Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas: Episode 4

The Little Nyonyas learn how to cook Ayam Pong Teh... but not first by getting some good old advise & a bit of scolding (kena maki) from the BIG Bibik!

Next episode up on 06.10.09! :)

Btw, have you tried ayam pong teh? One of my favourite Nyonya dish! hehe :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dtalipapa Boracay

dtalipapa boracayI was told to visit the market while at Boracay... also known as Dtalipapa.

tree house boracayAlong the way there, I saw this tree house. First time seeing a tree house - and quite a well built one too.

talipapa market boracayA short walk in the lane, and I finally arrive - to the market. Some may wonder why I was there... but I had a mission.

dtalipapa market boracay seafoodThere were lobsters & prawns but these were not what I was looking for.

dtalipapa marketThere were also clams - still not what I was looking for.

dtalipapa market boracay prawn lobsterMore lobsters & more prawns...

dtalipapa market boracay fishAlso some fish.

dtalipapa market boracay squidThen I saw the white coloured flesh of the squids... yes, the sotong! Looks big & juicy! I chose one with the eggs.

dtalipapa boracay coconut restaurantThen, I brought it over to the restaurant just beside the market. For a small fee, the restaurant cooks these fresh food for the day. And I had a coconut while waiting... all the while anticipating for the 'big prize'!

dtalipapaHowever, alas, the squid wasn't what I expected. The squid was cut into pieces and the egg was gone... My aim of reliving the squid I ate at KK didn't materialise... I think I should have told the chef how to cook the squid...

That made me a lil disappointed and my appetite for the squid diminished though I still finished it. For most of the time, I felt like eating rubber...

However, the disappointment wasn't for long... after all, it's only a squid & I was still on the beautiful island of Boracay! No squid can spoil the mood of being on the island!

There were so many more things to look forward to - and that's up next! :)

*One way to head to this market is by walking by the White Beach & find the sign board: D*Talipapa.

Treasure At Vivo

The time is 8am - on a Saturday. Yes, that's what you need to do if you want to stand in the running to win the treasure hidden in Singapore's largest mall - Vivocity!

The chances may be slim, but this is certain: at least 1 person who wakes up early tomorrow will get SGD10000! Imagine that is you... wow!

And you don't need to go into a jungle or stay in a remote island for this... instead go to the mall. lol :)

Fat Chance? Well...

But anyway, for those who want a more certain win, there's the goodie bag (I know Singaporeans just love goodie bags!)... for this, just be the first 1000 to arrive (now I wonder how many will come in at 6am?).

And Malaysians can compete also... lah
Btw, this is open to anyone in the world (it says on their Facebook message: Anyone who is a fan of The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt on Facebook is allowed to participate. Also, you either need to be a Singaporean, a PR, an EP holder or a holder of any legitimate travel and/or work documents. There is no age limit).

Ah, what an open country huh. People from other countries may not fly all the way for this, but for some Malaysians, we can - it's just a drive away!

So, for the Malaysians in town or planning to make their way to the island, why not give a shot of that dollars? You just might get lucky! :)

*Those keen, register at VivoCity Terrace, Level 3 on 26th September 2009.

*I wonder who will be that lucky winner & how does he/ she planned for this hunt :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Great Singapore Hunt

Remember we use to have some treasure hunt back in Malaysia? I never thought it can be such a big thing, especially when you are hunting in Singapore...!

But well, the island is apparently big enough for a hunt & loads of treasures...

the great singapore treasure huntThere are treasures hidden in Clifford Pier...

the great singapore treasure huntThen there are also treasures hidden in the beach at East Coast Park (wish it was there the last time I visited the park lol).

the great singapore treasure huntAnd more treasures on to another park - the Bishan Park...

the great singapore treasure huntAnd erm, yes, Little India too has treasures.

Apparently, all these 'smaller hunts' all over the island are to prepare all for the big big hunt of $10000 on 26 September 2009!

Frankly, I'm not a fan of running around for treasures, but if you are, well, get the updates on where to find the next treasure on Facebook! You never know, the big prize might just be yours...

*btw those who say Singapore is small, I think they should try too... I bet the island won't look so small after all the running around haha :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Bit About The Cast.... Charlene Meng

I thought it will be fun to share a bit about the cast and their journey with me on The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas Webisode... so I'm starting off withCharlene Meng (who plays ehem, Meng Meng).

charlene mengCharlene is in fact the 3rd & final one who we casted. At that time, we already had the other 2 Little Nyonyas, but finding this 3rd one was not easy... especially when time was running out, and the shoot just a few days away.

charlene mengBut as usual, I just believed for the best... and sure enough (and with God's help), came this resume - by Charlene. Her photos look good, but then again, I've learnt that photos alone can't judge someone especially with the age of Photoshop.

