Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chinatown Singapore

chinatown singapore

Have recently been to Chinatown Singapore a few times - but this one is at night.

Despite many complaining that the Chinatown Singapore is a bit modern and rather touristy at some parts, but the place still do give that Chinese atmosphere.

chinatown singapore, traffic, cars
And it's very crowded, even (or should it be especially) at night! There are so many cars on the road and people everywhere.

chinatown singapore, restaurant
Well this is because Chinatown is famous for its food - one of them this eatery above. We had wanted to try it, but friend's not into frogs. But just see how packed it is!

And like I mentioned, Chinatown Singapore is really a mix of old and new. Our walk to find a place to eat, showed up these Chinatown pics.

chinatown singapore old bicycle
The old style bicycle parked in the middle of the pedestrian walkway. It does add to the feel of the place.

And look at that - durians! With the lanterns at the back! :)

chinatown singapore durians
Nearby, the fruit sellers with their stall in the pedestrian walkways - just in front of shopping centres.

It may seem rather common to some, but I think it gives a rather 'pasar malam' like feel to the place.

And though in rather systematic Singapore, it is here where one can feel a lil bit of 'chaos'.

chinatown singapore chinese medicine grocery
And there is also these Chinese medicine shops. I'm sure to some foreigners, they'll be surprised to see such shops around.

That is why I find Singapore unique - there are lot of old methods/ style/ heritage that are still running till today. Some have hardly changed, while others have changed to suite modern times (and yet remain rather traditional).

Though this is not the image one gets when they first hear the name Singapore... but look deeper, and walk beyond the main city hub, and one will find more things than the usual tall buildings of the modern city image.

And walk enough, and you'll find...
chinatown singapore kuaci

The kuaci! haha :)

Coming up, the food that we had to wait for 40mins!

*The Chinatown Singapore may feel a lil structured and neat comparatively to other Chinatowns, and one may like/ dislike it for that. But to me, if you are in Singapore, then check it out with an open mind :)


  1. It looks better and sounds less notorious than our very own Petaling Street...

  2. Used to frequent the place when I was there in the early 70's. People's Park! The shopper's paradise then.

  3. Hmm it has been a long time since I visited Singapore.

    Your blog post looks interesting.

    Should be a nice place to shoot photos.

  4. i see many durians, hahaha..
    but i dun eat durian..

  5. KL Chinatown more interesting than Singapore's one right? :p

  6. I've been at Singapore's Chinatown and I like it. I like the feel too. And definitely much cleaner than Malaysia's.

  7. I love Chinatown! You'd love the Chinatown in our country. :D

    Singapore's Chinatown at night is really colorful. I like the atmosphere--very fun (although quite humid oftentimes).

  8. I have always enjoyed a visit to KL's Chinatown esp the Petaling Street area. Have you been there lately, like a year or two ago?

    These days when I go there, I feel a sense of nostalgia because the stalls are now mostly run by foreigners. The feel of the old Chinatown is no longer there. So sad, really. Still, it is Chinatown and luckily the food stalls are still run the traditional way by the original folks. A sight that warms me everytime is that of Mat Sallehs at the Chinese foodstalls - the tables with red table-cloths. Somehow that is a pleasing sight - a redeeming factor, if you will.

  9. It looks very merry. Ha =) And from you photo I can see that it's really very crowdy o. The photo of the old bucyclereally caught my attention.

  10. @day-dreamer
    ya, can say that. maybe cos its a bit bigger and more spread out. but yet still very crowded.

    haha, it still is around! and tho no more the main shopping centre, but still its crowded! btw just wondering, that was the last time u visited the island city?

    thank you. yes, it is quite a nice place. so many things are happening in singapore now - worth a revisit :)

    haha, its ok. there's frog legs if ur into it haha. of course, there are lots of other good food in chinatown too (or popular ones) :)

    @mockingbird & foongpc
    lol. i guess, both to its own. the malaysians like the singapore chinatown and vice versa. i always believe when its too close to home (or if its home), we somehow appreciate less hehe

    oh ya, talk about the humidity! that aside, the best time to go is during the chinese new year period - nice lights! :)

    the last time was maybe 2 years back. haha. i find it rather cram and crowded. though when i was a student, i love going there.

    and yr insight on what you like, now that is nice :)

    hooray! u like the photo :) actually this bicycle is rather common in singapore. funny ha? :)


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