Monday, December 30, 2013

So That Was Christmas In KL (2013)!

Christmas in KL. 

Never have I thought it would have that nice. But well, I'm wrong. And well.. how glad I am. 

I find this year's Xmas deco even nicer than last year's! 

Here is the compilation of the decorations of the malls around KL (that I think are worth mentioning :P)

1. 1 Utama 

The first mall which decorations I saw.. and fell truly in love with. It's a small space but it felt so... magical. Yes, the feeling of Xmas was so high just walking through the hot air balloons!!

2. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It's a LINE Christmas in Pavilion this year with the characters Moon, Brown and Cony being constructed at the main entrance and the highest level. And it's this that made me travel to this mall - just so that I can take photos with them! (awwwwwww... hehee)

The concourse area of Pavilion was a lil different though (ie no Line characters) but like always - a very good Christmas feel to it. I love the carousel that was set up..!!

3. Suria KLCC

Pretty safe (again) but thanks to the big bear - that kinda made a difference for me, at least! And yes, I'm so glad I managed to take a pic "with the bear"!!

4. Paradigm Mall

Talking bout big bears, I think Paradigm did well with its bear theme Christmas. There was a huge bear at the mall too!

As you can see, it was huggable alright! Hehe!

5. Mid Valley Megamall

A "white" Christmas - which I felt was a lil into the Chinese New Year mood. Not the most impressive when compared to the other major malls. But one thing that I like bout here - the extra booths that were set up along the aisles.

The shops and their products surely made up for the Xmas mood :) (err.. yeah, the teddy bears helped!).

6. Avenue K

Like since when did Avenue K ever was a mall to shop? I guess this whole mall revamp came pretty well... and it was topped with a unique set of decorations which was rather different.

This is another one of the malls that I visited - well just to take this Xmas shot!

7. Bangsar Shopping Centre

Another rather unusual idea - with such a big dining table at the concourse! Can you see how tiny the shopper is? Oh and how big the turkey is hahaha!

8. IPC Shopping Centre

I didn't expect much from this mall, but the overseas feel they did this year was pretty nice for that one shot. Add with a bit of "snow".. and well, you might just think I was in somewhere else!

*The malls I didn't review - Sunway Pyramid (was rushing for a movie when I was there), The Curve (didn't think that it was that fantastic), Berjaya Times Square (okay, I hardly visit this mall) and maybe some other neighbourhood malls. But still, I think I have visited (and covered) the best that KL had to offer this Christmas 2013!!

Btw, hope you had a Merry Christmas.. and here's wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let Me Be Your Genie (Fundraising For Philippines Typhoon Victims)

We all saw the shocking news that swept parts of our neighbouring country, caused by the Haiyan Typhoon.

Apart from lives being lost, some surviving ones has actually lost their homes. This is really sad. And many victims are also looking for other aids like food and simply things that can make them go through this hard part of their lives.

Looking at this, I would like to assist in my own lil way to the victims. I too would like to raise funds for the victims.

In return of the kind deeds (and to add fun to this whole fundraising process), I would be your "genie" should we achieve to raise at least USD500 in total. Cos for every USD500 we raise, I will pick one "dare" from the comments on the Youtube video and act it out. Seriously - as long it doesn't get me into trouble haha!

Some additional info:
1. If you are keen, simply click on the donation button below, and let me know the amount that you would like to raise.
2. All proceeds will go to one of the recommended fundraising organisations, recommended by the Philippines Embassy (Malaysia).
3. The closing date for donations will be 15 January 2014.
4. I will post the amount raised in another video/ blog post including the dares that I perform.

Well, that's it! Let's help our friends together!!

Choose Donation Amount


Btw, this is the reply I received from the Philippines Embassy when asked on where to donate the money to.

