so, the first time, I cooked the most simple dish we all know - apart from frying egg. Some say it maybe a lil unhealthy, but as long as we don't eat too much of the MSG in it.

Yes, it's the 3 minutes, simple to cook instant noodles. I didn't cook the instant noodle soup or the even easier instant cup noodle, but opted for the Fried Noodle - the one where I boil the noodles, drain it, and add the flavouring.

It used to be our main supper in university last time and now I'm eating it again.

Instant Noodles
The Instant Noodles

I actually ate this with a can of spicy tuna. Really, this was instant alrite! And with the spicy tuna, it was quite alrite - not that wholesome (no vegetables), but rather tasty.

Food Delivery
Then, the other day, I thought I shouldn't eat these noodles again, so I thought of delivery. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind are the fast food. I guess it's because they keep advertising and have stuffed loads of their flyers in my postbox and also at my house door. And many seem to have 24 hours food delivery (though I didn't need it at that time).

So that day, I ordered pasta & garlic bread from a restaurant specialising in pasta. It was a lil pricey if you factor in the delivery costs, but I thought I'll give it a try.

The garlic bread was soft & a lil soggy when arrived because of the packaging, but the pasta was ok. It came in 2 sepearte bowls - the gravy & meatballs different from the noodles - this to prevent the pasta from getting soggy.

Meatball Spaghetti
Meatball Spaghetti

I couldn't take good shots - as I was pressed for time.

Another Delivery
And the other day it rained very heavily and again I thought of food delivery. This time I called up the most famous food delivery - yes the pizza! This is a huge delivery as the minimum orders were quite a lot. I felt bad for the delivery guy who had to endure the rain, despite the outlet is quite near distance.


I don't really fancy pizza of all fast food. In fact, compare fast food to local food, I'll go for local food anytime. So why did I order pizza... maybe this made my mind? :)

This was taken about 1 year odd ago... Pizza anyone? Yes, that's me! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can't Wait For Merdeka

I mentioned on my short-term dreams. Reminds me of the times in school & even in university where each time towards the exams, we just can't wait for it to end - like to end all the stress built on the weeks/months prior.

Yes, we call it the day we celebrate Independence Day!

The past week was stressful, and I felt as if I was a student again and to face one's exams - the anxiety, the lack of sleep, can't really eat, etc.

But now, I'm close to 'independence' - close to becoming free! lol. Yes, literally 'Merdeka!'.

Well, I don't have the same 5-6 months break I had after Form 5 or Form 6. In fact, now I'm already starting off with some new web project - really, there's hardly room for rest!

But, now that I'm a lil 'free-er', it's time to buy those pop corns & head into the cinemas and catch up with whatever else I can, if it's still showing.

I miss walking at the beach & seeing the sunset

And there is the travels. Boy, I've really missed going for travels - to see & breathe a new atmosphere! I've worked through Christmas & New Year and now, I'm ready to go places. I've lined up a few places in line - they are still mainly Asian, but new places I've not been to. I just can't wait :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 9: Burning With Passion

There are many updates on the progress of the 50+1 Malaysia book.

1. We managed to trim the no. of pages down. This now bring the book to its original target of 218 pages. A lot of work went into this - both designer & myself. In fact, this was a good move, as I think the content is now 'tighter'. Kudos to designer for still being able to create beautiful layout.

It really was no easy task - having to cut down about 30% of content per page. This push our timeline back about 7 days, but I'm thankful we did :)

2. We are finalising the printer and should confirm it by these few days. There's still some quality sample checks to be done by us. We've actually shortlisted 3 - based on reputation & costs - local & overseas.

3. Advertisers are still a lil delayed - a few have come in and some replied verbally, but their designs still not in yet. Time, time, Malaysian time!

I'm not sure should we drop 1 or 2 if they are late to come in. Time is running out. Sometimes I feel it has already run out! But if they do come in, it will be good.

4. I've been a lil bit on a brain-wave last 2 days... causing me to sleep very little (unable to sleep). Not a new idea to some - well, I am tying up with a few companies to support this project. There are no monetary involvement, but both parties will benefit. Again, I'm crossing my fingers. We only have so much time to confirm all these.

5. Book cover - ah, remember the contest? I don't know how many times we've been editing the cover already, but we seem to have finally able to satisfy everyone (we hope!).

