Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harapanku (My Hope)

Recently when I felt the world was grey, I took out as many cool songs I think that would uplift my spirit... from Mando to English but non of them could..

However, this one song by Malaysia's very own Vince Chong somehow managed to do so albeit very slowly.

Actually this is the 2nd time I felt the world kinda grey - and again, its the 2nd time that this song has uplifted my mood (the last time was bout 3 years back).

Anyway, why or how can this song change the world from grey to colourful? Well, I think the lyrics speak to me..

For those of u who understands Bahasa Malaysia, here it is. May you enjoy & be inspired by it too.

harapanku | Musicians Available

*These are part of the lyrics that touch me:
"Sorakan menanti aku pasti... aku janji...

Halangan, rintangan cuba mematahkanku
Namun, ku mara ke depan
Ke arah itu tuju
Tentangan, rintangan biarpun beribu ribu
Tidak akan dapat memadamkan.. harapanku.."

Cheers await me, I promise..
Though there are obstacle, I'm still moving fwd for it cant diminish my hope..

"Akan aku buktikan
Pada mata semua
Berkatnya keyakinan & juga cita cita
Andai dikau percaya
Pasti ada jalan-nya
Kuncinya ada di taganmu
Dikau tahu, dikau mahu..."

I will prove that with hope & dreams, there is a way. The key lies within us - and whether we want to achieve it.

How powerful is that?! :)

*This song is a Malay version of a very popular Chinese love song - lao shu ai da mi. But the lyrics are different.


  1. yeah there's always ups and downs, highs and lows.... no exception to everyone, including fufu and quachee... but really wish you have somebody to cheer you up there! anyway at least we have many "soft" ways out there like songs, articles, etc to get us back to the right path :) nice song btw! the lyrics (dream+key part)... sound pretty similar to my puppy love's article written in 2008 :)

  2. hopefully ur days will be filled with colours from now on.. grey grey go away!

  3. Wow, it's really a meaningful and inspiring song!^^ Thanks for sharing this song with us, QuaChee! Vince's a talented singer~ xD

  4. Glad to know that you are back on your feet after listening to his song bro. :) Well..all of us are knocked time and again. But we still have to stand up right?

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