Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Talented Malaysians & Singaporeans

Art & Design
Jay Lim, Graphic Designer: Miss Hua
The creator of the Chinese-inspired Shanghai cartoon character.

Gee, Batik Artist: Batik!
The creator of colourful and vibrant cartoon style batik drawings.

Mikel, Food Entrepreneur: Singapore Peranakan Restaurant - The Arch
The guy behind fusion Peranakan food, bringing a whole new meaning to old & new.

Joe, Jeweller: Jewellery
The guy behind modern, colourful and unique jeweleries.

Hayden, Fashion Designer: Singapore Fashion
One of the top fashion designers in Singapore.

Kelvin Sng, Director + Eugene Tan, Producer + Yeow, Executive Producer: More Than Words Movie
One of Singapore's trio, working on a 70s style feature film.


Kenneth Lyen, Composer: Multi Talented Kenneth Lyen
Theatre music is his forte, and with a passion of growing the art scene in Singapore.

Karen Kong, Singer: Interview With Karen Kong
Chinese singer with a beautiful sweet voice, who sings in Mandarin, Malay and English.

Estranged, Indie Band: Interview With Estranged
The popular award winning indie band, who opened doors to more indie bands in the country (Malaysia).

Alvin Tan: Gemuk Girls
Founder of the then controversial theatre company... but now into the good books of the National Arts Council.


  1. look for joanne yeoh, a violinist. i have seen her performed numerous times already and i go give her thumbs up. she's quite well known amongst local musicians

    she has a facebook under - http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681486275

  2. @johnny
    thanks for the recommendation. will look her up :)

  3. you should give the Kams a try also - Genervie and Arthur Kam. They founded i-amtv and are both also in the Msian Book of Records. Genervie has played with Joanne Yeoh as well :)

    check them out!

  4. oh, and this as well http://www.kampany.com :)


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