You won't be seeing the cover just yet. But meanwhile, you will take a sneak look into my own design for Malaysia. I thought that I'll take control in designing as well, to ease burden on the designer, especially our very own designs on our company.

love malaysia
It's really this passion that keeps the book alive :)

This logo is not all new, but an improved version from the previous and appears in the book.

I did 2 more totally new designs as well, but which will be revealed in the weeks to come! :)

Pasar Malam

If you are Malaysian, you'll definitely been to a pasar malam (night market). Well, in my hometown, Malacca, most of the night markets are usually like evening markets (starting about early evening 5pm and lasts till about 7 or 8pm). So I prefer to call them like pasar petang (evening markets).

A few weeks ago, I was back in Malacca and went to a night market that I've never been to before. Anyway, I love going to the pasar malams, and would be eager to tag along if I'm free or like some would say nothing better to do, so when my family member asked me, I took that opportunity for an evening stroll.

I find the night markets in Malaysia very colourful & full of life. For me, it is always very exciting to just be soaked in the atmosphere. Especially that it is only held once a week!

There are the fresh produce of fruits everywhere.

pasar malam, fruits - apple, orange, pear
The apples & oranges

Sometimes, I wonder, we eat these fruits as if they are grown in our backyard :)

And there is our local favourites.

pasar malam fruit - mango
One of my favourite fruits - the mango

There are also the vegetables - which looks just as colourful - just see the colours below!

pasar malam, chilly, tomato
The bright red chillies & tomatoes

Really, the vegetables are not all green :)

pasar malam - vegetables
A bunch of colourful vegetables

There were also raw fish but there were a few flies around so I didn't take that photo.

And next come the round of cooked on the spot food. As this is a smaller pasar malam, there weren't that much available, but here the best 2 that is offered.

pasar malam, pancake
The pancakes

The unmistakable Ramly burger being cooked

Well, it was a short & small pasar malam, and I finished walking in about less than 20 mins to half an hour (including buying the pancake & burger) :)

Next time, I'll share more pasar malam goodies that we know of - the fried carrot cakes & more food in my other pasar malam trips! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Thumbs Up For Bloggers

Note: Dear readers, I understand that some of you may not necessarily like Paid Posts. But trust me, I only write those relevant & beneficial to you (& me).

I've mentioned before how I've been learning & discovering new things on blogs & blogging. I have been discussing this with some friends, and they've mentioned that blogging is actually like a community of like-minded people (basically of bloggers!). We so called share a certain character & behaviour & that's why we click!

Of course, our blogs may differ from one another from layout to content, but we have somethings in common to stick together. In fact through blogging, I've made a few good friends though I've yet to see some of you in person (and some not even the photos haha).

Getting Connected & Making Friends
It may take quite some time to search for blogs and fellow bloggers. That's why networking sites can come in useful - especially those niche or blogger specific.
Well, welcome the new kid on the block, SocialSpark.

If you like to make new friends, especially fellow bloggers, then this is the medium for you. Just like a social networking site, you can upload your photo (or your unique avatar), and describe yourself & list your blogs.

socialspark, user page
My profile at Socialspark - add me if you come onboard! :)

Then you can use their search function to find fellow bloggers by industry or even by country! This is one missing link in the blogosphere that is finally fixed!

search function, socialspark
The many ways to search fellow bloggers

(I've always been wanting to connect to my fellow countrymen where I can msg them direct) :)

Oh, and one unique function here is you can prop (thumbs up/ vote) to the people you like and even prop their blog(s). Of course, you can 'drop' (thumbs down) to them too.

Drive Traffic
And by having more friends means you can be driving more traffic to your blog (they can see yr blogs on your profile). So, in fact, this is really like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I think these are already good enough reasons to join this site.

But Wait, There's More
Now, the 'juicy'/ 'juicier' part - at least for some of you. Well what you guys can do here is again to be a paid reviewer (like an editor of a newspaper - just that you are a paid writer on your very own blog).

I've mentioned before that this is really one of the ways to earn money besides Pay Per Click Ads. Simply go to the Marketplace, and choose relevant Advertisers that meet your readers' profile. Of course, you'll need to qualify as well (there's a certain requirement eg. no. of hits, etc).

socialspark, marketplace
The Marketplace - a place for you to get those blings

As for payment wise, they pay via PayPal, so all you will need is to have a PayPal account.

