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More Than Words: Movie

*I'm taking a one post break from my China series to share on the bi weekly Talented Malaysians & Singaporeans segment.

3 Men & A Movie

more than words, teamWhat are the similarities of these 3 men? Well, they are realising their dreams together... not the usual way, but through a movie.

Yes, meet director Kelvin Sng, producer Eugene Tan and executive producer, Yeow Choon Hong. This trio of friends have come together since 2007 to conceptualise a feature movie, titled More Than Words.

Director Kelvin Sng
From Teaching To Movie Making

more than words,directorThis former teacher has now ventured into film making since 2002, directing and producing a fair bit of short movies, some making the rounds in the international film circuits.

A passion for promoting Singapore through his films, Kelvin's more notable shorts include Cafe (which is a made up cafe setting, which everything is shot in just that - a cafe) and the ultra violent Kichiro.

more than words, movieHowever, it is More Than Words (千言万语) (the short film) that is the one which he is expanding now into a full length movie. With a love of thematic movies, Kelvin happily explains that this new movie will have a 70s Singapore feel, which he proudly explains is something quite different in the local movie scene, at least.

But of course, local is not all he is looking for - as he aims to make this movie big overseas too, with the help of his other teammates.

Producer Eugene Tan
From IT Expert To Producer

more than words, producerKelvin is indeed lucky to have Eugene as the Producer, the 'nothing is impossible' guy, who gives his very best shot and do whatever it takes to create a super movie.

Despite being a producer, the humble Eugene is actually an Honours holder in IT. But somehow along the way, he ended up living his dreams - first by taking the film production course... and then meeting Kelvin and working with him (they have since worked together on several projects).

Executive Producer Yeow
'The Money Man'

more than words, executive producer"Just call me Yeow" - that's the direct and 'don't play play' Choon Hong. The more serious of the trio, he has a big task of securing funds to ensure the movie goes into production.

But that's not all this businessman plans to do. With a strong business background and a string of other businesses from Singapore and China, he goes into movie making to make money too - something many will definitely be surprised! And that despite this movie being his first.

So, once again, Kelvin is lucky to have this third member on board.

More Than Words: 2009
Honestly, this team sounds solid. They've been working on this for a year odd now, but it won't be much longer when we get to watch their final product, which is aimed to premier this 2009.

more than words, movie
See The Short Film First

For those of you interested to see what the short film is like (and get a feel of what's coming next), here's your chance.

Simply give any input or feedback to Kelvin and team on what you'd like to see in their movie.... and win yourself a personally autographed DVD of their first short More Than Words - there's 3 up for grabs!

Closing Date: 20 Jan 2009.

*Their official company's site - AI Films Pte Ltd. You can also connect to the Movie Facebook Group For Updates.


  1. more than words is one of my favorite songs who knows it will be one of my favorite short movies too?

    i think this trio will make an awesome result and has lots of surprises.

    good luck to them and all the best!

  2. QC, you know what? You are doing a great job highlighting talents and works of art (and others) in this region. Thank you. If not for you bringing them to our attention, we would have missed them. You made us wiser.

    Best wishes to Kelvin, Eugene and Yeow for the success of More Than Words.

  3. hope it is nice, waiting for the tarikh tayangan!

  4. More Than Words? the song just switch on the minute i read your title. It this film something with sentimental values or is untimely romance one of the theme?

    When I see the poster for this movie, it definitely brings back a 60/70's feel. It reminds me of that movie "He's not heavy, he's my father" if i got the title right, it's that HK movie about a father & son fighting and the son end up back in time to witness his father's youth in the making.

    Definitely would like to watch something like that again.

  5. It would be interesting to see Singapore in the 70's as I have not seen it before. I enjoyed watching our highly rated local Malaysian Chinese drama "Age Of Glory" (Qing Qian Nan Yuan) which depicted Malaysia in the 60's and 70's.

    The title song by Teresa Teng certainly helps set the mood and I hope this show will have more of such songs from that era.

    Will there be romance in the storyline because I can imagine romance against the 70's Singapore backdrop will always make for nice viewing and will definitely bring some viewers a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  6. Wow!!! will you be getting a role in their new movie. :)

  7. I would love to see a building or the interior of a flat age through the times till the 21st century. Through CGI of course. It can showcase how the cultures & furnishings change through time.

    But I have doubts about SG's CGI capabilities. Hehe.

    Sam Kong


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