Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amphawa Postcards Giveaway

It's been a while since I ran any contest on my blog.. but I guess in some ways, I'm now back. 

Why you may ask.  

Well, recently, I've been having a fun time receiving parcels and gifts from online buddies.. so I'm giving some stuff in return (what goes round comes around right) :)

For the first giveaway.. I'm giving away some postcards which I've gotten from my recent trip at the Amphawa Floating Market. The postcards are personally selected (yeah out of the many), and by me sending it.. you get a handwritten message too hehe. 

If you are keen on getting one (I have about 8 to giveaway), simply fill in the form below. I'll randomly choose 8 names to giveaway by this weekend :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Bangkok Fashion (Men's Shirts)

Shirts. Oh how I didn't like wearing them last time.

I've always fancied wearing tshirts, or singlet tops.. and just being shirtless when at home.

But work do require wearing a lil more formal wear - that is wearing shirts.

So over the years, I decided that if I have to wear em shirts.. why not wear some cool ones. After all as the saying goes "clothes makes the man" (I prefer to replace the words clothes to shirts).

So I have been getting some good compliments on my shirts from both sexes alike.

My friends will ask me where I get them. Which then I reveal my "secret" - mainly from Bangkok!!

Though while I still buy occasionally from some boutiques in KL, or at times Singapore.. but personally, I've always favored the more bold and unique designs from Thailand.

So on my last trip there, I got myself a few new shirts which I'd like to share.

The first one is from Central Chidlom Mall. I had initially didn't want to buy any shirts at all in this trip but after trying it on.. I then decided that its pretty nice. Besides it was on sale!! And so I got this shirt from
local brand LTD.

The second and third pieces were from the other departmental store in the Silom Mall.

As I was walking around this mall for the first time (yes believe me).. I decided to just check out the men's section.

Now already having bought a shirt the day before.. I decided that heck with the no-buying shirts idea on this trip. Instead, I'll just be open to buying some shirts if I see some good ones!

And so walking in the men's department area, the shirts from local brand BG Lab really caught my attention. These are the kinds of designs that I hardly see in my rather conservative country..

Well obviously I saw quite a few good pieces from BG Lab.. and had to narrow down my selection a bit (I was for shopping but not a spree haha!).

In the end, I just chose 1 from BG Lab. And just as i thought that was all.. but then i saw a cowboy like shirt from the other popular Thai brand.. Hybrid.

And so I got that too.

I've worn all the 3 shirts already.. and do feel good wearing them :)

Now, I'll be heading to Bangkok again soon.. and well, I'd know better to just go with the flow, and probably check out the shirts again!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amphawa Floating Market!

Floating market. Owh, how I've always wanted to visit one. 

Well, it's not that I've never been to one. I have visited one a few years back. Though it wasn't the popular Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, it did give me a wonderful feel. 

So, I've been asking my Bangkok buddies on visiting one - again. We did try to go to a few floating markets but somehow most of the times, something cropped up or the market closed bla bla bla.. 

But then, that dream came true in my latest visit to Bangkok, where my Thai buds brought me to the Amphawa Floating Market! 

Me and my brother fell in love with the Amphawa floating market immediately upon stepping into it. It boasts of a certain quaint atmosphere.. and the scene was just amazing. 

In some ways, it was like stepping into a different world - a water city with some arts sense, and its own charm. 

This is the hotel that we stayed which is a simple homestay style hotel, just directly beside the river. It's nothing to shout about but well to stay by the river and feel the mood.. I guess, we couldn't complain much. 

Partly cos the most popular hotel was fully booked!! Yes, Amphawa is a popular destination amongst local Thais!

My bro getting some postcards

As we arrived a lil late - we were both hungry yet we wanted to shop before the shops closed. So while my Thai buds went to order the food, me and my mum went shopping. 

The shops selling mainly souvenir stuffs - many of which are locally produced or handmade. Most of the items are either cool or unique - one way or rather. 

Now, who wants some pots? :P

A "passport" for your collection :)

Old style xercise books!

We did our shopping in between dinner. And we actually ate by the river. Initially we were sitted inside, but then lucky us we had a table just by the river. Ah you know that feeling of getting that table there.. it was like one precious moment!

One group shot for memory.. my Thai buddies, Taro, Fish together with my mum and bro. 

Dinner was good. Local Thai food. And we also had this fish which is apparently very popular in Amphawa.

After dinner, we continued with a bit more walking, breathing in the atmosphere.. and doing our last bit of shopping/ window shopping before the shops close.

Bear and monkey? Haha!
Too cute!
There were lots of fruits in Amphawa! Here is hairy balls - the rambutan!!

Then, we took a the last boat cruise out for the night. How this works is that the boat usually leaves when it's full unless the passengers don't mind paying extra for the empty seats.

As we were the last ones around, we paid a lil higher for our seats for a good 45 mins or so boat ride. Along the way, we saw fireflies - the other thing Amphawa is famous for!

We called it a night.. a rather early night for the next morning was an early call. We woke up at about 530am (yes, you read right).

Amphawa in the early morning

The reason - is to give offerings to the monks.

