Friday, September 19, 2008


It's been a while since I've taken a stroll at the kampungs. So, just the other day, I took some time off and took a not too far away drive to visit a kampung and its surroundings.

kampung, cow
The first welcome is the cows on the road walking freely. The sights of vehicles do not bother them.

kampung, mosque
Not too far away, the old mosque, with the Melaka style architecture. The atmosphere around is queit and peaceful.

kampung, bus stop
The image of the bus stop. If not wrong, this is also unique to Melaka architecture. Reminds me of the times I had to take the bus in school.

kampung, kampung house
The wooden house in full green. I've seen a few of these kampung houses. And usually they come in the colour of green. Looks simple and at the same time looks cosy.

kampung, beach
Further along the kampung, is my favourite - the beach. It's the best time to visit the beach - during the sunset. I thought this pic looks cool - can be mistaken for an oveseas pic!

kampung, fisherman boat
And along the beach, the many fishermen's boats lined up nicely, after their catch of the day.

This journey through the kampung really makes one go - 'no need to go far far' (for holidays). Sometimes, these simple things in our very own country - like this kampung Malaysia can be an attraction itself :)

Coming up next, a feast at one of the gerai (eateries) in the kampung!


  1. I LOVE kampung! Especially in night time.... :)

  2. kampung always give me a very relex feeling, not tension like town...

  3. thanks for the comments man,hope you like the befunky app! how do you like working in singapore? planning to stay there long term?

  4. Oh, nice pictures. Is it in Melaka?

  5. Nice to see cows roaming freely - can't find these in the city. I think the bus stop with the special design can only be found in Melaka.
    Hey, I like the photo of the beach. Yeah, you are right - can be mistaken for an overseas photo! : )

  6. Hey bro, I thing I recognized a few of the photo ler. It's just walking distance from my grandma's house. LOL. haha =) So you came to malacca heh?

  7. Kampung is the best place to escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. I like the mosque, its uniquely Malacca

  8. i like the beach... so serene and peaceful. i sometimes wonder will kampung still available in 50 years time...

  9. actually, would u mind to take some time to introduce some other places within malacca that worth a visit, apart from the typical ones (just like what u do now).

    have been to the malacca city so many times.. and when ppl ask me to go again, i feel like.. "har?? repeat again??"

  10. Oh when oh when, when will I see those beautiful sight again. The serenity and calm of a kampung, there's nothing quite like it.

    Feeling rushes of nostalgia.

  11. I grow up in Kampong nearby seaside. Now the Kampong is no more a Kampong, it's full of concrete wall. *sigh*

  12. Oooo...serene and beautiful view...such bliss!:)

  13. @robo
    oh u do as well. cool. but at night a bit dark, no? :)

    yes, agree. can just loose track of time in the kg! haha

    act, i travel back & forth malaysia-spore. both places are nice, really :) on spore, i enjoy its buzz - especially recently when the gov is doing a lot ot liven up the city.

    yes it is. just after klebang beach. btw where ru from - malacca? :)

    hey thank u! yes, love that shot :) and glad to share the bus stop haha

    oh so its near u! haha. yes, i do come back quite often malacca-kl :)

    yes, there are lots of the mosques like that in malacca. even our big state mosque has the architecture. cool heh :)

    wow, u set me thinking here. u r right.. the kampungs might be gone in years to come. then ill miss it even more.

    i thought these are not typical lei.. haha. not the usual places one would travel in malacca.

    hmm, if you are talking about those tourists sites, i hardly go there. just zoom by lol.

    do u want to see those tourists sites like kota a famosa, the stadhuys etc?

    heya ull see them soon when you are back :)

    gosh, that is a poor thing. act, i live near the sea as well, but there is so much reclamation...

    glad you like them :)

  14. i love kampung too. very peaceful and quiet like you said.

    did you wear red shirt when you were there? hehe you should you know! eh i'm pretty confuse with facts about cow and cobra. cow is color blind and yet people relate them with red. cobra is deaf yet we relate them with music from flute. weird aite? :D

    i love the architectural in malacca. they still keep the heritage building too. unlike some other cities, they destroy them. penang is included :(

    agree with you that we don't have to go abroad to see fantastic scenery :)


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