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On this second part of introducing the region's entrepreneurs, I had a good opportunity meeting a jeweller.

I've known Joe as a business associate - more so as a cafe owner. But recently, I met him again, and I had a pleasant surprised to see an extension in his business.

jewellery, shop
A few doors away from his cafe, he has just recently set up his first jewellery store/ outlet, selling non other than his very own handmade accessories.

The atmosphere in the shop feels good and one can feel very at home with the well layout. His items are very nicely displayed and has already been seeing brisk business.

jewellery, pendant
Located in the old Hereen Street of Malacca (Malaysia), this guy is the brains behind his designs up to the workmanship. He has quite a complete array of jewellery items for the ladies - from the popular necklaces, pendants, rings... and even lamps (an accessory for the home).

jewellery, beads
These items are made using beautiful & colourful beads, rubber and glass together with copper wire. This is no easy task - sourcing for materials that are unique, eye catching and yet affordable.

He draws his inspirations a lot from his mum. In fact, Joe is someone who is rather creative all along - as actually, this whole shop's interior is also created by him (he even sources for the old furniture & beautify them himself!).

jewellery, light
I guess what makes Joe's items stand out is his combination of things being handmade (which some are really painstakingly time consuming) plus having an eye for design.

Joe showing how he makes a necklace using raw beads.

And I agree with his concept that local products can go far, if given the right design and instruments... giving it an international flavour, yet very much retaining its local touch.

jewellery, jeweller
This jewellery business of his is still new (about 1.5 months old), but I believe has a huge potential to grow big. Especially so with his ever willing attitude to learn... plus his humbleness (yes, Joe is really one of the most humble entrepreneurs I've met - he can make you feel like an old friend in just the first meet).

Adjustable Rings For The Ladies
jewellery, ring
Well, there's good news. Joe is giving out 3 handmade rings (like these ones) to the ladies (for the guys, you can also participate to give it to your spouse/ girlfriend).

All you have to do is simply tell Joe what you like about his items and/ or anything else you hope to see in his outlet (yes, help him expand :) ). The 3 most constructive answers will be picked by Joe himself.

Contest ends: 22 October 2008.

*To Joe, continue that humbleness and the entrepreneurial spirit! :)

*To those of you from Malacca, or would be visiting Malacca, you can drop by at Joe's outlet: 6, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka. (this is the parallel road to Jonker's Street).


  1. I want to join. Hmm...I thing I would like to give suggestion on his interior design. Ok, here goes...

    "Joe, IMHO the walls should be painted in colors resonant and warm colour. From the photo, I could see the walls are white in colour. So perhaps a snuggy orange could do the trick. Adequate lighting is also important so that one would feel very welcomed upon standing in front of the shop. Moreover, I also feel that some of the jeweleries should be made in more vibrant, young, hype colour and shape to appeal to a broader audience. This way, everyone from all walks of life can find something suitable for them."

    Well, that's my opinions. I thing I have been to the shop before. Ha =)

  2. Can we write to Joe directly? can share Joe's email?

  3. quachee,
    Thanks for getting some items for us! I hope I'll be able to participate. hehe.

    And Joe indeed is a very creative person. Just look at the things he made. Well done Joe!

  4. @tekkaus
    oh so u did see the shop before :)

    yes, you can. email me and ill send you his contact.

    most welcome. part of helping fellow entrepreneurs - and a token for yr ideas :)

  5. Oh yes.. regarding Joe's creation, I like the first set of jewellery in your first pic. The pic necklace with white beads, bracelet and earings. It reminds me that it will definitely look very nice for my mum. For me, usually jewelleries make of beads look cheap but this is a nice piece. It looks elegant. Great work to Joe and hope to see your business expand. Will visit your shop if I have the chance to fly to Malacca.

  6. hi quachee...joe's jewellery is really beautiful! and i love the lamp! oh and those rings!! free rings you say... i am the accessories queen so must count me in! lol

    i love his rings. they're very unique and although quite large, they still have an elegant flair to them. i can see myself pairing one of these rings with a flowy batik inspired print dress and flat beaded sandals. laidback yet classy. :)
    as for expansion, perhaps he can consider selling them online. huge market these days as many have turned to online shopping.

  7. i love to pass some comments so u dun need to count me in for the contest cos i'm not much of an accessory person.

    i loved how the doughnut shaped pendants entwined with wires (are they?) esp the green ones. reminded me of my granmas' jadeite matching pendant and earrings! won't missed out on the beautiful bejeweled pendant lampshade. i can imagine the multi-coloured rays emitting from them.

    am surprised to see such a young man behind all these. i wish Joe's venture would flourish and make Malaysians proud to see such creativity put into good use. all the best Joe!

    quachee, thanks for showcasing all these around Malacca. i hope i can go visit all these soon.

  8. Thank you for your comments on my blog. It was nice to read your thoughts =)

    Your photos are amazing and I really want a donut now!

  9. Hi Quachee, its me Claire...
    I have post about you in my blog, hope u dont mind. I come across this when I went to yr blog again just now. Since I m here, I would be most happy to say a word or 2 about Joe.
    When I saw his video and the pic of him, he doesnt look like an accessory type of person, if u know what I mean. He looks more like an accountant or an engineer.. (i think i ran out of point here)
    ok, coming back to accessories, I admit I m not a real fan but I do like to wear something simple and yet look unique at the same time. Surprisingly, from your blog, I have taken a fancy at the necklace, the round pendant with copper around them.. that attracts is really something very unique, added with a touch of mysterious look.
    Ok, when I go down to Malacca this december, provided my Malacca fren is available, we will go to his shop to survey more..
    Have a nice day, Quachee...

  10. @melissa & beck the bandadgeknees
    thank you :) (believe me, im only using a handphone camera).

    thanks for the post write up... all i can say, wow! :)

    @im choonie, lingzie, babe_kl
    thank you for giving feedback to joe. im sure he will find them useful :)

  11. Well, here goes my humble opinions:

    1. I think the adjustable rings is a great idea especially for ladies, having friends with either huge or tiny sized fingers. This would be the way to go to reach out to more potential customers.

    2. One of your lamp shade creation looks promising, something I would buy. Think if you can start customizing such accessories according to colours of the beads, it might reach out to a larger pool of people. Try an "exclusive" range whereby you use slightly more expensive raw materials, such as beads resembling gems, then you can up those prices for the "atas" people.

    3. Ambience is the way to go... lighting and color can work wonders with any products, so if you were to create a darker atmosphere with nice warm or spotlights on your display shelves, trust me... they will look good!

    Well, this is about what I have in mind at the moment. Let you know if I have more... Cheers and wish you success!

    Feel free to contact me if you want more ideas...


  12. Winners! :) Well... Joe has chosen

    @im choonie

    as the 3 winners.

    congratulations! :)


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