Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paying Forward: A matter of Choice

Today, I met a cleric of mine... she's the type of person/ cleric who everyone would love to meet - for she is like a Sunshine each time. Really the very few rare people who continuosly shines and give you that warmth glow after. Big Hug

Today she was telling about a situation that she was in just over the weekend. In the Sat afternoon, she hopped onto a taxi, requested the driver to go to 'Zouk' (a disco in Singapore). She was reading in the taxi, and when she looked up again... she was at 'Zoo'... (I was laughing out loud when she told me that! haha)...

Wow! Imagine going to 2 different places (and with a running meter!). She said she had a choice - get mad, or be cool. The taxi driver panicked and sped to Zouk... she kept telling the driver, 'Don't worry, it's ok... no need to drive fast... I won't get angry, or negotiate the taxi fare'.

What touched me was her actions (or choice of being cool). Well, if she gotten angry, she would make the driver angry, and then the next customer may not have a very good ride (and it goes on... the ripple effect).

So, instead of being angry or mad, she wanted to 'pay it forward' and 'pass it on'. So she was cool, the driver was happy, and hopefully the next passenger will be happy too!

Such a simple tought of hers, but with such great impact!

Hearing her say this, it just reinforce that in life, we do have choices.... and it's up to us to choose what we want to do...
and we realise that we are who we are today for the choices we've done yesterday.


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