Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bloggers, This Is For You

I've mentioned before that bloggers are a new force to be reckoned in the internet world. In fact, more than that - bloggers can change and shape things online & offline. We've seen that happening already in just the few months back.

And I'm glad to be part this, as a blogger - though I'm still considered a 'small-fry' in the blogosphere. There are so many new things to learn and so many websites to visit - and really, at times it can be an information overload.

That's not forgetting the time spent on coming up with ideas on postings (writings) - which I truly enjoy of course as I am able to share my thoughts and my journey... and things that I see in life.

Like I said, I think I've come a fair bit, though I'm still learning a lot. And recently, I've chanced on a new site which I would like to share.

Blogging & You
This is for the bloggers especially, but also for the non-bloggers who are interested to know what blogging can do for you.

Yes, blogging can bring income and I'm actually trying this out. It's not my main income yet, as you guys know I have my own business running, but I do hope to increase revenue from blogging and I guess this site is one of them. Yes I'm hoping to get paid to blog - And I'm not talking about banner ads or PPCs, but really, just paid to write in my blog :)

Yes, You Heard Right
If writing is your passion, or sharing your life journey or if you already are a blogger, then this is for you because you can simply find & select Advertisers that suite your style (content) and write a review about their product or services.

Some of you are already doing that anyway - reviewing on things either to your friends by word of mouth on the new things you bought, or blogging about a good service you experienced. Imagine each time you share about a product to your friend, the company pays you... well, it's not a dream anymore.

In other words, think of it as a review - but a beneficial one to your readers. And at the same time you will help the company (the Advertiser). So it's a triple win situation here: Readers-Advertiser-Yourself.

Or if you like, you can actually donate it away as well to the needy, maybe not all, but when the time arises. (In fact, there is a segment that you can choose to donate).

Seriously Consider
So, really, if you are a blogger or soon-to-be, then do think about this opportunity. This is really quite a pleasant thing to arrive to the internet!

This by the way is a sample of a Paid Post - but with benefits (I hope) to you :)


  1. quachee

    this thing is for real ah?

    sure boh?

    how much per post ah? hehe

  2. hi teddy

    for real one. ppp has been around for a while now. and they do pay. well i believe they do - as this is my first so i cant vouch.

    but in any case, they also did socialspark which i heard from another blogger that theyve paid her :)

    anyway, this is not the only paid per post program around - there's more, but i think this is quite reputable :)

  3. This is a very well written post. Great work.

  4. Hey Vinnie. I'm under advertlets too, my friend works there & she said its real so I joined. Just lately been a little busy so blogging less. But since I joined this new place, I have a bit more time now to blog. Will try to blog about the Malaysian Dream Girl event soon :-)

  5. This post does help. Well, it's always good to get paid and at the same time writing stuff that we love. Wish you to earn much much... ;D

  6. you have 3 blogs :) where did u get time to do 3 blogs?

    speaking of airfares. i'm paying airline membership $90 a yr.
    when i buy my tix...mind you, that 600 ticket with all the taxes/security becomes 1000.

    $15 is only for one bag. provided you don't exceed the certain amount of weight and size. they're not going to handle your luggage carefully.

    so, i don't see why they should charge for the first bag. it makes sense if they want to charge the 2nd bag. i do not know anyone that do not have to check in ANY bags at all.

  7. stormwhistle,

    do try this out. can earn money from blogging finally lol :)

  8. geena - faerie

    oh so u have a kawan in advertlets! ya, i got a bit of money from them - say like can go makan roti canai & 1 cup of teh tarik lol.

    pay per post seems quite good - try it out hehe

  9. hey curryegg

    nice to see u here again! oh the other day, i saw another site/ blog with as well - cant remember - but simply reminded me of you haha

  10. hi dalicia

    ya maintaining 3 blogs can be a burden, but act i only maintain 1 - this one. the other 2, i write when i can, and hardly promote it. its more like a journey for me. tho i must say earning from there can sometimes be better lah - as its more niche hehe (higher rates of clicks compared to no. of visitors).

    i think mas is going really no frills now ya. so maybe if we travel to nearby places, we shldnt bring a luggage but a hand carry .. haha


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