Thursday, December 14, 2006

Embracing the LOVE

Half the people we meet normally say 'the cup is half full'. And these people normally say that they don't get enough love. At times, I must admit I fall into this group.

But, I realised recently, that that is not true. There is really a lot of love surrouding me - and people loving me.

Just take our parents - my mum, dad. My siblings - sis & bro. Sometimes as Asians we don't verbally say that we love each other, but deep down we just know it :)

And then, there are the friends - close and not-so-close ones who love us as well and who always have the best wishes for us. This one may be a lil tougher to see, but we can be rest assured that they care :) Just like how we care and love them as well, tough we may seldom meet/ talk.

This understanding of LOVE really lightens up our lives, especially so with this holiday season :) It's so nice just embracing it!

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