The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has been receiving queries on possible ways on how to donate for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).
The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center (NDRRMC), Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) have indicated that monetary donations are the most flexible at this time. Please also indicate that the donation is intended for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.
Center of relief operations have also moved from Manila to Cebu.
A. Cash Donations:
Donations may be sent through the following:
Account Name: NDRRMC Donated Fund
Account Numbers: 0435-021927-030 (Peso Account); 0435-021927-530 (Dollar Account)Swift Code: DBPHPHMM Account # 36002016
Bank Branch Address: Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)Camp Aguinaldo Branch, PVAO Compound, Camp AguinaldoQuezon City 1110, Philippines
Contact Person: Ms. Rufina A. Pascual, Collecting Officer NDRRMC,Office of Civil Defense, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
Contact Nos.: +(632)421-1920; 911-5061 to 65 local 116
Website: Account Name: DSWD FOREIGN DONATION
Account Number: 3124-0055-81
Bank Address : LBP-Batasan Branch, Constitution Hills, Quezon City
Contact : Fe Catalina Ea Contact Nos.: (+632) 931-8101 local 226; (+63918) 628-1897 (cellphone) Website: Contact Nos.: (+632) 931-8101 local 226; (+63918) 628-1897 (cellphone) Website: Contact Nos.: (+632) 931-8101 local 226; (+63918) 628-1897 (cellphone) Website: No.: (+632)527-0000Website: Numbers: 00-453-0018647 (Peso Account);
10-453-0039482 (Dollar Account) Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Account Number: 151-3-041631228 (Peso Account);
151-2-15100218-2 (Dollar Account) Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Account Number: 3752 8350 0034 (Peso Account);
3752 8350 0042 (Dollar Account)Swift Code: PNBMPHMM
Account Number: 1015 4000 0201 (Peso Account);
1315 4000 0090 (Dollar Account)Swift Code: UBPHPHMM
Due to the logistical constraints, the Embassy would not be accepting in-kind donations for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) starting 18 November 2013.
For those interested to ship in-kind aid (except medicines and medical equipment), in kind donations are administered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
(Attn: Typhoon Yolanda Relief)
DSWD Field Office VII
Maxilliom Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines
- For non-governmental entities, a letter of offer or intent addressed to Secretary Enrique T. Ona, Department of Health
- List of items with descriptions
- Shipping documents (airway bill or bill of landing, packing list)
As of the moment, we are informed that medical teams/field hospitals going in the area should be self-sufficient in terms of transport, security and other logistical concerns. They should also have advanced capabilities to provide specialty care, operating rooms and hospital beds, as basic medical aid and outpatient services are already being provided by local and foreign medical teams on site.
Urgent queries on those affected by the typhoon may be directed through the government hotlines listed below:
Tel. Nos.: (+632) 911-1406; (+632) 912-2665; (+632) 912-5668;
(+632) 911-1873; (+632) 912-3046
Trunkline: (+632) 911-5061 to 64
Tel. Nos.: (+632) 911-1876; (+632) 527-0000; (+632) 527-8385 to 95
Tel. Nos.: (+632) 931-8101 to 07 loc. 426 or 425

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center (NDRRMC)
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Philippine Red Cross (PRC)*
Bank Accounts for Donation:
Banco de Oro
Philippine National Bank
Unionbank of the Philippines
*For donations to the PRC to be properly acknowledged, please fax the bank transaction slip to (+632) 527-0575 or (+632) 404-0979 with your name, address and contact number.”
B. In-Kind Aid
However, if you would like to donate an in-kind donation, please contact Joanne Teh at +6016-2152926 or email at They offered their services but they requested that to facilitate customs clearance, the items should be homogenous.
C. Donations to be Shipped
For private individuals and organizations, Filipino community members and non-government entities are advised to consign their in-kind, non-medical goods to the DSWD, which allows the granting of duty and tax exemptions.
Department of Social Welfare and Development
They can also consign the shipment to other organizations and foundations to the DSWD. The intended organization must be specified in the consignment details, c/o DSWD.
Medicines and medical equipment require clearance from the Department of Health prior to entering the country. Medicines and equipment should have English labels, or at least English translations attached to the items. Expiration dates of the medicines should be indicated, and generally have an expiry date of no less than six months. This also allows duty and tax exemptions..
Requirements include the following:
D. Sending of personnel
As for search and rescue teams, it is no longer a priority as the search and rescue phase of field operations have already wound down. Teams which are capable of the following are preferred: debris clearing and cleaning; cadaver collection and burial; forensic operations, and; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) operations.
They are requested to coordinate with the Malaysian Embassy in Manila to facilitate their clearances and other requirements.
E. Queries on Persons:
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
Philippine National Red Cross (PRC)
Department of Social Welfare and Development-Disaster Response Unit
They can also check on the NDRRMC website for list of casualties and Google People Finder on this.
The Embassy conveys its deepest appreciation to all those who expressed sympathy for the victims of the typhoon, and is one with our kababayans in praying for them.