After the offering, we had our breakfast - which was provided by the hotel. We once again ate by the river! And yes, I'm gonna say it again.. I just love the feeling! XD

We had another round of sleep after breakfast. Thereafter, we had a quick walkabout along the shops by the river.. and exploring Amphawa in the morning.

Oh and I got an Amphawa tee along the way too!

There's this teaser toilet - not the actual one. Artsy like I said hehe. 

Toilet for the men! Can you tell :P

Yes, it's for the ladies!
More fruits! (and hairy balls ooops)
Yes, it's true hahaha!!
My Amphawa tee.. featuring the Line characters!!

I thank my buddies for bringing me to this floating market. Without them, I wouldn't have known about here! 

Now, I'm looking forward to my next exploration in Thailand!! :)

*Don't ask me how to get there. We drove - I mean, my friends drove. Hehe! It took us about 2 hours or so. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Learn Thai 69: Shopping

Thailand. Oh how I love it so much.

I love the food, the people, the shopping, the parties.. and oh yea, and also the Thai language.

And so, I decided to come out with a first video on some Thai words. Well, it's not that I'm a pro at it.

But with the help of Thai buddy, Kim Kim, I managed to get this first lesson out.

Oh yea, it's about Shopping. Which tourist doesn't do that in Thailand anyway? :P

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kou Shui Porridge Cheras


Yerr. Yuck. Eww. That's my reaction if you were to ask me last time.

But well, of late.. I'm beginning to open up (growing with age perhaps?). And to the fact that I've been tasting some really good porridge lately.

Koh Shui Zhou (pic courtesy of 4 Square)

This Koh Shui Zhou - which also means mouth watering porridge.. is one of the restaurants that has made me open up to eating porridge.

There's a few types of porridge here - bit whenever I'm here, I'll go for my favorite 2.

One is the "bei tan zhou" - which is the black egg porridge. The porridge here is thick and the ingredients well blended. Now generally, most shops get this porridge right - but I have also experience those pretty bad ones. This restaurant however is pretty exceptional - and serves this really well.

The other porridge I like here is the frog porridge. The frogs are cooked separately in another clay pot, and served alongside the plain white porridge.

I know this sounds weird but even the white porridge is so well done. The rice is so fine and smooth - which is so different from those I are when younger (and which made me stayed away from the food altogether).

As for the drinks - I go for the usual soya cincau. This place is a lil far for some (unless you are in Cheras and familiar with it). But nevertheless, it's one of those places I come back for good food.

And well you can say that I am a porridge convert.. now!

I brought my Thai friend to try the porridge too! In fact, I've brought a few overseas friends here!! :)

526G Jalan Cheras (Batu 3 1/2 Jalan Cheras), Kuala Lumpur

*The nearest landmark - it's quite near PGRM building.

Open nights

Tel: +60392811818

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

USJ 9 Nasi Lemak: Restoran Nasi Lemak Warisan Sambal Opah

Nasi Lemak.

Oh how I love this food. And if you are Malaysian, I bet you do too.

The question, you'd probably wanna know is where serves good nasi lemak.

Front of the restaurant (pic courtesy of 4Square)

Well, the best one to me is of course from my hometown Malacca. The coconut cooked rice always seems more fragrant in Malacca (probably it is cooked with more coconut milk). And for us Malaccans, well, we all love to have our nasi lemak with the kangkung (water morning glory).

But well, I'm not saying KL don't have. In fact, I have tried a few that can put up a fight.

The nasi lemak is that crowded, that it even occupies the opposite side of the road. 

And this restaurant is probably one of the best contenders. This Restoran Nasi Lemak Warisan Sambal Opah located in USJ 9 serves some really old style - small packs of nasi lemak.

Whenever I'm here, the restaurant is always packed, and I have to queue up to get the freshly served nasi lemak (probably one of the reasons its really good!).

Now, I never like to queue for food last time, but nowadays, I give in a lil. Especially when the food is worth it (and as long the queue is not too long). The queue here is roughly 10 to 15 minutes - well that's my experience anyway.

Once it's my turn, there's a range of curry and sambal dishes to choose from - to add to the nasi lemak. Though honestly, the nasi lemak by itself do not need those. But hey, this is nasi lemak KL style - which side dishes always seems as a must.

And if I have to choose, I usually go for the "must have" fried chicken. I don't know bout you, but I have always thought that Malay fried chicken usually tastes good :)

Now the only difference in this restaurant as compared with most Malay restaurants that I've eaten.. is that after taking your food, you have to queue to pay at the counter. Ie. a second queue.

That can get a lil messy if your hands are full. But like I said, it's pretty worth it.

Well, this is the nasi lemak. Rather simple but really packs a punch. And 1 packet, is never enough!

Btw, there's these Sarsi drinks on the table as well, though I errr... have yet to try.

Conclusion - if you are in Subang Jaya, or on a food hunt, and a lover of good nasi lemak, then you just got to at least try this!

* Address:
2-56 Jalan USJ 9/5p, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47620, Malaysia

Opens daily except Tuesdays (5pm - 5am)