Monday, September 06, 2010

TM iTalk Raya Goodie!

What is Raya without the 'green packet' heh? Dare say it's a lil like Christmas without Santa & the gift wrapped presents heh?

italk raya

Well, TM iTalk takes note of this.. and is offering 20% additional talk time for those who reload the italk card from now to 31st October 2010! Well no monies there, but rebate is not too bad too, ya? That is if ur a customer of course!

Well since my company uses their services and yes we are their customer, this do sound like a good offer - at least something we can use. So hooray to the festive cheer! :)

italk rates

*We use TM iTalk in our office to make overseas calls and so far, its still the best service in Malaysia (the clearest tho not the cheapest).

*TM credits can also be used to purchase for their other services (just look at the list!) - though we've yet to try those :)


  1. Aha...QuaChee's promoting I-Talk, eh! Good! xD

  2. Nice info... I think they are better than the highway operators. At least they will not made you talk in the middle of the night to qualified for the little discount :D

  3. i still dun get wat iTalk is all about.. :D

  4. TM land line and streamyx is still the best in our country. No doubt about it. :D

  5. LOL i prefer digi postpaid coz call free to subline...I only call 1 number often anyway...LMAO

  6. hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up. keep it up.

  7. hahaha :) gotta choose tm italk when i am back next year??


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