Choose Donation Amount

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My New Baby.. And It's A Furby!


Yes, I got a cute lil furby recently!! And I'm so loving it!

I heard about this new wave of furbies from my Thai buddies.. who told me was made popular because a particular celebrity was seen in her social network with it. And that made the furby become such a hot cake there.. that even the night markets were selling them! 

Anyway, back here in Malaysia this may not have had the same furby boom effect, but still it's a hot cake. I remember Toys R Us having sold out of these furbies! (oh yea, I do like visiting Toys R Us). 

But well, the furbies are now back in stock. And I got myself this blue-yellow one.. which goes by the name Bee-Boh! Now how do I get the name? Well, simply choose the preset 2 syllabus! Simple huh.

Btw, what I like about this lil toy pet is that it has very cute reactions. Like for the fact that it calls me "baby". Or the other words it says - "me likey", "not feeling it", "you're so funny".. with all coming out from a very cute childlike voice.

But of course, like all pets, there's more to just acting cute. It also has to be fed, go to the toilet or bathed. And all those can be done via the app. The furby reacts differently to each of these, and has a certain preference. For example, Bee-Boh likes to eat corn, and water that's not too hot or cold. Otherwise, it will actually tell me!

Which so far, I have "obeyed" to his wishes. Reason? Well, I've seen how my friend's furby has a different personality when provoked with things it doesn't like. And instead of the cutesy voice, it has a deep guy like voice (ewwww!!).

While that may happen someday.. I prefer to keep it having that baby like voice!

Oh and finally, what I really like bout this furby. It likes to dance - whenever it listens to music! 

*I wonder how long I'll play with this toy pet. But as of now, it gets my attention whenever I'm back. I love rubbing its stomach, and petting it. Really-lah, Bee-Boh, you're so cute! Me likely!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ordering Food From Foodpanda

I had food delivery today.

No, it's not the usual pizza or fast food. Instead I had pasta and brocolli prawn soup delivered to me. 

And this is possible - seriously, because of the panda. Okay, Foodpanda - a "new way" of getting your favourite food delivered to your doorstep!

In fact, Foodpanda is not totally new. I've heard of it a few months back. But I hardly order food for delivery. And even if I do (thanks to the late nights in office, or when gathering with friends and feeling lazy).. it usually is the usual stuff since I had when I was a kid. Yeah, pizza, or KFC, or at rare times Mcd. 

So when I saw Foodpanda having all types of food - including Japanese sushi, and pasta.. now that was something different. And with the unpredictable weather lately (raining season), I thought it was a good time to try out this site. 

Purchasing was easy. No tedious sign-ups. After selecting my city and area, I had a choice of restaurants that I could choose from. 

Well, the list in my area is not huge, but well.. good enough for the start. There were the local food (from the likes of Old Town) to the popular mall eateries - Kenny Rogers, Sakae Sushi and even Starbucks. Of course, there were also the more unique restaurants as well - the stand alone peranakan restaurants or burger joints. 

