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Singapore Fashion

singapore fashion dress

I have had the experience of interviewing fashion designers for my previous works. That got me to understand the works of a fashion designer - their thoughts and also their inspiration (one really needs to understand a fashion designer to not step on their toes!).

And when I recently met this fashion designer from Singapore, I thought it will be a good feature here.

singapore fashion

Well in fact, it wasn't that I went searching for him. But instead, Hayden, is not the usual fashion designer. His presence is very much online where he keeps in touch with his clients updating them on new lines (He has a Facebook account + a fashion blog).

singapore fashion boutique

This compliments his fashion boutique situated in one of the high fashion streets in Singapore - Club Street.

This maybe quite a surprise if we move back to the times before Hayden started. Then, he was just serving tables after he graduated.

But his passion in drawing, inspired by the designers back then - especially Karl Lagerfeld, soon brought Hayden to knock on doors at various Orchard Road boutiques with his portfolio of drawings. The rest, one would say, is history.

singapore fashion evening wear

His lines suite the modern lady - who wants something modern yet not too sophisticated, and in a way, light. His inspiration comes from many things - music, art & shows... but most of all, he is most inspired by the people - basically from their lifestyle, their needs and requirements.

This may seem a bit of contradict, but Hayden do not do customised clothes. Instead, he prefers his clients to choose the clothes off his racks and then he will adjust for them accordingly.

singapore fashion, unique
Known as one of the big brothers in the fashion industry here, Hayden is now less focused on Singapore fashion shows, but instead more focused on providing the best he can to his customers.

And that include following international trends, including getting fabrics from Europe and then suiting it for the local weather through his design. He adds the local touch through his fabric details.

With all his skills and unique designs, it is with no surprise that Hayden also do costumes for theatre shows - something which he still finds challenging till today. This is because he wants to ensure that his clothes manages to get the story-telling through.

My last question to Hayden was about his future plans. And to that he replies "to continue my passion of what I'm doing now". I guess we'll continue to see Hayden & his works - but who's complaining anyway? :)

Singapore Fashion For You
To those of you keen to get your hands on one of Singapore's top designers items, Hayden has agreed to give 3 lucky winners a mysterious Christmas gift.

Knowing Hayden, this gift is going to be something unique!

For those interested to get an early Christmas gift, simply share what you like about Hayden's clothes lines!

Contest ends: 14 December 2008.


  1. HI Qua Chee. This sounds interesting.. wondering where should I write?
    Here? or via email?

  2. @curry egg
    you can write it here (as a comment) :)

  3. The black one looks gorgeous. The cutting is perfect and very elegant. Very suitable for formal event and also for evening dress. Nice touch!

    I hope his design will be accepted by Victoria someday ;)

  4. i've browsed thru hayden's blog as well.. found that his designed are really unique and gorgeous..

    esp the scarf dresses.. i like the Silk Satin Pucci Print Pleated Scarf Dress with Ring Detail Back and Scarf Dress - Multicolored Print Silk. how i wish i could have one of those.. so elegant and gorgeous..

    besides that, i have to agree with what hayden say .. 'dress will always leave a very positive image of one's self to others! A visual image that could last a lifetime.......' wchich is something very true.. the first impression is very important to gain the opportunities..

    anyway , thanks quachee for your good introduction and hayden for the words..

  5. The cuts are rather sexy but not cheap-looking. :)

    I love the prints! They're so hip and shout Singapore all the way! :D

    Quachee, how do you meet these people? :D

  6. Very nice designs, love the cuts of the dresses and think it will flatter the ladies who wear them! Oh, not to mention, it looks incredibly comfortable :)

  7. the design are rather unique and I love the flower printing on the clothes. Some gives a feel of vintage style. Furthermore, the cutting can be adjusted to fit and portayed to make one stand out it's beautify to the best

  8. It looks different from other Singaporean designers and it look nice for anyone of any age!

  9. the cuts are flattering and the fabrics are exquisite.

  10. My favourite would have to be Hayden's Scarf Dresses. Several features attract me to these Scarf Dresses. Firstly it is the vibrant colours especially the ones with turquoise and pink hues as found on two pieces on his blog. Awesome prints! Hayden should have more of these brighter shades.

    Fabrics play a major role. I like them being in silk and weaved with gold metallic threads which undoubtedly bring out elements of elegance, class and luxury.

    Both the two different styles, one very Chinoiserie and the other Arty Abstract, are equally gorgeous and each with its own merits.

    The LBDs are great pieces too. They are all very unique and stylish.

    Keep up the great work, Hayden. Best wishes for 2009!

  11. I like the fact that they are all so unique. The prints are fun too. Great if you want to stand out from the crowd and not look like everyone else.

    Don't have a blog, so anything contact me here:

  12. I love Hayden's designs that makes casual everyday wear & formal evening wear appear chic, sophisticated and sensuous.
    The unique cuts and different styles that are fitted to the client make the ultimate cut! Many times while shopping in other stores, I find that what I like is not available in my size. Hayden's clients don't have to handle this disappointment.
    I especially like the black evening wear/party clothes featured on this page. Bet that they will make any lady's day (or night)!
    The pretty black floral dress (2nd last dress on this page) with slit sleaves is so seductively feminine that I wish I could lay my hands on it & make it mine. The materials are rich & fine, the colours reflect & shine...I love Hayden's clothes lines!
    My contact id is:

  13. Hayden @ Club Street.
    Hi there, my name is Benjamin Cheh a designer and
    I am not a fashion designer but we do share one common thing: "Inspiration".
    Having browse through the images i kinda like the black elegant (evening wear) look because is very mystery and yet sexy. The aurora surround it is perfect. Ideal for a late evening dinner with your woman. She defiantly will make all head turn around just like in the movie.
    Not to much detail but is fine by me if you know where you are dressing for occasion.
    Less is More is here to stay.

    Thank for the invitation.

  14. Dear Qua Chee & all,

    Many thanks for the write-up!
    Also many thanks for all the kind comments given!
    I truly appreciate it.

    Hayden Ng

  15. hi all

    thanks for giving wonderful feedbacks to hayden and his designs.

    here's 3 winners to his exclusive items:

    will be contacting you 3 for yr prizes! congratulations! :)

    and here's to hayden & singapore fashion!

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  17. Hayden sees the modern lady so natural, so chic, misterious and unique... each of his designs speak about this lovely women

  18. beautiful dress:)
    just opened korean jewelry shop on singapore qoo10!
    we only sell korean products:D be beautiful with song of songs!


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