Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Happy Feet!

Happy feet, oh happy feet!

Ah, so what am I talking about heh?

happy feet
No, it's not the animation.. though yeah, I do like this a lot (read: Happy Feet).


Neither am I talking bout the dance classes that I'm attending.. though they sure make the legs happier (and not so wooden! Haha!).

No, it's neither the 2 above.. So what is it then?

Tadaa... it's the leg massage.. by Ogawa!

What a surprise for me.

No, I didn't receive it from Santa. Though, I must say Christmas do seem to start early.

Cos never have I imagined of getting a leg massage before. Neither have I actually even entered to any of those shops selling those massage chairs & all.

But recently, I did.

It's a surprise cos I had initially only wanted to rest at the shop while in between meetings. But the massage chairs & leg massagers were just too good (I actually dozed off a minute or 2 there!).

With such pamper & all... I gave in. I had to have it. It doesn't matter that Christmas is 5 months away.

And so far, I've got no regrets. For these machine sure are good.. and most of all, they 'put a smile' to my tired feet.

You can say that the feet are now - Happy Feet!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bangkok Loving

I have declared my love for 2 of my favourite cities - Taipei (read: Taipei, Im In Love With You) & Manila (Manila.. Ooh La La!). Even Shanghai has a post dedicated to it (read: I'll Miss You, Shanghai).

And with that, it's only appropriate that I also write a love letter to this wonderful city of angels.. my top 3 favourite cities, if not most loved.. non other than Bangkok!

bangkok bts
Now, where do I start? I've been to Bangkok numerous times now (more like a semi resident than a tourist, I'd say). But still.. everytime I'm back, there's so much things to see and experience.. and of course, to like. And love.

bangkok roses

Yes, love.. how appropriate is the flowers here to represent this post. And these flowers? They can be bought just at the roadside street market. How convenient, yet... a beautiful sight. 

bangkok street market

Yeah, I love the street shopping at Bangkok. It's everywhere.. and one can find nearly anything. Or everything!!! (magic water balls, anyone?). And the good part is... though these stalls do make the walk paths more cram (especially during peak hours), but it adds so much more atmosphere to the city. And of course the convenience of shopping while on the way to your destination!

bangkok tee

And one of the things I like buying from these stalls are the wickedly funny tees. They are decently priced and quality is decent (well, the ones I got, anyway) :). And they do update their stocks with new tees every time &  again... making a t-shirt fan pretty happy!

bangkok mug

Talking bout designs, I do like how they go into details. Everything must be like near perfect when they do it.. it's like a good habit that they have. And their designs are creative, especially when compared to their oh-so-conservative & kinda-boring neighbours... So for a design lover, Bangkok sure breathes fresh air :)

bangkok design chair
Everywhere is like a piece of art of its own... bursting with creativity. Okay this maybe an overstatement.. but hey, where else do u see chairs like the above on the streets? 

bangkok mall outdoor
Or ducks at open air spaces - for no campaign in particular? 

true bangkok
Oh, I have to add on.. or cool signages for shops in the malls! For an outlet to put in effort to make a presence, that just awed me!

bangkok street cafe

Oh look at this drink stall... selling non other than just coffee & a lil bit more. This stall may seem rather ordinary to a Thai folk, but to me, there's so much effort put in - just to make this stall look good and attract customers. Even the logo has some creative thought into it! What a big difference! :)
balls bangkok drink cafe
And if that's like not good enough, we then have the open minded-ness that comes along with it. Well I'd say Kay El and Singapore can be open minded too but way too hush bout things. But here in Bangkok, it's just a lil like Taiwan... have it, flaunt it.. and no need shy shy kap! That to me is the true essence of living lah :)

bangkok free drink mbk tourist
Oh and I think one reason why I keep going back to Bangkok - it has got to be on how well their tourism industry is. No other city that I've visited has such wonderful tourist service... making any tourists, big or small.. feel like a King/ Queen! They first introduced the VAT refund, additional discount for tourists when shopping in malls & here - free drinks for tourists at the MBK mall!

bangkok shrine
Another thing I love bout Bangkok - the many shrines they have. It feels peaceful here in Bangkok.. maybe more so, as I'm a tourist & a Buddhist. Despite the media giving some bad light to Bangkok in recent years, but I always feel the opposite. I don't get the local media cos really, it feels peaceful here.

bangkok mango sticky rice
Food & fruits. Somehow they taste sweeter here. Yeah, I'm biased - I know that. But hey, try the mango sticky rice in Bangkok, and then you be the judge! Haha! The mix is just right - sweet mango with just nice sauce to go with it.

