Saturday, January 24, 2009

China Souvenir (And One For You)

China Souvenir

What is a trip without bringing some souvenirs back? So, while in my China trip, I actually did shop for a few things - some to remind me on what a beautiful trip I had and others for more practical use.

china souvenir crysanthemumI bought lots of tea back - this chrysanthemum tea is apparently very popular in Wuzhen.

china souvenir green teaAnd when I was in Hangzhou, I bought lots of green tea with its few different grades (there are 4 grades). One of them - the most premium one, at the Hangzhou tea plantation. This is my first time buying tea... and I'm now kinda hook with tea!

china souvenir paintingI also bought some art paintings at the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar in Shanghai. I like the art as they come in a series of 4 (for 4 seasons) - Im now figuring where to display them haha!

china souvenir paintingI bought a fair bit of paintings - as they were quite affordable (think this is 10 yuan). The only problem was carrying back, as paintings are quite fragile in a way.

china souvenir magnetAlso at the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar, I bought some magnets - for me this is my no. 1 item that I buy on my trips (btw, this is so appropriate for Chinese New Year!)

china souvenir magnetIn fact, that's not the only magnets I bought, though this is pricier as compared to the 2 yuan magnets above (this was 6yuan).

china souvenir new year decorationAlso at this 2 yuan shop, I bought a few Chinese New Year decoration souvenirs, which I thought was quite a bargain... but then I saw some back home also quite cheap!

china souvenir new year cardActually, my souvenirs from China seem to revolve a lot around Chinese New Year! (thought the card is quite unique - do we have it here too?).

china souvenir i love china t-shirtBut I did managed to buy something for myself as well, like this souvenir of China - the I Love China t-shirt. Firstly, I love t-shirts, and secondly, I like to collect 'I Love t-shirts' in all the place/ country I visit.

It's just too bad that I could only find very few t-shirts as it was winter time, and most clothes were winter wear.

So, what I got myself is actually a trench coat (been wanting this much!), which I bought in Hangzhou, and also China's very own sportswear, Li Ning (I got a pair of shoes). I like the Li Ning brand which is all over China, for its slogan "Anything Is Possible".

Oh, I did managed to buy some shirts too (which is meant for Chinese New Year clothes). I would have done more shopping hadn't I been in 4 winter wear, which makes trying clothes difficult... plus having the cameras & video cameras all around me.

china souvenir key chainAnd finally, the other stuffs I got are these key chains which I bought from the sellers outside the metro while in Shanghai. The bright colours kinda got my attention!

Now, here comes the exciting part.

Some of you readers have been a big encouragement to the whole China Trip from my very first day in China when I'm One In A Billion, sharing with me the funny memorable moments of having Ice Cream At Zero Degrees, seeing with me the picturesque Hangzhou West Lake and the scenic water village of Wuzhen, being with me through the Stressful China Incidents, knowing what China Food I ate, and understanding my observations to guess those Definitely Not From China.

And then, there is Shanghai - with me sharing from the popoular shopping area at Nanjing Road and Xintiandi, plus all the other unique Travel Places in Shanghai. And I'm thankful too as you guys encouraged me to write a beautiful post dedicated to this China city: I miss Shanghai!

China Souvenir For You
As this China Trip series come to an end, I would like to give 1 special reader a lil keychain I bought from Shanghai (the blue rabbit above). I've been thinking hard on how to do this.... and I decided I'll do on a feedback.

Ie. if you are interested for the blue rabbit keychain, just let me know what you liked about the series or anything you think I could improve on (just be kind in words haha!). But seriously, I will appreciate your feedback lots to help me improve! :)

*This documenting of my trip 'on the go' is my first - you guys really made this special! Thank You! :)


  1. i love chrysanthemum tea a lot! its not sweet and not thick either! :)

  2. I am lousy in giving comments... so I'll leave the souvenir to others lol.

    Happy Chinese New Year :)

  3. I think your posts about your China trip were indeed eye-opening.

    Happy CNY! :)

  4. You know made me so envious ler! My eyes always turned green while reading your fantastic trips. Gosh! Can we switch places for...1 day? Haha :D just kidding. Hmm...I believe you could try to describe what you've experience in more detail and depth (but not too deep), coupled with the pictures you have could be flawless!

    And yeah, what happened to the DATE for each post?

    Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! Take care ya. Don't eat too much "kuaci"! =)

  5. Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. All the souvenirs from China are really beautiful... they key chains are especially cute!

  7. I think your China posts are good enough already! Ratings 4.5 out of 5. If want perfect, then give it a little more details, like how you feel, put in some dialogues if they are funny ones, some YouTube videos instead of just still photos.

    Wow! All the souvenirs you bought are very nice. I especially like the art paintings. If you can't figure out where to place them, pass them to me lah! Haha! : )

  8. i m going to china soon too...19th feb... shanghai.. hangzhou,westlake, xitang,

    hehhehehehheh.... any tips so that i dont get rip off in hangzhou?

    i been to shanghai... so i roughly get the idea of shanghai... but hangzhou is totally new to me


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