Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MY LOVE Matters

I would like to share something that I've recently gained through attending one of the courses which I've attended over the weekend - the Power of Intimacy (by Asiaworks Training). The course is not meant just for lovers ie gf-bf, husband-wife relationships, but more so relationships to everyone in general.

Different people learnt different things, but for me, what I gained from the course is I'm able to learn to acknowledge all my achievements, and more importantly to Love myself. A few of my coursemates were discussing that when we are 'full', it's easier to give in abundance.

At first, I couldn't really get them, as I thought as long as we give, it should be good. But then I realised that if we are not full of love of ourselves, when we give, we actually 'take' something in return (or it's not like giving freely).

Learning this, I can understand how it is to be free and light. I needn't prove to anyone what I'm doing to show that I'm doing good or better than them tough it's a different route that I'm taking - this unconventional route.

Today I was referred to an acquintance, and we had a lil bit of disagreement in opinions. At first, I was trying to tell her my point, but later I realised that I needn't to. It doesn't really matter that her opinion differs - I need not prove her anything - opinions are opinions. All I'm happy is that there are so many others who appreciate and share the same opinion with me already (just making sure that I'm on right track). :)

So, I realise that all I need is to be happy with my works... and to acknowledge the achievements I've achieved so far... putting MY own LOVE in heart :)

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