So, guys, come and join in this new site at SocialSpark. If monies really not what you are after (or why you write your blog), then, at least make some new blogger friends.

Again, I hope this article came in useful for you :)

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Bus Rides Has Never Been The Same

Have you seen people laughing or giggling by themselves? What goes into your mind when you see one, especially if one is sitting close or beside you?

He/ she could be solemn in one minute, and then out of the blue, he/ she starts gawking. Ok, maybe he/ she tries to control himself/ herself. But, still, there's that smirk or lil grin, or worse, to end up bursting out after controlling! You know the ones that goes... kekeke.. quiet... quiet... kekekekekeek hahahahahaa hehehehe!

Before you go to another seat on the bus, let me tell you that

They Are Not Crazy
This was what has happened to me in the bus the past couple of times. And don't blame me, it's actually the TV on the bus screening a funny video.

In Singapore, the public bus SBS has TV installed a few years back (called Mobile TV), but the shows have always been rather boring until recently.

Now, bus rides are pretty fun and interesting as they have been airing funny series - like TV sitcom Maggi & Me (starring the ever lovable sexy-cute Fiona Xie & Adrian Pang) and also the 80's Rewind with lead actor Gurmit Singh (yes, the guy who plays Phua Chu Kang).

These are real comedians and very localised scripts and speech, with the various races slangs too! There is the the common ah-ahs by the Malays
(ah-ah that one lah), the more prominent head moving by the Indians & their distinctive slang while the Chinese have the tamer Singlish of issit and lahs (this was from an episode of Maggi & Me).

So now, I don't drag sitting the bus, but instead kinda look forward to what is on TV!

And if the funny shows are on, I might be the one laughing controllably (hey, don't want to be seen as mad right). haha. I hope I succeed and don't become like some others who try to control their laughter but fail miserably, and finally ending up so 'pai seh' (blush).

So now rather than complaining bus rides take too long, now, it seems that the rides end a lil too fast! :)

*Btw, I guess it's ok to laugh actually - no one really moves to another seat even though you maybe laughing like mad! Afterall, laughter is the best medicine lol :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Day The Internet Went Kaboom!

My internet went bonkers 2 days ago - it 'died'. Yes, the connection was down for a full 24 hours. Luckily it's back to normal now.

It got me to think how much the internet meant to me (us), or how much my (our) lives depend on it.

On that un-fruitful day, I couldn't check my emails, wasn't able to upload & download files (this was the most important of all for my work - corresponding with my graphic designer), unable to surf and unable to blog.

Can you imagine the feeling when things are in such tight timeline & when pressured for time, and suddenly the internet goes ka-boom?


So, I tried to do all the non-internet related stuff first (editing), hoping for the internet to come back. But when it didn't, I had to go to a friend's place to do all my work.

As I accumulated the work (especially the upload/ download of files), I had to stay back till quite late to finish them, leaving no time to blog (though I did a lil bit of blog surfing in the time in between).

In a way, I was a lil dissapointed as I couldn't write a post. I guess I'm addicted to blogging and miss it when I couldn't get connected - reflecting a lil, it seems weird huh, how blogging has taken a new part in my life :)

But most of all, it goes to show how dependent my (our) life is on the internet now. I dare say it has really transformed my (our) life(s), and to say I (we) can't live without it would be right! Glad it's back! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's A Durian Life

It seems like every country is appointing a famous icon for welcoming tourists (or drawing them) to the country. There's the Hello Kitty for Japan for the start.

In Malaysia too, we've had stars becoming tourism ambassadors - people like actress Michelle Yeoh & singer Michael Wong (Guang Liang). Even jazz singer Sheila Majid has mentioned a thing or two on spas in Malaysia in some videos.

Then of course there is the cute big eyed Siti Malaysia (don't get mistaken, it's not Datuk Siti Nurhaliza haha - some of you will know why I'm laughing!).

But this virtual Siti Malaysia is new. How about one that is tried & tested. Of course Lat the kampung boy (village boy) comes in mind for a Malaysian cartoon character. But that is for another day.

I was thinking how about the famous strip of It's a Durian Life. Yes, the one done by CW Kee that appears in The Star every other day in the comics section.

Why Durian Life Can Be Malaysia's Ambassador
Firstly it's title of a fruit synonym to Malaysia - raw & spikey it may seem, but nice in the inside - ok, I'm promoting Malaysia here :) (the other version, which I think is the original reason for the title - you can never know what to expect!).

