Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Bit About The Cast.... Charlene Meng

I thought it will be fun to share a bit about the cast and their journey with me on The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas Webisode... so I'm starting off withCharlene Meng (who plays ehem, Meng Meng).

charlene mengCharlene is in fact the 3rd & final one who we casted. At that time, we already had the other 2 Little Nyonyas, but finding this 3rd one was not easy... especially when time was running out, and the shoot just a few days away.

charlene mengBut as usual, I just believed for the best... and sure enough (and with God's help), came this resume - by Charlene. Her photos look good, but then again, I've learnt that photos alone can't judge someone especially with the age of Photoshop.

I called up all the potentials including Charlene, and right even on the phone, I knew she had it... but still, I had her to come down for the audition.

True enough, on audition day, Charlene had all that energy & liveliness to fit that oh-so-bubbly Meng Meng. It was really a no brainer on who to choose that day.

charlene mengBtw, besides her personality, I have always felt that Charlene do have a slight resemblence to Malaysia's pop princess, Siti Nurhaliza. U can call her like the Chinese version...

charlene meng little nyonyaSo, finally, we had 3 Little Nyonyas... It was great to have Charlene on set as she was really lively throughout... as she says "on set, I'm giving my 100%... but when it's all over, I'm exhausted & done".

You can see that in most pics, she really is one lively person!

little nyonyaBesides her bubbliness, I'd also remember Charlene for always being polite. I guess her Malaysian roots (she is from JB btw) are quite strong in some ways... where she'll always wish the rest of the crew & cast to 'makan' before eating her food (she btw likes onde onde & kuih kosi lots!).

big bibik little nyonya meng mengAnd though I would have prefered to show Charlene's long hair, that was not possible in this show, as all the Nyonyas had to have their buns.

Nevertheless, she still look good especially her profile shots - just see that shiny smile. She is such a natural in front of the camera!

big bibik little nyonya quachee charleneWell that's my short write up on Charlene, an aspiring actress & dancer. With her talent & politeness, I'm sure this Little Nyonya will be somebody big someday :)

*To know more about Charlene & her interview, go to The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas (under Who's The Cast)


  1. Charlene Meng? Aww....she is the one who gets hungry very easily right? LOL :D

    I like her character! Very exuberant! :) She is quite photogenic too aye!

  2. Huh? Yeah! Now that you mentioned it..she does look like Siti...the smaller size of course! ;)

  3. Charlene Meng looks like a nice person to be with. She is full of fun & enjoyable with her unique ways even on the show. Congratulations to you making the show more lively. Keep the good work.


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