Friday, September 25, 2009

Dtalipapa Boracay

dtalipapa boracayI was told to visit the market while at Boracay... also known as Dtalipapa.

tree house boracayAlong the way there, I saw this tree house. First time seeing a tree house - and quite a well built one too.

talipapa market boracayA short walk in the lane, and I finally arrive - to the market. Some may wonder why I was there... but I had a mission.

dtalipapa market boracay seafoodThere were lobsters & prawns but these were not what I was looking for.

dtalipapa marketThere were also clams - still not what I was looking for.

dtalipapa market boracay prawn lobsterMore lobsters & more prawns...

dtalipapa market boracay fishAlso some fish.

dtalipapa market boracay squidThen I saw the white coloured flesh of the squids... yes, the sotong! Looks big & juicy! I chose one with the eggs.

dtalipapa boracay coconut restaurantThen, I brought it over to the restaurant just beside the market. For a small fee, the restaurant cooks these fresh food for the day. And I had a coconut while waiting... all the while anticipating for the 'big prize'!

dtalipapaHowever, alas, the squid wasn't what I expected. The squid was cut into pieces and the egg was gone... My aim of reliving the squid I ate at KK didn't materialise... I think I should have told the chef how to cook the squid...

That made me a lil disappointed and my appetite for the squid diminished though I still finished it. For most of the time, I felt like eating rubber...

However, the disappointment wasn't for long... after all, it's only a squid & I was still on the beautiful island of Boracay! No squid can spoil the mood of being on the island!

There were so many more things to look forward to - and that's up next! :)

*One way to head to this market is by walking by the White Beach & find the sign board: D*Talipapa.


  1. There tree house is really special huh! :) It looks pretty weird to me. :p

    So you went to their market? :) The prawns looks so large.

  2. Hi Buddy,

    Your life is getting more interesting by the day :)

  3. Wow great, how cute this treehouse... Look, there so many freshly seafood..

    Tanya Gemarin


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