And though Thai food may not be as wide variety as Truly Asia's... but there's such a wide range of flavours in just 1 type of food! And that's more than enough, really (more of that in the next post).

lemnongrass drink bangkok
Talking bout food & fruits, I must highlight, the 1 drink that I drink oh-so-much here is the lemongrass drink. I first had this a few years back, and never looked back whenever I visit Bangkok/ Thailand. The drink is neither too light nor too heavy, but usually a good mix that somehow only the Thais know how to make this drink so well - as far as I know!

bangkok bts

Oh another big thing I love bout this city - the MRT & the skytrains!!! I don't care if the trains are newer or older than other ASEAN cities trains. They are nice - and the rest can learn a thing or 2 from them. The trains are wide, and clean. The TVs in the trains work well - long before Singapore got theirs right. And their network is well connected. 

The best part - I don't hear them boasting bout it. No, they don't. And I believe that is what makes Thailand.. or for this matter, Bangkok so lovable. They just do their thing - in the most perfect way possible. So much so that they exceed my expectations.

To Bangkok, you are really the best city I've visited. And I'll definitely be returning for many more visits to come. And... who knows, for some long stays too... or migrating to your city for that matter! :)

*I forgot to mention 1 big pull factor to love Bangkok - the Thais themselves. If you've not been to Bangkok, you may not get what I mean.. But if you have, I can bet, you are already nodding your head in agreement! :)))

Friday, July 22, 2011

The 15 Mins Haircut


Have you ever tried the express cut before? The ones usually in malls?

Well I recently did, and am pretty impressed with it.

I've done this once back in Singapore (at that time it was like S$10 & 10 mins deal). I tried that once but didn't go back.

Cos while I like the hair cutting process to be short, but I still think it's important to have a certain standard.. which obviously that hair cut didn't have that.

So what made me change my mine and try it again this time (with another company of course)?

Well, firstly, I still haven't 'settled down' with 1 particular barber/ salon here in Kay El/ Pea Jay though I've been here for coming 2 years now. The salon I nearly 'settled down' with had odd & inconsistent opening hours.. and so that was a bye bye.

And more so - this X-Cut is actually by the people behind A Cut Above. So I believe that there is a certain standard to it. Or so I hoped to believe.

And thirdly, I needed a hair cut.

So when I was referred to this, I thought I'd give it a try.. and like I mentioned above, the outcome was good. The hair was cut well according to my taste at least. And the person who cut my hair (ie the stylist) - she was friendly. And that to me is important.

Oh and yeah, there was no upsell of any sorts for any products!

So for RM16, and about 15 minutes.. that sure is one hair cut that is good enough :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Santa

Okay, so I live in Malaysia.. a place where Santa Claus would never visit - for he can never come into our homes.. there's no chimney in our homes for him to soosh down!

So, even as a kid, I knew Santa was made belief.. like those TV shows. Or maybe Santa is for the Western kids.

And all adult now, I should know better.

But still.. I'm 'writing to Santa'.. on the lil (or big) presents that I want this Christmas. Okay, seriously, as long as I get them this year is good enough.. no need till Dec-lah, Santa! Haha!!!

Here goes with wish number 1!

Dear Santa

I may not be much a fan of the game nor the movie, but this figurine and its cool motorbike.. well, that I'm a fan.

I've been eyeing on this for a while now, Santa. Somewhere around a year or so since I saw it in somre stores around Kay El. And guess what - now is a good time cos the prices has come down (surprise, surprise!).

Btw you know what Santa, it's limited stocks left.. so your elves better start working on it, huh.

Oh yeah, in return of this toy, I so promise I'll be 'good' the remaining months of this 2011...! So what say you, Santa? Deal? :)


*I promise to give you your cookie & glass of milk (seriously you drink milk and not coffee, tea , beer or liquer?).


Monday, July 18, 2011

Musang King Durian - Oh Yeah!

musang king durian
Been hearing bout the musang king durians like crazy... and I must say I got jealous from the people sharing with me stories on how yummy this species of durians are. You must just listen the way they share it, really.. cos it's like they ate the best food, ever.

durian with eric lee and caroline ng
With all the hype I thought to myself that I "Die die must try!".

Hence, I called up online khakis Eric Lee & Caroline Ng for some durians moment. We met up at the durian hot spot of SS2.

There were no durian buffets left, but that's okay... cos I really wanted to try the musang king durian and that they have!!!

A pricey RM35/ kilo... but true to form: it's so good huh! Heard of the words "50 sen tenggelam?" That's how it was like (u can literally sink a 50 sen coin into it cos the seeds are so small).

