Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Ate The Balut (Again!)

Last year, I tried the balut/ balot... yes, the duck embryo (read my post on: Filipino food).

This time, I was back - for more! Yes, it was that.... gooooood!

It happened when staff & myself was at one of the restaurants around Market Market. The restaurant was packed - even though it's already 10 plus. Thought of some good local food - and this restaurant looks promising. So, in we went.

The menu was placed.. and I ordered the crispy patta first (one of the 'must try there) & the yummy chili cheese sticks - which was super delicious, btw.

And while I was looking in the menu, I saw the balut. Without hesitation, I said... "we gotta try this.. after all we are in the Philippines!".

I know many who wouldn't try it. But my last experience eating it last year was good. I guess the fact that the egg last year was more like a normal cooked egg rather than an embryo - and that made the difference.

But whatever is, I was game - for more. So, bit by bit the food came.. and so did the balut.

Looks not bad, right? Just like eggs & toufu...

So, on we started our meal... and slowly, it was time for the eggs.. ah, the epitome of the dinner... something you can't find it back home.. yes, it has got to be non other than the prized, Filipino good food.. of the balut!

And in true essence, it was for real. This time, it wasn't like what I had tried it last year. This was the real balut - where the embryo is clearly seen.

Though usually am quite a adventurous guy when it comes to food, but no, not this time... I passed this. I couldn't eat the embryo... though I ate the egg white & toufu around it.

Of course, the main reason is that I (and I think many of the rest will agree) is that we are just unaccustomed to it. Some of us eat piglets served on the table with its head & tail. Or eat the fish when it's served as a whole and not in pieces. Some also eat turtle eggs. And frogs - yeah, they are nice with porridge. And durians for that sake (don't some of us just love the smell of durians!).. and how about blue cheese too.

But balut? Well, that's a different story - at least for that trip.

But will I try one someday again? You never know. Really (and especially if there's some Pinoy to cheer on "Die die must try!").


  1. Yerr....I don't think I can swallow them bro...yucks... LOL :D

  2. wow you should have tried lah hang quah :) i so wanna eat!!! hihihi :p

  3. Erm...looks nice...the 2nd pic toufu n egg..Eww....balut?

  4. It looks delicious but very geli lah. I will not dare to eat it esp when you know that is an embryo & it will give me the creeps to eat it. I guess I will vomit it out

  5. Eh, you tricked me arr...QuaChee! I thought you ate the whole thing - embryo and all. T___T" Haha...next time, try eating the embryo and then tell us how it tastes like, ya? People say it tastes delicious and crunchy~ Yum! ;P

  6. That doesn't look too appetizing does it? I wouldn't dare trying it either

  7. It could be the description of what balut is that turns people off, I guess. Would it taste something like the herbal tea that we have over here? I know some people get turned off by the herbal tea. And yes, durians, can be a BIG turnoff! LOL!

    Sounds like you had fun! How are you? Hope all's well.


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