Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pizza, Anyone?

I've been eating in the past few days. It's not because suddenly I got the desire to cook all over again, but more so that I'm a lil bit too preoccupied with work.

And so, the first time, I cooked the most simple dish we all know - apart from frying egg. Some say it maybe a lil unhealthy, but as long as we don't eat too much of the MSG in it.

Yes, it's the 3 minutes, simple to cook instant noodles. I didn't cook the instant noodle soup or the even easier instant cup noodle, but opted for the Fried Noodle - the one where I boil the noodles, drain it, and add the flavouring.

It used to be our main supper in university last time and now I'm eating it again.

Instant Noodles
The Instant Noodles

I actually ate this with a can of spicy tuna. Really, this was instant alrite! And with the spicy tuna, it was quite alrite - not that wholesome (no vegetables), but rather tasty.

Food Delivery
Then, the other day, I thought I shouldn't eat these noodles again, so I thought of delivery. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind are the fast food. I guess it's because they keep advertising and have stuffed loads of their flyers in my postbox and also at my house door. And many seem to have 24 hours food delivery (though I didn't need it at that time).

So that day, I ordered pasta & garlic bread from a restaurant specialising in pasta. It was a lil pricey if you factor in the delivery costs, but I thought I'll give it a try.

The garlic bread was soft & a lil soggy when arrived because of the packaging, but the pasta was ok. It came in 2 sepearte bowls - the gravy & meatballs different from the noodles - this to prevent the pasta from getting soggy.

Meatball Spaghetti
Meatball Spaghetti

I couldn't take good shots - as I was pressed for time.

Another Delivery
And the other day it rained very heavily and again I thought of food delivery. This time I called up the most famous food delivery - yes the pizza! This is a huge delivery as the minimum orders were quite a lot. I felt bad for the delivery guy who had to endure the rain, despite the outlet is quite near distance.


I don't really fancy pizza of all fast food. In fact, compare fast food to local food, I'll go for local food anytime. So why did I order pizza... maybe this made my mind? :)

This was taken about 1 year odd ago... Pizza anyone? Yes, that's me! :)


  1. for the "fast" food thingy ..
    i do enjoy pizza (n instant noodles) as well.

  2. its u in the picture? the adult guy eating pizza?

  3. Instant noodles and pizza are not healthy food, but I do eat them once in a while. For fast food, I prefer McDonalds cos they have both delivery and drive thru.

  4. heya levian

    guess lots of younger gen do :)

  5. hi foongpc

    ah, so ur a mc-d fan :) one thing bout mc-d is that is has a very good consistency :)


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