Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beautifully Refreshing

I love beaches - sea. sand. sun haha :) Was really looking forward to a holiday break and it was timely then my friend planned a trip to Pulau Redang.

What a beautiful experience to this beautiful island, which was made famous by the movie Summer Holidays starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren.

It was nice to get a break, to get connected with friends again, and to be on such a wonderful island.

Holidays - any type, are very refreshing and gives the mind time to relax and get new ideas. With this trip, all I can say, there will be more to come! flights destination link

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shinning Star

My friend read me my star the other day... Though I rarely read them, but this one is a good one to be shared - "In this situation, the best is yet to come. Really - believe it. Stand wholeheartedly behind your plans for the future and you will soon see that your certainty pays off. What you want will come to pass if you have faith."

Even if the star didn't say so, but Im sure, if we just follow these words in our everyday lives, we will be able to see our dreams through.

I spoke to a friend recently and mentioned to him about it - bout first 'dreaming' and next to 'follow through'. And though the roads can be rather bumpy, but just like the star said, we got to just keep believing :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Strong Sentiments

Been speaking to some friends and associates in both Malaysia & Singapore the past few days. And reading the press too.

It's quite amazing (and in a way, very nice) to see how strong their national sentiments are.

Malaysians are a lucky lot - wonderful nature, rich in colours, great mix of food and with modern cities of KL and Penang - big icons of twin towers, KLIA and megamalls accross the nation.

On the other hand, city-state Singapore boasts of being the world's port, IT hub of Asia, business & finance hub plus its greenery and cleanliness! Not to mention, its ever improving list of excitements that the Government is injecting!

So, its really interesting to see how proud some friends are of their country when I speak to them - the atmosphere is buzzing in both cities :)

And that really makes us proud and lively to be around them :)

Btw, mentioning about Singapore... this is the sneak preview of our sister of project to The Malaysia Page..

Welcome, Singapore!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Making The Best Of Things

Yesterday I watched a production... which reminded me of how our forefathers from China came over to Malaysia/ Singapore (and even Indonesia) for greener pastures.

Mainly came for this 'Nanyang Dream'... to lead a better life. It's very interesting to note that many of the big tycoons today have lead very humble life last time. They didn't make their limited education and language differences come into their way, but rather, they managed to pull through and make history.

I really admire their determination in life and making the best out of things.

And I feel that if they could make great things, we too can. Yes, true, times have changed and economies are changing, but we too can become great people and contribute to the nation and inspire if we have the same determination and to make the best out of things, and not looking at the 'shortage'/ difficulties we face :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Power Of Dreams

Ive mentioned my last post that Ill share about how dreams come true. Well, Ive attended a few courses before and have read some 'motivational' books like The Secret.

And so far, Ive applied some of these techniques and focusing on the dreams... and though many times the road seems difficult and the dreams becomes a far distant fantasy, but it's a very pleasant surprise to see these dreams come true :)

It did take me some time to make some of these come into reality - but really, it's nice to see them materialise - be it the works that I do or the people I meet... up to the title above - taken from my first dream car 'Power Of Dreams' haha :)

Really, what a powerful experience the Power Of Dreams is! If I may, I urge you to just dream all you want - for it will come true!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Seeing The Good

I posted one post not too long back 'For The Better'. Some of my friends have been telling me that that statement is more like a comfort instead... I dont disagree to one extend...

Over the weekend, there were some incidents that occurred and left me rather disturbed. In any case, I believe many people would be rather affected... so was I.

But I was trying to stay positive and tried hard to see what was the good aspects that occured out of it - or how not to be affected by the whole situation.

And then came the words 'For The Better'. Now, well, like I mentioned above, it can seem like another comfort for me. But really, the whole weekend incident have actually thought me some very valuable lessons - in business and life in general.

Hence, really, although I would rather not have the incidents occur, but then, it was another way of learning... hence, though it was a rather 'hard' weekend, but it wasn't all bad.

So, things happen for a reason... but only if we can focus on the good and not the bad will we continue to remain positive, free and happy. And who knows that 'bad experience' can sometimes lead to better things ahead :) (maybe Ill share that in my next post!)