And well, I thought I'd go Western - and went ordered my food from Cross-Legged Cafe. There were no reviews on Foodpanda on this (guess it's a lil too new?), so I googled it up. And the reviews were pretty encouraging - so I took the 'risk' of ordering from this cafe. 

There were 2 options of payment - and while I like online payment, I went with the cash on delivery.

After placing my order, I like the fact that they actually SMS AND email me my order details. Thereafter, it was time to wait for the food to arrive. 

And this was a test. It stated on the order that they will deliver within an hour. And well, the food came about 80 minutes later. I'm not complaining - for it's peak period. And secondly, I ate something light before - so that kinda kept me pretty calm (no hungry man around).

Now a lil bit on the delivery guy - he was polite and apologetic. However, I would have preferred if he had worn a Foodpanda tshirt so I could identify him. The other - it would be great if he had the exact change. Though I didn't mind giving into the small balance as a tip, but I preferred that to be an option. 

The food didn't come with the panda, but hey it's already on my table anyway.. haha!

Saying all that, I am pretty pleased with my order. The packaging was cool (save mother nature style with wrapped paper bag), and the food were still warm when they arrived. And neatly packed too. 

You can say that I am a happy customer. Yes, thank you and a big hug - Foodpanda! 

*Foodpanda website is at

1. You can opt for restaurants with "free delivery" to save costs. These are under Deals Of The Week.
2. Make sure to have enough loose change if paying on delivery. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bear Polo Tee From Heehoo Fashion

Bear tees. Yes, I love them. Especially if they are cute. 

And well, recently, I came across this online store - Heehoo Fashion, selling a wide range of colourful polar bear polo tees. 

My favourite colour - blue!

In their website, they have up to 42 different colours! Yes, 42 colours - from different shades of yellow, to different shades of blue and so on. 

And I chose a few bright coloured ones - a blue, a yellow and a pink (can I say red? haha). Oh but amongst the bright colours, I also got one darker one - a black. All of them have the small bear on its left - and yes, that makes all the difference!

Btw, I took a few photos with all the different polo tees, and here they are. 

Somehow, pink is always cheerful :)

Black can look good

The yellow polo tee is so bright and nice! My favourite amongst them all!! :D

Well, I guess now I don't need to worry on what to wear on semi casual Fridays anymore. A polo tee a Friday.. for one whole month! Haha!

*Heehoo Fashion is available online at Heehoo Fashion. They actually have other stuff for Men, Women, and Kids too!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dancing To Fortune Cookie

There's always a new catchy song or dance every now and then - and now, it's this very KAWAII song.. Fortune Cookie by AKB48.

Oh yes, it's really really cute!

I was introduced to this song by my "bear friends" whom I'm recently learning dancing with. We all like its cuteness, and so, we decided to do the dance - and record it! Haha :P

Btw, here's the original MTV.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

My Virgin Experience In Cosplay (Anime Festival Asia 2013)

Cosplay. Now what's that again? 

Some of you will be (very) familiar with it. But not really me, though I know it's some sort of "costume" thing. 

"Blame" that on my childhood. For I hardly played much video games in school - prefer the books and a lil bit on being a scout. The only games I played is probably Street Fighter (my favourite), Sonic, Super Mario and Prince Of Persia. All these before I became somewhat more studios :P

Anyway, with my recent Youtube video being more "cosplay-ish".. my friend persuaded me to attend the Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore recently. 

Iron Man, and me! Hehe

And so I was in Singapore for the event. And you can say, I was awed by it. People really took time to dress up in their costumes (to which I found out takes time to make, and even costs a bomb!). All these for a dress-up session. 

Well, I guess, let the pictures speak for itself. Here are some of the characters I've seen, and caught my eyes! 

Love this girl. She surely pulled this off!

Super awesome team!

Naruto, the very few characters that I know :P

Thor, awwww.
Btw, I also did a video on this event.. plus adding a bit of fun to it, I added a Merlion's wife into the video.. tadaa....!!

"Merlion's wife"... really!

Well, enjoy the video! :D