I called up all the potentials including Charlene, and right even on the phone, I knew she had it... but still, I had her to come down for the audition.

True enough, on audition day, Charlene had all that energy & liveliness to fit that oh-so-bubbly Meng Meng. It was really a no brainer on who to choose that day.

charlene mengBtw, besides her personality, I have always felt that Charlene do have a slight resemblence to Malaysia's pop princess, Siti Nurhaliza. U can call her like the Chinese version...

charlene meng little nyonyaSo, finally, we had 3 Little Nyonyas... It was great to have Charlene on set as she was really lively throughout... as she says "on set, I'm giving my 100%... but when it's all over, I'm exhausted & done".

You can see that in most pics, she really is one lively person!

little nyonyaBesides her bubbliness, I'd also remember Charlene for always being polite. I guess her Malaysian roots (she is from JB btw) are quite strong in some ways... where she'll always wish the rest of the crew & cast to 'makan' before eating her food (she btw likes onde onde & kuih kosi lots!).

big bibik little nyonya meng mengAnd though I would have prefered to show Charlene's long hair, that was not possible in this show, as all the Nyonyas had to have their buns.

Nevertheless, she still look good especially her profile shots - just see that shiny smile. She is such a natural in front of the camera!

big bibik little nyonya quachee charleneWell that's my short write up on Charlene, an aspiring actress & dancer. With her talent & politeness, I'm sure this Little Nyonya will be somebody big someday :)

*To know more about Charlene & her interview, go to The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas (under Who's The Cast)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boracay White Beach

boracay white beach windyAfter the rounds through Boracay D*Mall, I finally ended up at the world renowned white beach. However, the weather was not in its 'best mood', and was very windy.

boracay white beach standThe winds were pretty strong that the stall owners at the beach have already come prepared with all the block of stands. The full white beach was divided with these stands which somewhat spoilt the view, but I guess are necessary precautions.

boracay white beach beachBut for those willing to walk beyond the stands, the view was simply breathtaking... the beach was one big stretch of fine sand facing the beautiful blue sea (apparently some say it is 5 colours of sea).

No doubt the strong winds are still around, but this is really a walk into a postcard... and for the island lover, it's like 'giving water to the fish'.

boracay white beach beach chairThe beach was simply inviting... ! Sea, sand, sun... and these relaxing chairs! Truly, an island holiday... if only everyday can be this :)

And then comes the best part - the sunset. Though I missed the blue-purple-red sunsets for the not-so-great weather, but what I saw was stilll something memorable. The wide beach played a big part that any sunset would make it beautiful...

boracay white beach postcardThe evening & sunset was a big draw and the crowd began to come out.... many of which were headed to the 'twin peaks' here - something I think is a must-take photo shot to say "Boracay... I've been there!".

Actually to me, that plus the full day of walking by the beach says not just that... but also, "Boracay, I will be back!" :)

*More things to do in Boracay up next!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas: Episode 3

In traditional boot camp fashion, the girls are learning cooking from the bottom up, beginning with cleaning the kitchen.

Then Bibik announces that they are going to the market. The girls however, see it as a shopping opportunity. Bibik educates them on the basic ingredients of Peranakan cooking. Vanessa is taught how to choose blue ginger. Will she understand Bibik’s explaination?

The next episode will be up on 29.09.09

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boracay DMall

boracay dmall
Some might be wondering why am I talking about the mall here in this beach island... well, initially, I too was a bit surprised that I was told to heading to 'D*Mall' as my first stopping point in Boracay island.

I was to find that out later... but anyway, here's somethings I noticed at this 'open mall area'.

boracay hand painted tshirtFound this quite a nice souvenir - get your name painted on a tshirt! (some names like the one above can be bought directly).

boracay cafeAnyway what I like about the mall is the unique shops & their interesting fronts & designs... giving the 'welcome- you're on a holiday' feel.

boracay restaurantOne of the more beautiful restaurants - especially on photo! Btw, I realised that this restaurant was also shot in one of Korea's drama DVD - Romantic Island.

boracay barAnd when on the island, how can one miss the bars. The drinks on the island was incredibly cheap compared to home - for example, a glass of alcohol is only about 60-70 pesos! So when I was at the bar at early afternoon, the lady just said "Ain't it a lil early for a drink?" lol :)

boracay soap shopAs I was walking out of the mall area, I came across - another souvenir shop... selling soaps! This shop is no 'factory' like the one I visited, but nevertheless this shop is still quite something. Btw, the soaps are cheaper here (about 50 pesos/ bar).

