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China General Holiday Tips

China Incidents (Stressful)
Visiting China is not complete without these encounters. But just beware!

China Food

Local food in Hangzhou & Wuzhen.

China Budget Hotel
Budget hotels in Hangzhou and Wuzhen... know what to expect without getting cheated.

Are You From China?
Ways to blend in with the Chinese. Especially useful for when bargaining!

Definitely Not From China!
Guess where these people are from? Haha!

China Souvenir
The things I bought in China - from Hangzhou's famous green tea to Shanghai's art paintings and other unique souvenirs.

Places To Visit
Places To Visit: Shanghai
I actually visited some of these not so famous places around Shanghai as well - a way to discover the city fully.

Shanghai Holiday Updates

Quick Guide on Shanghai hotels, Shanghai shopping, Shanghai sightseeing places (Jing An Temple, People's Park, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall) and Shanghai food.

Shanghai Circus World
Touted as the must-see, and must-not-miss performance in Shanghai is this Cirque Du Soleil type performance.

Yuyuan Garden Bazaar
The popular area for Chinese antiques and Shanghai/ China arts.

Shanghai Xintiandi
The place to hangout in Shanghai at night.

Shanghai Wax Museum
From Tom Cruise, Nicol Kidman, Brad Pitt, the Beckhams, Bill Gates, Jay Chou, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau, Jacky Chan and more.... they are all here under one roof!

Shanghai Nanjing Road
The popular tourist shopping destination of Shanghai Nanjing Road East.

Staying In Shanghai
Shanghai Budget Hotel
5 budget hotels & 1 4 star hotel reviewed. This is a good list to know when wanting to find out where to stay in Shanghai.

Moving Around Shanghai
Getting Around Shanghai
Learning how to use the Shanghai metro and the Shanghai taxis/ cabs.

Shanghai - Hangzhou: Bullet Train

Fast, convenient, clean... it's really one of the better ways to get to the 'most scenic cities' in China.

Eating In Shanghai
Shanghai Food
The good and unique food in Shanghai.

Shanghai Snack
The many in between food available in Shanghai, including their desserts.

Interesting Shanghai Moments
I'll Miss You, Shanghai

12 things that made me miss this vibrant China city! (tourists & even locals can share some same sentiments, for sure).

Shocking Shanghai!
The things that shocked me in Shanghai...!

Eating Ice Cream At Zero Degrees
From Pudong to the Bund in Shanghai... winter's the best time to have ice cream!

Ice Cream, Desset & Winter Wear In Cold Shanghai

Things to to do during the winter season - to have a fun time in Shanghai!

Hangzhou West Lake
Turn any corner, and get the postcard view of the beautiful Hangzhou westlake. No wonder they all come here!

Hangzhou Shopping!
From the old town of Qinghefang with many cultural and tourist shops to the more modern shops at Yan'an Road, this is a must visit to soak int Hangzhou's atmosphere of old & new.

Things To Do: Hangzhou
There's more to Hangzhou beyond the Westlake & shopping like visiting green tea plantations, silk factories and pearl factories. Of course, cycling or walking in the West Lake area is nice as well with its many scenic views.

Song Dynasty
The grand show/ performance in Hangzhou which live up to its own billing "Miss this, and you miss Hangzhou!"

The water town village of Wuzhen - where they filmed Mission Impossible 3!

Wuzhen Dongzha
One of the 2 must see places in Wuzhen, with strong culture and history.

Wuzhen Xizha
The more scenic spot of the 2 must see parts in Wuzhen, with many bridges amongst the many scenice canals.

Wuzhen - Shanghai
Going from the small town back to the bustling China city by coach.

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