Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fairways & Bluewater

The Boracay trip has been simply enjoyable & exceptionally memorable... and here's one of the many reasons - the hotel: Fairways & Bluewater!

fairways and bluewater beachAmongst the many views of the hotel!... I knew I was in for a big treat!

fairways and bluewater hotelWell the view is not all... even the roads in the hotel is nicely planned, giving one a very nice welcome & holiday like feel.

fairways and bluewater resortThe luxurious suites, which I was fortunate to stay. Now that is one double wow!

fairways and bluewater hotel roomThe room I got was huge - its like an apartment, with kitchen, dining, living room and all.

fairways and bluewater roomAnd just look at the beds... truly, all seems perfect!

fairways and bluewater breakfastNow superior views, wonderful rooms... and then good breakfast (they really cared for the breakfast, unlike some other hotels I've been to!). The buffet breakfast was a mixture of Filipino & American.

fairways and bluewater swimming poolFacilities wise - it could make one just stay in the resort... this is the first infinity pool.

fairways and bluewater beach poolAnd further down to one of the beaches is another infinity pool! In the night, this area of the beach has a mini bar by the beach - with guest singer. Like I said, this resort really meant to make one just be in fully holiday mood!

fairways and bluewater chapel caveThis part of the beach seems to have a lot of things including a mini chapel in a cave. This is the first for me!

fairways and bluewater beachThere's many reasons to simply fall in love with this holiday resort... but still in the end, it's the beach that matters most to the island lover!

But however enticing the beaches was, it wasn't here that I swam... for there is the other popular & must visit (& must swim) beach in Boracay. And that's coming up next!



  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! No wonder it is so famous. QC, you must have totally enjoyed yourself. Were you there alone or with friends? Thanks for sharing all that beauty.

  2. Wow! What I like the most is the mini chapel in the cave. Amazing. I have never seen it before. You really enjoyed yourself right?

    The scenes there are really breathtaking! Aww...I thing I need a getaway too. :P

  3. Wow! The beach is so beautiful! What a fantastic view from the hotel. And the hotel you stayed looks really great! I really must go Boracay! : )

  4. it looks fantastic.. great place for a vacation without being too touristy

  5. hi Quachee, glad i am in time to catch the magnificent views of Baracay beach resort.. yes, it certainly looks attractive and a triple wow for me.. esp those who loves swimming too. So did u have a good relaxing time there?

  6. Wow the beach is so wonderful and fantastic. i love your photos especially in the mini chapel in cave.

    So incredible..


    Tanya Gemarin


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