Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ordering Food From Foodpanda

I had food delivery today.

No, it's not the usual pizza or fast food. Instead I had pasta and brocolli prawn soup delivered to me. 

And this is possible - seriously, because of the panda. Okay, Foodpanda - a "new way" of getting your favourite food delivered to your doorstep!

In fact, Foodpanda is not totally new. I've heard of it a few months back. But I hardly order food for delivery. And even if I do (thanks to the late nights in office, or when gathering with friends and feeling lazy).. it usually is the usual stuff since I had when I was a kid. Yeah, pizza, or KFC, or at rare times Mcd. 

So when I saw Foodpanda having all types of food - including Japanese sushi, and pasta.. now that was something different. And with the unpredictable weather lately (raining season), I thought it was a good time to try out this site. 

Purchasing was easy. No tedious sign-ups. After selecting my city and area, I had a choice of restaurants that I could choose from. 

Well, the list in my area is not huge, but well.. good enough for the start. There were the local food (from the likes of Old Town) to the popular mall eateries - Kenny Rogers, Sakae Sushi and even Starbucks. Of course, there were also the more unique restaurants as well - the stand alone peranakan restaurants or burger joints. 

And well, I thought I'd go Western - and went ordered my food from Cross-Legged Cafe. There were no reviews on Foodpanda on this (guess it's a lil too new?), so I googled it up. And the reviews were pretty encouraging - so I took the 'risk' of ordering from this cafe. 

There were 2 options of payment - and while I like online payment, I went with the cash on delivery.

After placing my order, I like the fact that they actually SMS AND email me my order details. Thereafter, it was time to wait for the food to arrive. 

And this was a test. It stated on the order that they will deliver within an hour. And well, the food came about 80 minutes later. I'm not complaining - for it's peak period. And secondly, I ate something light before - so that kinda kept me pretty calm (no hungry man around).

Now a lil bit on the delivery guy - he was polite and apologetic. However, I would have preferred if he had worn a Foodpanda tshirt so I could identify him. The other - it would be great if he had the exact change. Though I didn't mind giving into the small balance as a tip, but I preferred that to be an option. 

The food didn't come with the panda, but hey it's already on my table anyway.. haha!

Saying all that, I am pretty pleased with my order. The packaging was cool (save mother nature style with wrapped paper bag), and the food were still warm when they arrived. And neatly packed too. 

You can say that I am a happy customer. Yes, thank you and a big hug - Foodpanda! 

*Foodpanda website is at

1. You can opt for restaurants with "free delivery" to save costs. These are under Deals Of The Week.
2. Make sure to have enough loose change if paying on delivery. 

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  1. I think this is only available in KL area? Not in Malacca definitely. :p


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