Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Happy Feet!

Happy feet, oh happy feet!

Ah, so what am I talking about heh?

happy feet
No, it's not the animation.. though yeah, I do like this a lot (read: Happy Feet).


Neither am I talking bout the dance classes that I'm attending.. though they sure make the legs happier (and not so wooden! Haha!).

No, it's neither the 2 above.. So what is it then?

Tadaa... it's the leg massage.. by Ogawa!

What a surprise for me.

No, I didn't receive it from Santa. Though, I must say Christmas do seem to start early.

Cos never have I imagined of getting a leg massage before. Neither have I actually even entered to any of those shops selling those massage chairs & all.

But recently, I did.

It's a surprise cos I had initially only wanted to rest at the shop while in between meetings. But the massage chairs & leg massagers were just too good (I actually dozed off a minute or 2 there!).

With such pamper & all... I gave in. I had to have it. It doesn't matter that Christmas is 5 months away.

And so far, I've got no regrets. For these machine sure are good.. and most of all, they 'put a smile' to my tired feet.

You can say that the feet are now - Happy Feet!


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