And I was like in heaven...

Btw, I did a video review of this special durians and to capture my first time experience too! And oh yeah,  I'd like todedicate this video to Submerryn (go figure.. hint: creamy & thick! hahaha!).

musang king durian blogger
Me, Eric, Caroline.. and the RM70 durian - on the table. The one I'm carrying is just for show (was given by the stall workers for photo taking! Hahaha!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Caroline Ng & Love

I have featured Eric Lee in the last post of this series. And I think it's only fair to feature the other half of this 'love birds' duo, and also my online khaki - Caroline Ng

I have known Caroline through the powerful online world - Twitter to be exact. Then I found out that she & her now bf have first started their long distance relationship online. I thought that was cool. And seeing how the duo has progressed is kinda inspiring.

So when I invited her, I mentioned.. how bout sharing her love story. Well, she did. And this, is her story..

Hahaha! Ok I don't think this is something inspiring but I just wanted to share my thoughts and thanks to Quachee for featuring me here. People around me wouldn't believe that if I don't have a boyfriend. Yes, they're that silly. Just until the day I broke up with my former boyfriend and stay single for more than a year. To be honest, I love and enjoyed being single, I feel the freedom and get to do things I want and hang out with friends. It didn't takes long to cure my broken heart and all thanks to families and friends for making me realize life goes on no matter what. After all, it's not worth to feeling sad just for a guy.

caroline love story

How do we actually started? Both Eric and I met through blogging. Like most of my online friends, that's practically how we met each other. I would say our love story begin in a twist as reason we got together is slightly complicated. We used to argue a lot as both came up with different opinions in almost everything. Both of us always teased each other and our arguments could even end up everywhere from msn to facebook to twitter and even blog! That's how worst we were at that time when we haven't get together yet.

caroline, eric love story

Am not sure when and why I fell in love with him...Most probably it's because the way he guided me and being the one who always listened to my "complaints" and also the one who I can bully?? Alright, just joking for the last part. I remember there's one time he tried to avoid from talking to me, and later I found out it's because of he afraid I would mad at him and will not talk to him or hate him. While me the other side thought I have done something wrong to him and found out what a stupid misunderstanding between us! Since then, we always talking to each other till the day he confessed his feeling for me.

caroline, eric love story

Long distance relationship. Although at first am so reluctant to accept him as we are staying apart from each other ( west and east Malaysia ) , am glad we started. Most of the time, we only keep in touch through msn, video calls, phone calls and sms-es. He might be far from me at that time, but he is always there to talk to me especially when I needed him the most. People will not believe in love through cyber world, especially my parent, they worried if I get cheated and will be heart broken again. Nothing is impossible and what I can say is everything needs time to prove it.

caroline, eric love story

Insecurity. Being in love again is different thing, having such insecurity feeling is another different thing I would say. Who don't wish to have someone special to be just right beside you all the time? Why would we started a relationship and it's a long distance one? I admit that I've been haunted by the insecurities since I started with Eric and it bothered me a lot till I have to tell it to him. Then, I realized that am not the only one, Eric himself too. There's nothing that we can do but trusting each other. Trust is really important in every relationship, everyone knows that.

caroline eric love story

Arguments. Relationship without any argument is boring to me. It sounded nice without argument, but I don't believe such thing no arguments in any discussions.It's the same thing to both Eric and I. We argued about things for several times, one thing am glad is each arguments ended with solutions. We are not those people who rather just forget about it and pretend nothing happened, things will just get worse when it happened repeatedly. I had to admit that there's one argument till up to the point that I don't feel like talking to him but things get better and we get to know and understand each other better.

caroline eric

Lastly, I am not saying I am good in relationship thingy, but there's a thing that people should know that relationship that developed through online world CAN BE REAL. It just the matter how you take it and judge it. It is a challenge for both Eric and I to be in a long distance relationship especially we are just in the beginning stage. It is definitely not an easy thing, you have to slowly build up the trust and how you going to make your partner to trust you; jealousy comes to you when you know your partner hanging out with opposite gender; when you're telling people your partner is so far apart from you, people tend to telling you that you won't know if he/she just trying to play around with your feelings; when you feel helpless and you wish your partner is just right beside you but he/she is not there, and lots more. Maybe you would love to read Eric's opinion in DISTANCE too.

caroline eric together

We may not the perfect example for long distance relationship but at least we made it till now. Time flies fast and our relationship reach one year anniversary on this coming 18th July! Future is unpredictable and anything could happen, there's no guarantee that he is going to be my husband in the future. However, I believe in one thing, we will never know if we never try and when we are trying, just make sure we make the best of us in it so there will be no regret at the end. Of course, I wish he can be the one who complete me. :)

caroline eric loving couple

Am not denying the fact that I love and enjoyed being single. To have someone special in your love to share happiness,sadness and thoughts and giving you supports is always better. Just like what they said, two is better than one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Transformers

Have u watched the recent Transformers? I have, and have actually gotten some of the 'toys' from the movie.