Anyway, here are the reasons why the Durian Life cartoon characters can be the new Malaysian icon:

1. It gives the latest update on Malaysia - good for tourists to know what to expect

kees world, its a durian life, update on malaysia

2. It promotes multi racial Malaysia - Truly Asia!

kees world, its a durian life, multi racial, muhibah

3. It promotes Asian (Malaysian) values - caring for the elders

kees world, its a durian life, grandma

4. It welcomes you to their home - good for Homestay programs

kees world, its a durian life, home

5. It shows loving & caring Malaysians - aren't we a loving lot? :)

kees world, its a durians life, love

So, what do you think? Is this 'durian' good enough for Malaysia? :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bloggers, This Is For You

I've mentioned before that bloggers are a new force to be reckoned in the internet world. In fact, more than that - bloggers can change and shape things online & offline. We've seen that happening already in just the few months back.

And I'm glad to be part this, as a blogger - though I'm still considered a 'small-fry' in the blogosphere. There are so many new things to learn and so many websites to visit - and really, at times it can be an information overload.

That's not forgetting the time spent on coming up with ideas on postings (writings) - which I truly enjoy of course as I am able to share my thoughts and my journey... and things that I see in life.

Like I said, I think I've come a fair bit, though I'm still learning a lot. And recently, I've chanced on a new site which I would like to share.

Blogging & You
This is for the bloggers especially, but also for the non-bloggers who are interested to know what blogging can do for you.

Yes, blogging can bring income and I'm actually trying this out. It's not my main income yet, as you guys know I have my own business running, but I do hope to increase revenue from blogging and I guess this site is one of them. Yes I'm hoping to get paid to blog - And I'm not talking about banner ads or PPCs, but really, just paid to write in my blog :)

Yes, You Heard Right
If writing is your passion, or sharing your life journey or if you already are a blogger, then this is for you because you can simply find & select Advertisers that suite your style (content) and write a review about their product or services.

Some of you are already doing that anyway - reviewing on things either to your friends by word of mouth on the new things you bought, or blogging about a good service you experienced. Imagine each time you share about a product to your friend, the company pays you... well, it's not a dream anymore.

In other words, think of it as a review - but a beneficial one to your readers. And at the same time you will help the company (the Advertiser). So it's a triple win situation here: Readers-Advertiser-Yourself.

Or if you like, you can actually donate it away as well to the needy, maybe not all, but when the time arises. (In fact, there is a segment that you can choose to donate).

Seriously Consider
So, really, if you are a blogger or soon-to-be, then do think about this opportunity. This is really quite a pleasant thing to arrive to the internet!

This by the way is a sample of a Paid Post - but with benefits (I hope) to you :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

$1 Durians

I have a feeling that it's near the durian season again. I'm not sure if it's too early , but I remember that the season for the king of fruits is usually around mid year or so.

Anyway, mention anything durian from durian cake, durian pancake, durian puffs, durian ice cream or durian juice (I'm hoping to try this lol), and usually I'm up for it.

Though I must say nothing beats eating raw durian by itself - and nothing beats the seasonal durian Malaysia. The smell is always stronger, and flesh softer - durian lovers will get what I mean I'm sure. It's not my favourite fruit, but close.

durian fruit
Array of durians

So the other day, I was at the supermarket and from afar, I could smell the unmistakable durian smell - some like it, some don't. Well, it's not over-empowering, but just a bit. And it's usually this time of the season that the smell is stronger.

Actually, I prefer buying durians at supermarkets as they are usually opened right in front of you (minus the hassle of opening one & you get to see the spread, and the price is fixed).

Ever since an incident where I paid a hundred over dollars (forced) for durian, I've never gone back to buy through the stalls, unless the price are explicitly stated.

And recently, the prices in the supermarkets are quite ok - not usually cheap, but neither too overpriced.

Durian Sale!
But, the other day, I had a shock when I saw the price of the durians - there was a sale! Yeah, surprise I was... because durians were going for S$1 a packet! (just when we thought prices are rising!)

S$1 durian packet

But you know when food and fruits go for sale, we can be skeptical at times - on its freshness, its taste, its quality, etc.

But then again, I thought, it's only S$1, and they look like Malaysian durians - so why not give a try... it can't be that bad right (sold by supermarket for sure got reputation a bit right).