Though I enjoyed the mall area, but the one reason to come to Boracay is non other than the already so famous long White Beach... and this is what I saw after passing through D*Mall:

boracay white beachNow, that's when to say Mabuhay! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas: Episode 2

The sleepy Little Nyonyas wake up to be taught by the BIG Bibik on how to cook Telur Cincalok (cincalok egg). See how garang (fierce) yet funny this Bibik can be! :)

*Btw Kenny Chan (the BIG Bibik) believes that this telur cincalok is purely a Peranakan dish - and proud of it! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fairways & Bluewater

The Boracay trip has been simply enjoyable & exceptionally memorable... and here's one of the many reasons - the hotel: Fairways & Bluewater!

fairways and bluewater beachAmongst the many views of the hotel!... I knew I was in for a big treat!

fairways and bluewater hotelWell the view is not all... even the roads in the hotel is nicely planned, giving one a very nice welcome & holiday like feel.

fairways and bluewater resortThe luxurious suites, which I was fortunate to stay. Now that is one double wow!

fairways and bluewater hotel roomThe room I got was huge - its like an apartment, with kitchen, dining, living room and all.

fairways and bluewater roomAnd just look at the beds... truly, all seems perfect!

fairways and bluewater breakfastNow superior views, wonderful rooms... and then good breakfast (they really cared for the breakfast, unlike some other hotels I've been to!). The buffet breakfast was a mixture of Filipino & American.

fairways and bluewater swimming poolFacilities wise - it could make one just stay in the resort... this is the first infinity pool.

fairways and bluewater beach poolAnd further down to one of the beaches is another infinity pool! In the night, this area of the beach has a mini bar by the beach - with guest singer. Like I said, this resort really meant to make one just be in fully holiday mood!

fairways and bluewater chapel caveThis part of the beach seems to have a lot of things including a mini chapel in a cave. This is the first for me!

fairways and bluewater beachThere's many reasons to simply fall in love with this holiday resort... but still in the end, it's the beach that matters most to the island lover!

But however enticing the beaches was, it wasn't here that I swam... for there is the other popular & must visit (& must swim) beach in Boracay. And that's coming up next!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's About Time: The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas Episode 1

The amount sleepless nites & days, the running around with heart stopping moments, and additional white hair is finally paying off.

To the full team from joint partner Nick (Annonymous Productions), director Kenny Wong, cast - Kenny Chan (as the BIG Bibik), Vanessa Hee, Charlene Meng & Michelle Ng (the Little Nyonyas), crew (production & post production), fellow supporting partners - make up artist: Justin Lim (Style House), photographers: Christopher Lee & Adamgrapher (Life Tale Studio), Kebaya wear: Sherman (Toko Ce' Ros) & the management of Globallon Apartments - here's a VERY BIG THANK YOU!

To everyone else, do enjoy this first episode... and spread the video to as many friends possible :)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Yes, It's Tomorrow!

big bibik little nyonyaFinally the countdown from 10 to 1 has arrived... this Nyonya cookshow will finally premier - tomorrow, 08.09.09! Let the drum rolls begin.... haha :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Manila To Boracay!

I love islands - sea, sand, sun, beach. So, during my Philippines trip, I included the world famous island of Boracay. And it sure has it all - and more.

cebu air First off, boarding the 'budget air' Cebu Pacific airways. The plane ride is similar in most ways with any other airline, except that the stewardess play a game in between the flight, giving away their airline's products as prizes!

The questions were not tough - just things like: Who can show me their handphone, purse, belt, etc.

Anyway, a short ride and I arrived in Kalibu airport. Then it was a 1.5 hour van ride to the jetty. While some may find it boring, but the views of villages & paddy fields - that of South East Asia, is just scenic and always welcoming... making the ride bearable and in some ways enjoyable.

boracay Though this was a short ride (and luckily it was! - only bout 15 minutes), but I just couldn't wait for it to end. For the sea was very choppy and rough.

It was only later in the day did I find out that there was a typhoon in Manila (where the offices was closed for half day)! The ripples of the typhoon must have reached Boracay in some ways, though not as bad.

boracay jettyThe welcoming beach view of Boracay - the sun may not be out in full force and the waves rather choppy, but nothing better can be asked from the island lover! :)

boracay tricycle To get to the hotel, another ride awaits - the tricycle, which is to bring guests to any part of the island... namely to the hotel to check in!

boracay tricycle view And so the ride to the hotel goes... plus the wonderful trip on this beautiful island of Boracay! That's coming soon! :)

*I arrived at Kalibu airport as the Caticlan airport is closed for repairs. This caused for the 1.5 hour van ride.

*Apart from the boat ride fee, one is to pay 50 pesos for Terminal Fee + 50 pesos for Environmental & Admission Fee (to Boracay).