Wednesday, September 24, 2008

F1 Singapore

It's just a few days away when the world will witness one of the greatest night event of all time - the F1 Singapore!

Lion city Singapore is one of the many Asian cities that have vied to play host to the Formula One racing... but with a sharp twist!

First, it's not setting up a new race track, but instead the likes of Mclaren, Ferrari, Renault and the rest will be fighting their points on the city's roads!

But doing that would be a copy of the F1 Monaco... something that needs to be 'addressed', at least. (Hey, who likes to be a copycat, anyway?)

And that is not the only thing that is taken into account, but also to ensure that the globe will focus on this 'red dot'.

So what better way (& I must say is a simply brilliant idea!) than to have a Night Race - or as they say, the First Night Race in F1 history! It's like killing 3 birds with 1 stone - showcasing the vibrant city scape, getting the world's full attention by catering to the Western viewing time and to being the first nation/ city to have a Night Grand Prix!

And I got a feel of the excitement a few days early...

Well, despite having passed the very same roads, but passing by them just the other day gave a totally different feel... especially more so when it is all walled up getting prepared for the big day.

f1 singapore circuit
No ERP! (lol)

*For those from overseas, ERP are similar to automated toll charges to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

f1 circuit singapore track
Connaught Drive - one of the more picturesque roads the F1 racing cars will zoom by

This is a beautiful area of the colonial part of Singapore... with well preserved buildings & architecture.

f1 singapore
The cars will also zoom by the bridge

f1 singapore grandstand
One of the many grandstands - the Padang Grandstand

Again, this is a beautiful view - which has the old court building as the background. This place is already one of the more photographable sites in Singapore by locals & foreigners.

f1 singapore grandstand
Behind the Padang grandstand is the padang (field) & the famous 5 towers of Suntec

Apart from these areas, the cars will be passing by many other great Singapore iconic structures in its 'playground centre' at Marina Bay - like the durian shaped Esplanade and the world's largest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer.

All these, will sure give the image that Singapore wants to portray to the world - a fun, hip & happening city buzzing throughout the day... & night!

So, let the race begin!

*Some may complain that overtaking maybe difficult in city circuits like the one in Monaco. I do hope that this is addressed in the Singapore's circuit.


  1. I'm excited about this too! :) Wow, never figured all those preparations.

  2. yes yes, i cant wait to see the night shots haha. too bad i wont be there. but ill see it on tv! :)

  3. This will be exciting and historic. A night race! I just hope it won't be like Monaco where overtaking is difficult. Wonder if Malaysia is going to have night race soon. But having night race in Malaysia worries me a bit cos what if suddenly there's a power failure as is often the case? The whole race track plunge into darkness and I can just imagine the chaos afterwards, not to mention the huge news reported worldwide! That will really make Malaysia famous. LOL

  4. This will be the most exciting race this year, I am sure. And it will be a great moment for Singaore to show this beautiful city to the world.

  5. @foongpc
    wow, that is quite something to think about. anyway, its confirmed, no night race for malaysia.

    i thought malaysia shouldnt anyway.... we should keep to our 'hottest race' by being in the sun! (though now its change to evening).

    seen some f1 photos, well done to singapore :)


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