The Verdict
So, buy I did. And tried I did. Well, let's say for S$1, it's ok-lah. It did have that bitter-sweet durian taste though it wasn't that strong - rather mild actually.

So, it wasn't really a 'good durian bargain' or sale for that matter, but I guess worth the try (once at least). Though for the future, I'll make sure it is much better before I 'plonk' my $1 :)

*Actually the durians were more expensive just about 5 mins before that, but as it was about to close (and you can't really keep those opened durians), they brought the price down. That means this durians were just the regular priced durians in the first place - and that just means that the season's not in yet!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Japan's Tourism Ambassador

Think Japan and these tourist attractions come to your mind:

Cherry Blossom Japan
The beautiful Cherry Blossoms

mount fuji japan
The famous Mount Fuji

shopping shibuya tokyo japan
The shopping-entertainment district of Shibuya, Tokyo

Clearly, this modern country has just so many tourist sites which the Japan Tourist board can promote.

Then, talk about Japanese food - there is the all time favourite raw fish of sashimi & sushi. Or their culture of the beautiful traditional dress of kimono. Really, Japan has so much to offer!

And with so much to offer, it's only right to share it with the world. Now under the Visit Japan campaign, they are hoping to achieve 10 million tourists to the beautiful country. To help bring the tourist numbers in, they are looking forward to ambassadors. They already have Korean singer Younha, Japanese actress Yoshino Kimura and Japanese pop/rock (J-pop) duo Puffy AmiYumi.

So Who's Next?

First up, there's Japan's J-pop queen, Ayumi Hamasaki - she's hot, she's popular & have a huge following even outside Japan.
ayumi hamasaki jpop
Ayumi Hamasaki

Or how about the popular First Love singer? With her best selling first album holding the record of best sales per album in the country, for sure she is considered:
utada hikaru
Utada Hikaru

Enough Of J Pop
But no, they are not looking for another pop-ster to grace & welcome tourists to their country.

Instead, they are looking of another segment that Japan is popular of - its Japanese cartoon or known as animation.

Yes, there is the big head, big eyes cartoon characters of Manga. Or a more real Final Fantasy where every detail is outlined? But these were not in the board's mind as well.

How about a popular one - one that has gone Hollywood?
Yes, think Transformers - this robot machine which can change into vehicels? They can showcase a modern Japan - known for its modernisation, an economic marvel many other countries just awe. But despite the Hollywood fame with a movie in 2007, it's still a no.

Optimus Prime - Transformers

Something more simple
No, they want something more simple - something people can relate too. Then, Doraemon should be a good one - this magical robot cat is just like a genie and makes nearly every wish come true for buddy Nobita & gang. Everyone should be able to relate to this blue cat with a magic pouch in the front. They can have a tagline 'Come to Japan - where dreams come true' (cliche I know). But put Doraemon beside it, and it may just make wonders!

The ever cheerful Doraemon, Nobita & friends

But again, blue cat or not, is not what they want. You mean there's even skin colour difference in Japan?

No, all these are just way too complicated for a simple image Japan wants to portray. It needs something more 'lovable' & not crazy like Doraemon, stiff as Transformers, as real human like as Final Fantasy or any other big headed mangas.

They want something with 'more excitement' - one that likes modern Japan - its shopping, loves its fashion, and its sashimi... yet at the same time have some traditional values. It can't be too sexy - no Ayumi. It has to be real, yet unreal...

So who was chosen?

Who do you think Japan is making it greet its 10 million tourists?

And to be splashed in posters worldwide?

Clue: It's a cartoon character (ok, you already know that).

2nd Clue: It's not human (ok, you know that too).

I can't give anymore clues actually, cos it's really simple. Ok, here's one: it likes Mcdonald's! (or has an affiliate with McD) - and it's a cat.

This really is a giveaway clue.

Yes, it's a cat
Some of you by now will know who I'm talking about. The ladies/ girls especially. Yes, Japan is inviting you... with a far more famous icon:

hello kitty japan tourism ambassador
The New Japan Tourism Ambassador's - Hello Kitty

For the guys, well, let's just get past that Kitty Kat and enjoy real Japan (do remember to bow when you see the cat though!) :)

Learn More On Japan: Japan National Tourist Organisation

Hello Kitty's The New Ambassador

*For the record, Doraemon is Japan's Anime Ambassador.