Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Seen Globally

Advertising is for everyone who is in business - whether through word of mouth or direct marketing... all these falls into advertising.

And as we all know, the internet is another force not to be missed. Utilising the internet is one of another method to get our products/ services known to the world, yes globally!

Many brands have jumped in the bandawagon, though many more brands may not be familiar with the internet yet, as it may seem all new. But don't worry as a smart project, is aimed to bridge that gap in the world wide web & help companies globally.

Now every company who wants to go global & reach a wider audience has a new avenue to do so. And the best part, you are going to work with bloggers themselves - the force behind the web nowadays. Big or small, bloggers play an important role today in influencing their readers.

A relatively new project, I hope to see more big global MNCs joining in from food like Mcdonald's & KFC to the hotel chains like Hilton & JW Marriott; computer giants - HP, Lenovo; and sport brands like Nike & Reebok.

Of course, I also hope to see some smaller & more niche SMEs like boutique hotels & resorts, even cafes & bars coming in.

Bloggers like me will definitely be glad to share about such establishments - it's already part of what we do! :)

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