Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh Mooncake, I've Got You!

It's that time of the year.. when the round lil cakes make their way into shopping malls... and into my fridge haha! Yeah, mooncake season is back, and I can't be happier!

mooncakeSome of you will remember my love for mooncakes especially this Raffles champagne mooncake from Singapore! The champagne mooncake is just... ah, what shall I say... yummiliciouslyfantastic! Haha! The first time I tried it a few years back, I so fell in love with it...

Anyway, 2 weekends back was a long holiday in Selangor and I took the opportunity to cuti cuti 1Singapura... hehe. Been a while since I've been there, and was a good time to catch up with some friends.. And while there, I made full use of the mooncake season.... getting myself the epitome of mooncakes... from non other than Raffles!

quachee mooncake
Btw apart from the ones from Raffles, I also got myself the durian mooncake from Marriott (though I know Goodwood Hotel is famed for that too, but somehow I prefer Marriotts).

So that weekend, Singapore has gotten a different tourist... I wasn't there for the integrated resorts, the casinos, the big Singapore flyer or anything else.. but simply, just them mooncakes! Yeah, nothing else matters when it comes to the mooncakes... and that's something I'll continue to visit Singapore for haha!

*I shared some of these mooncakes with a few bloggers friends, and I think they quite like it ar - from their blog postings! :)


  1. i so prefer u without the misai :D

    and YES, we like the mooncake! thank YOU!

  2. i miss mooncakes, but it is getting expensive these days. I hav totally boycott of buying one.

  3. Ceh, I never get a taste of the luxurious mooncake also...only get to see the photos only... >.<" time lar...Happy Mooncake Festival, QuaChee! xP

  4. no...we dun like ur mooncake...we LOVE it..LOL

    i did ask my sister to help me buy some as she's working in singapore..she say she'll see what she can do...

    thanks for sharing with us your treasure...LOL

  5. Those mooncakes must be very good for you to travel all the way down south for them. I usually prefer the normal lotus paste variety ;)

    Btw, do check out my post on my recent trip to Singapore too. Cheers...

  6. wei!! how come can see hamsap lou look at here one!? ish ish

  7. remember to reserve one mooncake for me next year ok? guess i would be back ya by next mooncake festival :)

  8. Wow! the champagne mooncakes sound sexy, look fabulous and the box so gorgeous... is it from Raffles Hotel on Beach Road? The hotel is just around the corner from my office... gotta go there and grab one if you say yes :D

  9. ooooo.. such unique mooncakes! seems u all were enjoying them very much!

  10. Btw QuaChee, the 'misai' has got to go the picture, you look...erm...well...a little 'ham sap' lar...ahahaha! xP


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