Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must Visit Bangkok: Grand Palace!

Think images of Bangkok.. and one can't miss the Grand Palace. It's so much an identity of this City Of Angels (I love calling it this)!

And they say that one hasn't visited Bangkok if one hasn't visited here. And most tourists usually make this as one of the places they visit on their very first trip!!

But well as a frequent traveler I am.. be surprised but this is my very first time visiting here!!

Well, it's not that I didn't attempt to go the last time.. but it's just that previously, I came a lil too late (I think I arrived bout 4pm which by then the ticket booths were already closed)

So this time round, I made sure to arrive a lil earlier so I can buy the tickets on time!

So what is it about the Grand Palace? Well, this palace which was built in 1782 is the former residence of the Thai King for about 150 years!!

And till today, this place is well preserved! And in simple words.. grand!!

Imagine if one were to witness the period when it was still the official residence and administration centre.. definitely lots of life and colour!!).

Well, here are some shots inside the palace. You can see the intricate details and wonderful architecture!

I must say - I am awed! And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

In fact, I'm not just awed but proud too. That in this region, there is such a structure so grand and beautiful.

Ah, this is Thailand.. a place that really never stops amazing!

*Tip to visiting the Grand Palace: it's advisable to dress in long pants and no sleeveless tees. Also as the place is decently huge, do wear a cap if you have one!!

And yea, plan about 2 hours to cover the grounds. I was surprised I took that long - even though I did rush through some sections of the Grand Palace.

The guide map will come in handy too :)

Oh yes, so now I can safely say that I've also covered the Grand Palace, and "have visited Bangkok"! Yay!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You For The Experience, Papulex!

I've been invited to share for a few campaigns before.. but nothing really beats Papulex Bloggers' Challenge!!

I've learnt one step further on taking care of my skin.. and preventing it from acne breakouts. That's of course the whole main aim.

I've talked to a specialist on this - and came out a lil wiser, I'd say!

I've also used their products, and yes.. did a video out of it! Hehe.

But that's not all. Apparently, there's more. Papulex believes in an overall wellness.. and so me and fellow bloggers were given a retreat bout 2 weekends ago.

Bloggers buddies (well the 3 in front) and one organiser hehe :)
And it's not just any retreat! Instead, it was a retreat of 2 days 1 night to Philea Resort Melaka!! Wow!!

I may come from Malaca.. but I've never stayed here before. So when this opportunity came, it was like a mini goal come true!!

Me on the bed... ah, dream come true to stay in Philea!
The full retreat was - very much as is. Ie to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

And in between we had some games like a treasure hunt. There were clues all over the resort, and we bloggers were to hunt for them treasures! And I actually surprised myself in this game - by yes, being the winner! Wahhh..!!

Looks like a ring inside? Well guess what I won for the Treasure Hunt! :)
We also had some time for bonding with fellow bloggers - from during the meals and also while swimming.

It's always more relaxing to swim in a resort. 
On the following day, we had a short briefing session again by the doctor.. with more insights on taking cafe of our skin.

Me and one of the organisers, Harmini

Organisers and fellow bloggers.. all smiles during lunch.
And finally, we had a short road trip to Malacca town - yes my hometown! Haha!! We had Nyonya food there.. at Nyonya Makko before a short stop over at Jonkers.

And then we headed back to KL!

Overall, this whole journey has been one unique experience. And yes, I'm proud to have been a part of this!

Thank you, Papulex!! :)

*I'm part of the Papulex Bloggers' Challenge. If you like this post, do vote for me (please)!! :D

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thailand Has Talents! (Thailand Most Wanted)

There's a new show in the City Of Angels.. It's non other than a talent show showcasing a wide spectrum of talents from Thailand.

Honestly, when I heard about this, I do find this pretty interesting. I've always liked our regional talents - and this seems to be one good platform to showcase them.

Ah, honestly Thailand has done it again.. and it do seem pretty well too!!

For apparently, I'm informed that the THAILAND’S MOST WANTED SHOW gathers the famous talented performers in 7 categories:
1. Thai Fight; Thai martial art
2. Intersection Art; the combination of gymnastic, bullet, acrobatic, and Thai Dancing
3. Traditional Thai Puppet; Joe Louis the best traditional Thai puppet
4. Art of Shadow; tell the Thai story to art of shadow
5. Beat Box; fun and fantastic beat box style by special technique
6. Art of Sand; the best sand creator in town
7. Talented Voice; unbelievable voice from the talented singer

That's a pretty impressive line up heh?!

It will be nice to see how the show is done.. with cultural performances being side by side with modern performances.

Well, if you are visiting Bangkok from now till end of March 2013, then do head over to the National Theatre Bangkok to catch Thailand's many talents!

But take note - it's only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (730-9pm).

Owh, how I wish I can see this!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come, Take A Seat (Bangkok Restaurant Review)

Quaint and cosy.. plus a lil romantic. This is Take A Seat.

The name is catchy and the restaurant do live up to its name. And yea, I'm fortunate to have visited this restaurant in Bangkok.. thanks to one of my fellow Malaysian friend who recommended this place.

The exterior of the restaurant was already rather welcoming.. but more so in the inside.

And while Bangkok maybe known for its traffic jam, and even though this restaurant is at a busy street.. but sitting in this restaurant do feel really relax and comfy. I specially like sitting at the courtyard area of this restaurant.. just feels homely.

Service here is good. Staffs are friendly..

And food wise - pretty yummy too. They have the usual fare of authentic Thai dishes, served pretty nicely.

We came in a rather big group and so we had a fair share of good food - from the likes of fried fish to seafood cooked in curry.. and there's squid and also cockles.

I must say all of them were nice - my favourite being the Tom Yum Goong and the fried fish.

Owh we also had the water spinach (aka kangkung) which was fresh and cooked just right.

The desserts were pretty ok too.. though for that, I still think the main course were better.

Overall, a good place to dine, and chill - for both tourists and locals alike!

*Address and Contact
38 Narathiwat Soi 2 | Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
02-634 8964

Monday, January 21, 2013

Eating Insects In Bangkok!

Have you heard of the Thais eating insects? Or your tourist friends telling you about it? Perhaps their experience?

Well, if you haven't.. then let me share with you some pics of these insects..

Nearby the Surasak BTS lies a push cart selling a fair range of insects. Now you may wonder I'd go ga-ga over it.. but well I didn't. Partly I've actually seen such before in one of my previous trips in Bangkok (well back then, I was..! ).

And at that time, I actually bought a packet of crickets to try too - which btw was really crunchy (and as online research says - nutritious).

However this time round, I stayed away from eating any. I guess no Thai friends were around to cheer me on.. or dare me!! Haha!!

While I understand not all Thais eat them, but still this is pretty cool.. and exotic too.

And eating these insects falls within some of the "weird" food I've tried in my life.

How bout you.. will you try this?