And after getting the toys, I thought that why not do a comic strip out of it. Thought for quite a fair bit.. and I must say this was tough.

Took me some time, including a change of storyline from when I took the photos to when I edited the photos.

But in any case, I'm glad to say that here is the next installment of the Pepper & Salt series! Enjoy! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Magic Water Balls (Water Bombs)!

Ok, the header may sound Bersih like and all.. but hey, this is not.

Instead, I thought I'd share this video I took at Bangkok (told you I'd share some Bangkok stories :) ).. at non other than the night market in Silom area.

I thought they are unique... and so I took this video. Enjoy it! :)

Btw just last week, i also saw these 'magic water balls/ water bombs' right here in Malaysia - Sunway Pyramid to be exact.

How fast! But still, I saw it at Bangkok first! Hahaha!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Yay, Bangkok Again!

bangkok koguma cafe
Found this new drink outlet really cool. Teddy bear drink! :) (Taken at Silom)
Before I started my Dream Job, I requested for one final holiday.. I had wanted a final short trip before I make this 'life changing moment' of going into employment.

And so, I decided to take a short trip to the City of Angles - Bangkok.. And some of you will say "Again?".

Cos I just went there sometime in March/ April this year. And in fact nearly every other year or so.

In fact, I go to Bangkok more often than any other destinations in Malaysia - apart from going back to my hometown, Malacca (not even Penang!).

And the thing is - each time I go back, there is always something new to see or experience. This is even though I've been to this city more than like 10 times or more now.

Do I go back to the same places? Sometimes, yes - especially the huge & cool malls like the Siam Paragon or the Central World. And of course, every guys (and girls) favourite spot - Silom!!!

But even going back to some of these places gives me a whole new experience. Somethings would change - something new will pop up and there will be new things to see.

And when I don't go back to these places, I experience new experiences, and visit new places! Take for example, a river boat cruise - using the public transport. Now that's new to me! Or eating at different & new restaurants.

So much so that I don't know where to start. And I realised that Bangkok is like the only holiday destination that I have hardly blogged about in this blog. Surprising!

Maybe that could be a factor, or also the possibility that because 
I've always called.. Bangkok home, in some way or rather.

But give me time, and I should be able to come up with some posts of my experience in this beautiful city.. where, angels really live and roam the streets! (I do mean it!).

One thing that never changes when I'm in Bangkok? The huge smiles I have when visiting this city! (It's true - I think I smile the brightest here!)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Went Dancing!

Ask me bout dancing even up to 1 year ago, and I'll most likely go "Huh?".

But then, like many things, my interest and curiosity gets the better of me. 

lilo & stitch dance
I'll always remember the phrase in this Lilo & Stitch movie where Lilo says to Stitch "Lets go dancing!".
Well, it all started off with me going to Chi Fitness recently. Apart from doing the workout at the gym, I have also been going for some of the dancing classes that were offered. 

One of the first dance classes I went was the MTV Jam/ Dance Mania. I guess I've been inspired by the K pop wave (yeah think Big Bang), and have wanted to learn more bout all these cool moves.. or at least get exposed to it.

And I got to say, I kinda got hooked to that class - trying to attend it every week, if possible. 

Okay, the classes were not this hot of course!
The other class, a new class that I went too was Sh'bam. At first thought, I wouldn't be into this hot dance lesson, but I was wrong!

I tried the opening class out - and I got to say, we worked ala Ricky Martin (or for the girls, think Shakira!). Of course this differs from the K pop style dance, but still.. this was cool (or should I say hot!). 

The other dance class that I went is Power Dance. A lil similar to Dance Mania, however, this dance class gives even more work out during its lessons. There's no locking, popping etc styles as yet.. but still, it was a good introduction to hip hop dance. 

And again, I think I  am hooked! 

There are other dance classes in Chi Fitness too like Belly Dancing & Steps, and I can't wait to try the latter. 

Btw, these classes have inspired me so much, that I can safely put dancing as one of my interests.. well on top of the many others that I already have. But definitely something I'd  like to explore further :)