Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shanghai Snack

Shanghai Snack
The one thing I notice about Shanghai is that there's lots of snacks being sold in nearly every part of the city... and of course, I had my fair share of them too.

shanghai snacksOne of the popular ones I notice is the egg tarts. They were really selling like hot cakes! And with that is also the hugely popular 'wife' & 'husband' biscuits/ cakes.

shanghai snack, fried dumplingOne other popular street snack I tried was at this crowded eatery, which I happen to try by chance.

shanghai snack, wujiang road, dumplingThe kitchen was somewhat in the front of the shop, drawing huge attention, plus the long queue as well (Oh, btw, it is here where I heard the conversation "just push them". haha!)

shanghai snack, bbq squidI chanced on this because one of the hotels I stayed was near this road - Wujiang Road, which is a street filled with eateries selling many different type of snacks, some bbq.

shanghai snack, taiwanese snackAnd it seems that bbq snacks and Taiwanese snacks are big hits in Shanghai. Even the malls have them.

shanghai snack, prataAnd then there's this non halal roti prata/ canai which is cooked with a choice of bacon or ham. I really enjoyed this, which I found very different.

There's no curry gravy to go along, though what the cook does is to dab some dried curry on top while cooking.

*Btw, for this, it comes with an egg, and make sure the cook adds for you! (on my second ocassion, I had to request for the egg, despite the same price!)

shanghai snack, bunI also managed to try some different type of buns - this is the coconut raisin bun, which look nicer than its taste, but still not too bad.

shanghai snack, raisinAnd I bought raisins from these push carts. What's interesting about these push carts is that they don't have a fixed time/ place... and they are sold by foreigners who speak decent Mandarin.

I actually bargained with the seller while buying, which got him annoyed a bit... he sold me at my price, but kept grumbling! ("8 yuan ah.. 8 yuan....!" - previously 10 yuan). Haha!

shanghai snack, dessertAnd then comes the snacks I love most - the cold with cold. This ice blended mixed fruit drink was yummy! I really enjoyed having my ice creams and cold drinks in the winter - brrr! (What lovely memories!)

shanghai snack, dessertBut it was not only the drinks and ice creams that I enjoyed. I actually enjoyed the desserts in Shanghai very much as well... and will pop into the dessert outlets/ eateries if I see one.

I like these dessert outlets for their wide unique variety... and most of all, delicious tasting desserts!

shanghaiMy favourite dessert in Shanghai is from this restaurant, Rbt. They serve both food and desserts, but I only tried the desserts.

This rather upmarket 3 piece dessert (28 yuan) came with tea, a full bowl of nuts and other stuffs, plus a side of cheese ice cream-like-balls! I loved it so much that I purposely went back to this restaurant on my last night in Shanghai.

*Btw, this Rbt outlet that I went is the one with the swing chairs. They do have other outlets across Shanghai.

Looking back, I really had a fair share of food & snacks/ desserts in Shanghai! I really thought that I will be putting lots of weight there, but luckily & very surprisingly I didn't gained much (only 0.5kg in 16 days of good food!). I guess the lots of walking helped!

Whatever it is, the food and snacks sampling was a memorable experience which I will definitely treasure... oh how I wish I can eat those desserts again! :)


  1. Wow, so much yummy food... make me mouth water...

  2. QC said "..oh how I wish I can eat those desserts again!"

    And I say, you can. Go again. ;)

  3. this is really enticing.. i must go.. but then if i follow tour, they wont take us to these places to savour all kinds of food stuff.. right? if free and easy, then perhaps i can have more varieties of food..
    well.. hope i can make it.. this year..

  4. I thought there's a rbt shop in Malaysia too? There was one rbt in 1Utama a few years ago, but don't think they lasted long. Wonder if it's the same as the one in Shanghai.

  5. @neo
    lol. ull like these snacks! :)

    yes, thats in the cards haha (but i think there's many other places to go too - maybe ill go somewhere else during winter again hehe) :)

    i think ull enjoy going! anyway, tour food can be very good. as i know, most tours offer very good meals with wide varieties - so ull enjoy too! :)

    yes, it stands for that! haha. they have a rabbit picture/ logo :)

    it could be opened by malaysians! haha. (btw, big apple is in hangzhou!)


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