Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing An Entrepreneur

Recently, I've been attending a few events related to my businesses - events related to IT to film, music, books and tourism.

These events allow me to meet many people in the related industries... listening to their visions & ideas, understanding their struggles, but most of all getting advise and expanding the mindset.

One of the many things I've learnt (through one of the forums) is:
To Differentiate Being Entrepreneur & Enterprise

The gist is basically that an entrepreneur needs to think big enough to be able to grow the company so that his presence is not needed 101% in everything. In other words, the company should be distinct from the entrepreneur eventually.

Opening The Mind
Though this is not entirely new to me, but there was one thing that caught my attention. And though I very much believe in achieving the idea of 4 Hour Work Week, but, I've also included this in my vision for the business... and do believe these 2 ideas work hand-in-hand.

The Interesting Part

The interesting part about this is actually the idea on how a company can grow bigger & faster... and to eventually distinct itself from the founder.

The answer - to pool huge resources from others (eg. from VCs - venture capitalists, or to being listed).

What Makes This Idea Seem New

My company has taken things on a more conservative approach to growth... moving from project to project on a slower pace to reduce the risks involve, only moving forward (with confidence) once a project is in the black.

And I believe many other young entrepreneurs (and even many SMEs) do the same... & in a way, do not really expand much/ fast.

But if this is to change (ie by having more resources), there is much more room for trials, tests... and eventually even success!

Take an example that I've highlighted to some friends - many listed companies who seem 'big' from their names actually have many divisions which are not yet making profits.

They have entered in many deals, or created many new divisions, some of which are test beds. But they manage to do so in a big and a branded way because of the deeper pockets, while the idea (compared to others) remains roughly the same.

So really, what sets them apart is the huge backing they have.

The Learning Points
Well, what I've learned & I think fellow SMEs and entrepreneurs (and even some big corporations) should take note is: rather than focusing purely on the short term bottom line for each project which can be a hindrance to growth, instead, look at the bigger picture and try to build a steadier ground. This may not make profit at the start, but when it does, it will reap far greater rewards & the pace of expansion faster.

This brings us back to how to grow big - that we (especially the entrepreneurs) should have an open mindset in seeking VCs & other possible means to see our ideas through - and making sure that costs for R&D and other operating costs are 'in good hands'.

Basically, we need to move fast(er) to grow, learning to 'let go', and to pool resources.

And with a responsible entrepreneurial spirit, I'm certain that our ideas will come to birth eventually - in a big way, serving more people globally... the way we vision all the while :)

*Entrepreneurs in this article refers to visionaries who want to see a global outreach for their businesses.


  1. this is a good tips indeed. how i wish to work less and own a biz. i'm struggling too but i know it's worth it.

  2. to expand and to grow fast and at the same time be cautious are at two totally different tangents at this present time and stage especially the events currently unfolding in the US. One should be weary and tread cautiously... :) jus a matter of opinion.

  3. Quachee, what exactly is the business that you are doing ar? Ha =) I must be oblivious all this while. Fill me in.

  4. @faisal
    u are helping yr family's biz rite? :)

    agree, but one need to expand fast enough, yet not loose its responsibility. i think many companies become too greedy (by using the public's funds) that they just do anything.

    that shouldnt be the aim for good entrepreneurs - my take on this anyway :)

    a few things... but all related to the media. well firstly, u know im in the book industry (as a publisher), but soon to come as distributor.

    then im looking into productions (movie, film), music, and even photography. the first project is confirmed, but we are still finalising some stuff (ull expect to hear about it pretty soon haha) :)

    oh, i must say, for all these, internet is a major platform :)

  5. You sound so talented. How did you start?

  6. wow, that is quite a compliment - overrated a bit for me i guess haha. im just another entrepreneur in my journey to seeing my ideas come true :)

    on yr question, i think its about exposure, and tuning our minds (sometimes opening up as well) to different things... im lucky to attend these past events - it has helped me see another part of biz.

    and i think entrepreneurs can align their biz with the exposure they receive - i think many successful entrepreneurs minds never stop thinking! haha

  7. quachee...reading this thread of comments : i can only say 'wow' . u r amazing. u make things happen rather than wait for it to happen

  8. @bengbeng
    thank you! yup, in a way, agree that i dont like to wait for things to happen... but rather to take them in my own hands :)


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