Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stop. Relax. Read. Rebound

Been rather exhausted the past week... was rushing for some projects and also to one extend was using the thinking cap quite a bit (as there's so many strategies to implement).

My friend told me to be careful not to be burnt out :) Another friend of mine also told me to give some time to myself as well. And the latest, one friend mentioned that I had the 'worry look' tough we were just over dinner - gosh haha.

Yesterday I took half day off. Stopped work. Listened to music. Taking time off for myself. Just relax...! :)

And when I was more calm, I took up a book and read it. Wow. The book really 'hit' me. It was just what I wanted to read - on moving on (will share bout it soon :) ).

And now, Im fresh again :) It's midweek, and there's still lots of things to achieve! Wow - the energy!

This strategy do work and I strongly recommend for sometimes, we really need time off :)

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