Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Feet

I love cartoons - especially cartoons on big screens because there is normally a good storyline to it. And of course the music is normally quite inspiring too - just like 'When you believe' (Prince of Egypt) or 'Someday' (Hunchback of Notre Dame).

And among my favourite cartoons of all time is Lilo & Stitch - love the island life potrayed, but most of all the story behind Ohana - on love and family bond.

So, when my friends suggested Happy Feet, I was all set to watch it. I knew it was gonna be something nice, and if it was inspiring, that will be a good bonus!

I love the way the pop songs were integrated into the movie. And how each scenario/ situation had a song.

But most of all, I like the idea whereby the hero stood by his ideals, and saw that it went through for the benefit of his fellow penguins. It is by no mistake, cartoons generally end well, so its predicted! :)

Some may find all these a lil too ideal, but if we believe and want something enough, it will come true! (it's no Secret!)

So, if this season, you want to relax a lil, laugh a lil, and be inspired in a way... go on, call your friends, family members, clerics to relax their FEET and have a good HAPPY time!

Check the Happy Feet preview -

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