Monday, April 29, 2013

Fresco Jaya Supermarket

Would you believe if I say you can eat Italian food right in the middle of the supermarket? Unlikely?

Well, this can actually be done in this yummy restaurant - Fresco Jaya Grocer!

Situated inside the supermarket - towards the entrance is this hard to miss restaurant. The next surprise? It's pretty cosy too.. despite it being so close to all the fresh food!

Now, that's actually a plus point btw. For the unique dining experience here is that one can actually select the raw fresh food from the supermarket.. and then get the restaurant to cook it!

Well, it may not be the same as fishing for your own fish, but this is "close".. And well, you get to select the exact meat you want - especially it's size is quite fun.

So well, the many times I'm here (yes, I've been back a few times now), I've done just that.

I love to close the salmon, and the bring it to the counter and later choose the sides with it.

Saying that, if you prefer the food from the menu - they also have that. And they are pretty good too! I've tried the salad, roasted chicken and spaghetti - and all are yummy!

Honestly, the food here is good.. above average but not pricey. To me, it's really a nice place for meals - lunches, and dinner too!!

*Fresco is located in Jaya Supermarket, Empire Mall Subang.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Quirky From Kwerkee!

I love designs and other cool stuff. Well, quirky stuffs you may say.

So when I was given the opportunity to review this cool site - Kwerkee, you bet, I got excited!

Founded by the same people behind fashion site Reebonz, they have since last year come up with a site "dedicated to all the things aesthetically pleasing".

I've checked their site, and I must say that there are really some cool stuff... stuff that you don't see at the malls everyday.

I particularly like their iPhone covers. For yes, I do love pandas and bears, and have never came across such cute-sy lil designs before!

More bears - there's the Kikkerland zip and flip bear... where the bear changes into a pillow. Yes, I wonder how, but so the description says. Cool huh. 

Btw, these are some of the other stuff which I personally got to feel and use. Check them out!

Sushi lovers will love this stapler. I'm sure you'd be making a statement in office/ school too!

You might have probably seen this around. But well, Kwerkee carris this camera like thumbdrive too (along with many other types of thumbdrives). Well, I guess.. to them, why go with the conventional right? Make a statement when you can, and wherever you go!

Some people do like stylus pens (just like some who love qwerty keyboards.. lol). Well, forget those boring plain black stylus. Get a pencil lookalike that works just equally good!

More for the sushi fans. Get cute lil magents (and I mean real cute as these are small magnets). 

The best item I've toyed with is this cereal holder. I never really store my cereals apart from er... just leaving them in their packaging, all tied up. But hey, with this holder, I can now go all hotel like... and server breakfast in style!

Btw, a lil more about This site offers 2 items daily at 70% off (wow!). And well, shipping is just RM20 per order... meaning the more you buy, the more one saves on shipping!

Well, designers and design lovers.. now you know where to get your 'fix'! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

I Did The Gwiyomi Dance!

There's a new internet meme.. some call it the next thing after Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake.

Interestingly, this stems from pop nation South Korea, being started from a Kpop star (member of the BToB boy band) who created a series of cute lil hand gestures counting from one to six.

This somehow caught on and some of you would have probably seen the Gwiyomi (aka Kwiyomi) videos on the internet.

Well,  being a Youtuber myself, I joined in the fun this time round.. and so, here's my Gwiyomi dance too!

This dance was actually part of a longer video I did.. which is about pick up lines. You might be wondering how related is that cute dance to using as a pick up tactic. Well, it is.. in Asia especially! :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cool Cafe: Whisk Outpost

What can really compete with Starbucks? Personally, it's a talk order.. decently good coffee/ drinks, good service, comfy environment.. they have it all.

But well, this doesn't mean new cafes can't spring up and join in the cafe scene in the Klang Valley.. which in recent years has seen quite a good improvement with new players btw.

Well one if them is Whisk Outpost. I first knew bout this cafe from their first outlet in Empire Subang. That is a very quaint cafe that even from afar do seems to have some 'character'.

I've always wanted to try it there but this lil cram cafe is always full..

But then they opened a new outlet in 1 Utama. And well, this other outlet of theirs is bigger - and not as crowded, probably the reason it's tucked in a corner hidden from the shoppers.

Smiled seeing this :)

I truly like the ambience here which is quirky yet charming. Old tiles, cute tables and lil knick knacks as decorations.

Their staffs are also friendly - ala Starbucks style.

I've only had my tea here but yet to try their homemade cakes nor macaroons.. so I can't review that.

Btw, this cafe is not catered as temporary offices but more like a place but more like a place for some quick reading chit chat or to just chill (they boast of good music).

Well, there you go - another good cafe in town - reviewed! :)

LG3A @ Empire Mall or G139 @ 1 Utama

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Malay Food In USJ: Restoran Ubi Kayu

I have a taste for good Malay food, every now and then. I must say I do enjoy Malay food - probably because of my upbringing, which taste buds is heavily influenced with chillies and spices.

