Thursday, October 30, 2008

Claypot Rice

claypot rice
Following up from our walk to find a decent meal in Chinatown Singapore, we eneded up going for the rather popular claypot chicken rice in Singapore.

claypot rice stall, chinatown

I remember this place, as a few years back, a Singaporean friend once brought me here for dinner. She claimed it is one of the best claypot rice in town!

chinatown claypot rice
And since my friend came from Malaysia this time round, I thought, I'll introduce him to what's popular here.

*Actually, I'm very afraid to introduce Singapore food to Malaysians - especially hawker's food, because I don't really know the best around. Besides, there is this perception that food across the crossway is more 'shiok'!

But, well, this friend is not so fussy, and so, I thought, introduce only lah.

chinatown claypot rice
Well, I'm right to say that it is popular alright. In this hawker's centre, there are so many tables waiting to be served.

And when we ordered, auntie says that we have to wait for 30 minutes... Usually I don't wait, but we were tired from walking and we could do with some rest in between.

baked fish, chinatown food
But thinking it would be quite a while, we ordered the baked fish from the stall beside. Which was covered with a lil too much chilli (friend already noticed that - how to compare with KL food huh haha).

Time flew pretty fast, as we had this fish to chomp down. In fact, luckily we ordered the fish, as even after 30 minutes, the claypot rice still haven't arrived.

claypot rice, soup
But finally, after a 40 minutes wait, the claypot rice was served! Yes, that is how popular this place is - with so many stoves cooking, yet it takes a good 40 minutes.

And despite the build up anticipation, however, the claypot chicken rice is somehow not so much something to wait so long for. Both friend and myself felt it was just ordinary - and this is the same feeling I had last time.

It could be a bit of a dissapointment in a way, especially if you are from Malaysia. But maybe because claypot rice is not that common here in Singapore, so it could be rather popular.

In any case, if you are a tourist, you can still give this Singapore's claypot rice a try - that is if you have the time (& patience)... and even for the Malaysians, you can still try if you want to know what the buzz about this claypot rice is all about! (I'm sure some of the claypot rice fans will love it, the rest, don't throw em chopsticks at me! haha) :)

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  1. Maybe Malaysia has more lard :) but it still taste good. Try an easy homecooked clay pot chicken rice, just posted on my blog.

  2. QC, LOL on this statement, "*Actually, I'm very afraid to introduce Singapore food to Malaysians - especially hawker's food, because I don't really know the best around. Besides, there is this perception that food across the crossway is more 'shiok'!.

    Yeah lah, ordering claypot chicken rice needs a lot of patience. If it's good, it's worth the wait, but if not, too bad lah. I like mine with more salted fish and sausages. And cili-padi in soy sauce, a must.

  3. I have not tried the claypot chicken rice in Singapore. I guess Malaysia's food are more tasty, but maybe not so healthy : )

  4. claypot rice?
    msia got it?

    you really should make a list of places of super awesome should die for food lol

  5. i think my own claypot chicken rice isn't bad either :) ( jus blowing my trumpet hahahahah )

  6. hey quachee, I have an award for you. Pls collect at my blog here

  7. Yeah, waiting for 40 minutes and then it was just so so really makes you feel disappointed huh! And guess what, I have just eaten claypot rice yesterday. What a coincidence. =)

  8. @day-dreamer
    u can say that! haha. but actually, ive tried one claypot in singapore which is really the nicest of all. will share when i go there again :)

    @my simple food
    ah, home cooked food is always best! :)

    oh yes, the chili padis are a sure must! plus the salted fish - love that too! :)

    if you come here, the no. 1 food to try is really not the claypot but like chicken rice or singapore hokkien mee :)

    ya, its more like a chinese food which is rather common in chinese food courts in malaysia. but i think some halal ones also have :)

    a list of good food? i would love to, but dont know enough yet haha :)

    steady! if u blog on yr cooking, let me know! :) (too bad u live so far away!)

    lol. what coincidence. u a claypot fan? :)


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