Saturday, May 17, 2008

Singapore's New Ah Beng

Mention the yellow boots, and some of you might know who I'm talking about. If you don't, here's another clue - he's the best contractor in Singapore, JB, and some say even Batam too.

Yes, it's Phua Chu Kang or PCK for short, Singapore's popular Ah Beng contractor. You'll be surprised how this city that projects a clean-modern image can produce (and be proud of) this down-to-earth & in-your-face Ah Beng. A world of contradictions...

phua chu kang, yellow boots
The ever popular contractor, Phua Chu Kang

Well, today's not on PCK actually, but rather, another Ah Beng (again) who can very well join hands in being the new face of Singapore. Yes, I am talking about Ah Beng from the theatre productions Broadway Beng!

sebastian tan, broadway beng 3
Broadway Beng 3

He maybe less famous compared to the guy with the yellow boots, PCK. But this upcoming persona has the right formula & mix of a true Singaporean Beng.

Played by Sebastian Tan, this upcoming stage actor makes his presence in his 1-man-stage musical of Broadway Beng. There is no specific storyline, but nevertheless very hilarious. For those not familiar, just imagine PCK doing a one-man show - only difference, this Beng can converse between Singlish to Hokkien & proper English. He sings in all 3 too.

Now that is local alrite. And to get a good understanding of the jokes, one will better appreciate if one is local or based here. He plays around with things like father-son ambitions where sons usually become like their fathers (from low rank to no. 1 job in the country); on PRCs 'invading' kopitiams leaving angry aunties and many others.

But it's not all local - this talented Beng can actually speak & sing perfect English when it comes to the occasion too. Together with his 3 girls (the Chio Buus) they did a 10 minutes of Sound of Music, singing all its famous tunes like Do-Re-Mi, Maria, My Favourite Things, and many more (all in snippets of course). And he played non other than Maria in its high pitch and all.

Clearly this Ah Beng is set to rule the stage. Personally, his theatre persona is a good icon for Singapore - one that relates to the locals and yet is unique by itself which foreigners can be attracted to.

And judging from how his popularity is growing, I won't be surprised. This year the musical is staged a the National Library's theatre, a much bigger venue than last year's DBS Arts Centre. And this icon has already gained a fair bit of fans...

fans, broadway beng
The crowd waiting for his autograph

In true Ah Beng style with his fans

And last but not least, one supporting this new Ah Beng...

Can you read what he scribbled?

*Broadway Beng 3 is produced by Dream Academy Productions.


  1. i miss PCK Pte Ltd leh!!!
    n Under One Roof...

    but i guess all good things comes to an end.. nowadays punya sitcom not very good de.. not like last time... sienz....

  2. cool. u got his autograph. i hope one day there will b something in youtube on him

  3. hey teddy u act remembered under 1 roof.. ya, that was funny too!

    act now there are a few funny ones, there's one called maggi & me starring fiona xie! :)

  4. hey lancerlord

    lol. he wouldnt do that if he knew it will strike! haha.

  5. hey bengbeng

    ya i always make a point to take the autographs of performers if theyve done well - gives them a good feeling :)

    i think for him to be more famous (incl youtube) he has to go on tv where more ppl will see him :)


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