While generally, the mixed rice style most Malay food is more or less the same in many cases, but there's some which really stands out. And this is one of them.

Ubi Kayu in USJ serves the usual Malay food fare including the fried chicken. The fried chicken is nice though a lil normal.

What I enjoy more here is the fresh BBQ food - like the fish stuffed with sambal and the huge and juicy BBQ chicken thighs. These are tasty but more so because they are cooked fresh - well at least during the lunch time that I go.

The other unique thing about this restaurant is also the rather wide array if desserts they serve.

And that includes the "pengat" - which is really so tempting. Well, I do like this dessert a lot.. and they do it well here :)

Now, I won't say that this is the best Malay restaurants in town but probably one of the more notable ones in USJ - that's worth a visit if you happen to be in the area or simply looking for a place for a new food hunt.

restoran ubi kayu no.2-1,jln usj 9/5n, uep subang jaya, 47620 subang jaya, selangor

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday, April 11, 2013

White Lies

Do you ever lie? Okay, I'm sure many will say a big N O.

But how about a white lie? You know the lies that gets you away from something or the opportunity not to hurt someone.

I'm sure everyone tells a white lie, one way or rather.. right? Still disagree, well, then check this video out - and tell me you've never been in any of this situation :)

Monday, April 08, 2013

WeChat Party!

What do you do when you have a new TV commercial featuring new brand ambassadors? And them being one of the biggest stars in the country?

Throw a party that is! And well that's exactly what the messaging cum voice and video app - WeChat does!

Of course the party wouldn't be glam enough without the (online) socialites and bloggers!

So well, I (ehem, ehem) was invited to attend this rave party held at Neverland!

This wasn't an ordinary party - but a pretty lavish one.. starting off with photo taking opportunities, holding the WeChat fluffy or taking photo at the WeChat photo booth (ala those cute-sy Japanese booths).

Then, it was food time! This was accompanied with a series of performances from dance to our local artistes like Vivian Chua and Henly Hii.

Also present was the Vice President of Tencent - Poshu Yeung.. who gave a welcome speech and was also giving away prizes to winners who participated in the games on stage (which amongst others is like the iPad!).

The 2 ambassadors - everyone's darling, Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam were also revealed and the TVC featuring them were played.

Honestly, this is quite something. It's interesting to note that even Internet companies are now getting celebrities to endorse their products. This was never the case up to even just 2 years back (usually the CEO / Founder is the face of tech brands).

The other interesting point is in this messaging chat war game, WeChat seems to be doing things right - locally in Malaysia. Fans of these 2 main stars should pull in the masses they need.

Well, the party has really just begun!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Good Korean Food: Seoul Palace Korean Cuisine (USJ)

USJ 19 Mall is a relatively quiet mall. But despite it being so, there are quite a fair bit of good restaurants.

One of them is this Korean restaurant - aptly titled Seoul Palace.

The glass windows of this restaurant gives it character, though the view is nothing much. But for a neighborhood mall and restaurant, this is quite something.

It's particularly nice in afternoon as the sunlight brightens up this restaurant.

I also enjoy the layout - neat. There's the normal chairs or the Korean style chairs.

Food wise - this place is known for its BBQ and also ginseng chicken, which I've tried before.

But what I want to share is their set lunch which I had. There's a few to choose from like bibimbap, dduk bboggi, and kimchi jijigae.

That's the mains. But apart from that, there's also the free flow of appetizers. That's really a deal. I mean for RM10 onwards with a flow of appetizers.. that's like a steal!

The appetizers are like most good Korean restaurants - fresh and tasty. I particularly love the kimchi!

Apparently, the restaurant has a few outlets in Klang Valley. But well, if you happen to be in the area - and looking for some good Korean food at reasonable prices, this might just be it :)

*1st Floor, Lot F31
Jalan Kewajipan
USJ 19, Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: 03-8025 9805

Monday, April 01, 2013

Yummy Lui Cha At Lui Cha King Restaurant Kepong

I don't know bout you - but I hardly eat Lui Cha, especially when given options.

Probably the main reason - I've never really tried a good Lui Cha before. The taste has always been rather bland for me..

But despite that, I was still open to having good Lui Cha, especially when recommends by friends.

And so I ended up having this Hakka dish at one of the more popular and better tasting Lui Cha restaurants in town - the Lui Cha King Restaurant in Kepong.

The mix of vegetables and nuts were fresh and crunchy. And taste wise - while it's still not my favorite and best tasting dish, but it's not at all bland.. which is a real pleasant surprise!

Btw, this restaurant also serves some side dishes. I managed to try the soft fried tofu with salt pepper. That was alright - but maybe like the name suggests, a lil salty for me.

I didn't managed to try the Hakka yam abacus - and that's something I'd like to try someday.

Owh, and honestly, if I'm looking for a healthy yummy meal.. I will probably come back!! :)

*Lui Cha King Restaurant
Address: No.15, Jalan Ambong, Kepong Baru, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 012 2708484/ 012 2502720
Opens daily 9am - 430pm, except Mondays.