Wednesday, August 16, 2006



Taiwan Design
Beautiful designs from brochures & posters to street art can be seen around the city.

Taiwan Bullet Train
Fast, modern & comfortable... a must sit ride in Taiwan.

Jay Chou's Restaurant
Lucky to be able to visit this talented musician's restaurant, which features him all over (but who's complaining?) :)

Unique Taiwan Food
Some may find it weird, others will find them normal... in any case, these are what makes Taiwan (& its cuisine) unique.

Traditional Taiwan's Breakfast
Despite all modernity, one should try a chance at eating at its traditional food outlets... and trying its you tiao!

Din Tai Fung Taiwan
One of Taiwan's most famous restaurant, known for its all time favourite, the xiao long bao!

Taiwan Seafood
Just like the many seafood restaurants, one is to eat it fresh!

Smelly Tofu
Another one of Taiwan's unique food... try it if you dare!

Taiwan National Palace Museum
One of the top 10 museums in the world. Truly a must visit in Taipei, weather you are a museum fan or not.

Taipei Grand Hotel
There is a reason for this hotel to be called so... being there, one will appreciate the architecture & reasons that went behind it.

Taipei 101
The icon of Taipei & Taiwan which can be seen from nearly every corner of the city.

Taiwan Is Cool
My experience here tells me this place really has an edge! Simply one of the reasons to fall in love with this country.

Friendly Taiwan
Some may not believe it, but my experience here is that the people are friendly and very accommodating.

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