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Chinese New Year Malaysia
Not really a travel post if you are local Malaysian, but if you are from overseas, this is a take on how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year (in general, of course). Yes, there's yee sang to steamboat & popiah!

Magical, mystical... you name it. Langkawi is really is one of Malaysia's larger islands that offers nearly everything... And the best part, it's a gem that is not really discovered yet, which makes this place ideal to see nature & experience real kampung life!

Chinese New Year Malacca
The historical town of Malacca during the Chinese New Year... From the temples to the small streets, Malacca really does have the full spirit of New Year cum New Year! (and a must visit, I'd say!).

Beyond Jonker's Walk
Rather than taking the usual walk around Jonker Street/ Jonker Walk, I took this journey through the streets around it... and had quite a handful eye catching moments.

Kampung Lendu
A different sight of the usual - from kampung donuts, rubber estates and a Chinese village in the Malay kampung.

A Kampung Near Tanjung Kling
No need to go far away - a visit to the kampung is simply breathtaking!

Kampung Food
Ikan bakar (baked fish) plus other kampung food cooked and served fresh from the sea! And to have it with a sunset view, under the coconut tree - what bliss!

Little Nyonya Town

Though coming from Malacca, I had really wanted to see it from a tourist angle (and that include seeing it from the hit series Little Nyonya). Again, it's a walk in the heritage area - only difference, it was New Year, so it has many red lanterns this time round.

Trip To Port Dickson
The best part of going to Port Dickson (in Negeri Sembilan) from Malacca is to pass by the kampung and this quiet small town.

KL: Malaysia's Capital City
Everyday KL
From the monorail to the Puduraya and even a visit to Damansara. These are not so tourism holiday, but what KL-ites see most often than not.

Modern KL
Pavilion, one of the newer and big malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This trip made a good impression of KL being a modern city, once more.

Negeri Sembilan
Port Dickson
A revamped & cleaner beach makes this place a getaway for beach lovers in the West Coast of Malaysia.

Muar Town
With old shophouses and streets with lanterns during Chinese New Year, this small town sure makes a good few hours getaway!

Muar Food

The good food from the popular street food in Muar (yes, there's the otak otak!)

Jesselton Point
The jetty where I took the ride to Manukan island, with information on the jetty ride.

Manukan Island

I've always loved islands... and this is just perfect. Not too big, yet with its fine sand, picturesque views & good snorkeling spot, this is one super holiday!

Kota Kinabalu City

This is the city in my eyes - which I feel is very different from the usual cities in Malaysia... and I love the sea that is by its side!

Unique KK
More of interesting KK - including a 5 feet fish!

Gaya Market
The must-visit Sunday market is quite an eye opener & really interesting. It's not everday that a market sells rare animals from dogs to sea animals! (and more!)

Proboscis Monkey Tour Sabah
The boat ride off the town of Beufort, to see the monkey with its long funny nose. This one day trip is worth every experience. Managed to see some fireflies too.

KK Market
Kota Kinabalu's wet market. This is no ordinary market for a tourist - as I enjoyed seeing the many different seafood for sale. And they are all pretty huge!

More KK Markets
The KK dry market, the Filipino market & the Salted Fish Market. Another round of interesting markets that make KK unique!

KK Waterfront Market
Of all markets, I guess I miss this the most for it really has very yummy food! (If I go back to KK - it will be the Mt KK or for the bbq sotong!)

Good KK Food
From duck noodles to 3 layered iced tea and pineapple buns, KK sure have some good food finds.

Travel Tips: Kota Kinabalu

KK hotel review and transportation.

Kuching Travel Tips
Kuching hotel review & information on Kuching transportation.

Kuching Fort Margherita

The fort on the hill top. But what's more interesting is my journey to the top - passing by the Kuching River.

Kuching River Cruise
The picturesque & very calm river cruise in Kuching - seeing the city from a different view.

Kuching City
Icons of Kuching - including the Main Bazaar & Kuching Waterfront.

Kuching Chinatown & Kuching Little India

Narrow lanes in between old shophouses - this is the typcial Chinatown or Little India scene. But still very nice.

Kuching Fisherman Kampung

The first kampung i stopped on the way to Sarawak Cultural Village. My first real experience of a village by the sea.

More Kuching Kampung
The 2nd stop over. More seafood, and friendly Kuching people.

Sarawak Cultural Village
They don't call Sarawak multi cultural for no reason. This is the place that showcase what makes Sarawak so unique (truly, a must visit!).

Good Kuching Food

Some of the very best & must try Kuching food - from its seafood, unique vegetables & of course, its Sarawak laksa.

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