Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 6 Asian Emo Songs

Ups and downs. Well, I guess that's pretty much part of life.

And as much as I wanna keep staying positive.. there are times when I do feel down.

And when this happens.. usually I listen to some songs to seek solace. Call them Emo Songs!

Here are my favourite 6..

6. Yu Jian by Stefanie Sun

"Cloudy day, evening, out of car window
Someone is waiting in the future
Look at left, right, and front
How many turns would love take before it come?"

5. Mine Mine by Jay Chou

"Cuz baby you are mine mine (Mine...)
Mine mine (Mine...)
I was too quick into admitting I really missed you
Did that seem unmanly of me
You say bye bye (Bye...), oh bye bye (Bye...)
I open up my heart for you to see, it's full of love"

4. Wei Yi by Lee Hom

"Baby you’re my only one
The two worlds have all changed shapes; it’s not that easy to go back
Assurance; you’re my only one
I say I Love You alone to the phone; I really love you
Baby I cannot love you more than this"

3. Kiss Goodbye by Lee Hom

"Happiness complements sorrow, crossing paths within my heart at the same time
Tears of frustration cannot measure the weight of love
I can’t withdraw the love I already gave and I can't give you all the love I owe you 
Don't take along my heart to follow you"

2. Tong Hua by Guang Liang

"I'm willing to be 
that angel you love inside the fairytale 
Spread up my hands 
become the wings to protect you 
You must believe 
believe that we can be like that in the fairytale 
prosperity and happiness is the ending"

1. First Love by Utada Hikaru

"You are always gonna be the one 
And you should know 
How I wish I could have never let you go 
Come into my life again 
Oh, don't say no.."

Do you listen to these songs too? I know they are all pretty "old". But they will always be my evergreen favourites. 

And btw, why are they mainly Chinese and Japanese.. I don't know. It's complicating right. I speak more English, and am fluent in Malay language.. but when it comes to the heartstrings.. I still "go back to my roots" of listening to Chinese.

I can keep listening to these songs over and over.. though I know that eventually, I will need to play more uplifting songs to get out of the "zombie" mood :)