Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jay Chou: Fragrant Rice

capricorn, jay chou
I thought that while I'm reviewing some songs, I might as well share this as well... yes, one of the most anticipated Chinese album in 2008!

Have heard about Jay since his first few songs, especially the likes of 周杰倫 (Simple Love - Jian Dan Ai) and 听妈妈的话 (Ting Mama De Hua - Listen to Mama's Words), but never really took much notice of him till recently.

The Cowboy Is Busy
caught my attention to actually do more research on this pop prince, arguably the most popular popstar and idol in the Chinese music industry today.

I was impressed with his songwriting, blending western music with his style, and come out truly a Chinese song.

Jay's style of singing & music is rather interesting, and I'm sure inspiring to many of his fans. Despite some saying it's hard to hear how he sing, or that he seems to mumble, but I think his music has got style, with a known trademark (you'll know that his songs are composed by him just by the tune).

And so it brings us to 魔杰座 (Capricorn - Mo Jie Zuo), Jay's newest album offering.

And the first single from the album is a more mellow song, especially when compared with his more recent hits which seems to be more fast paced.

However he stays true to his style & trademark here. 稻香 (Fragrant Rice - Dao Xiang) lyrics are meaningful, has a soothing melody and is rather inspiring. So is the rather sad but beautfiul mv/ music video.

You really have to listen to it :)


  1. quachee,
    I have yet to get hold of this album but I guess, Jay Chow is producing another great album!:)

  2. I like Jay's songs. Especially his unique combination of Western and Chinese instruments that seemed to be copied by a few other artistes like Lee Hom etc.
    It's true he's not that great a singer but he has vastly improved from his early days. But he definitely has the talent! : )

  3. Looks like Jay has won you over as a new fan :)

    I've been listened to all his albums including this latest one. My verdicit is: All his songs sound similar. If you have listened to all his songs as much as i have, you would probably be a little sick and tired of his songs too :p

  4. I like Jay because of his inspiring background story. He sings well but sometimes is a bit overrated.


    I LOVE JAY CHOU. His songs are so well written and heart felt and he's so talented!!!!

  6. @kok
    just got his album. im surprised his other songs are not really the same like this single. took a while to adjust. but thereafter, the music is quite good :)

    oh didnt knew lee hom copied jay? haha. but yes, jay do have talent :)

    yes, there is that familiarity & similarity lol :)

    overrated - like how u put it. i guess many big stars are, in some way.

    many new stars if they do this for the first time, it may not catch on sometimes.

    you obviously are a big fan of jay's! :)


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