Friday, May 02, 2008

The Smile Is Back!

I know my KL trip though a fruitful one, but it got me a lil heated up lol. And I collected a few events I experienced together and wrote on it: Are Malaysians Behaving Like Singaporeans. Those are true encounters from the heart. Though I felt a lil bad having to write them...

Anyway, I was to once again do some shopping - had to get a pair of jogging shoes (need to loose some weight!). Headed to Mahkota Parade, Malacca. Guess you might be wondering how would I react on my next round of shopping now heh. Oh oh.

matrix defend
Maybe a defensive me? lol

Or worse still... ready to fight back?

Actually, it was neither. I guess when all things were calm, I too was calm. I totally forgot about what I wrote and was just looking to get that pair of shoes!

I entered the first shop and the salesgirl mentioned that actually the departmental store has Sales (discount) - telling me to buy there instead. haha. Of course, I heeded her advice!

I know it's not good for the company directly but the service she provided would make me come back. Her smiles and all (and did I see glitter in the eyes?) were quite a good start.

I headed to the departmental store next and at first couldn't locate the shoe section and so I asked around. They were quite helpful - well, they didn't bring me to the section like what the Thais would, but they directed me well enough.

I found the section. And waived for another salesgirl to come over. She was actually pretty helpful - though very new. She didn't know how to see the sizes and asked her cleric to help her. Hey, that's an improvement - she was actually working! haha

But too bad, couldn't find my size! (What a waste, it was 50% off!)

So, anyway, I went to another brand and again waived for this brand's salesgirl. She came smilingly and even recommended a few pairs. And when I asked her to bring out 2 different pairs at different times, she was just so willing!

Even after I made my choice, she actually ushered me and brought the chosen pair to the counter. I know this is quite common, but the way she handled it was quite nice - she was quite pleasant.

The First Shock
And even the counter girls were putting up some smile - genuine ones. But golly, did I had my first shock at the counter!

Guess what the cashier said... "Please come back again". Wow, really didn't expect that!

Later on, I went to the bags segment and another good experience. The salesgirl was so willing to point out the different types of bags. There was enthusiasm and the mood to serve!

The Second Shock
If I thought the first shock was quite impressive, I had an even even bigger shock at this counter when paying for the bag!

Guess what - I was greeted with "Good day, Sir!" Wow, all of a sudden feel like I'm so atas - though I was just wearing a normal collar T & jeans. haha!

Really, a smile would have been fine. But a greeting - now that's 2 thumbs up!

I know it seems weird - like whatever I mentioned earlier on the other Malaysians behavior is all make-up! I'm still a lil shocked altogether.

Maybe today's a really good day (the sky is really blue!)... or can I say Malaccans are improving their service standards? :)

*Credit to Parkson Grand for training their staffs.



  1. so cute la u.. hahaha
    havent been around malaysia izit?

    if u wana have some polite greetings, go to franchise.. its normal... kinokuniya, secret recipi, MPH, Popular.. haha..

    all those will say "good day sir", "plz come back again"...

    u r on vacation izit? KL then Malacca?! hehehe...

    its not any festive season at the moment.. hehehe... how come go so many places?! getting ready for ur next book ah?


  2. hi teddy

    no lah... last time, even these places uve mentioned quite rude one the ppl. one thing is they are also alwiz v blur haha!

    me not on festive season lah... just need to do some errands :)

    *malacca's my hometown :)

  3. Malacca Boleh ?
    kekeke :p

  4. Quachee,
    On the other hand it's also great to have customers like you who appreciate their good service and give them business.

    Do let me know when you are going to blog on Malacca's famour fried oyster. I went to Malacca but could not find the famous one.

  5. nothing like good customer service for a feel good day ahead right haha

  6. hey mrmiaow!
    welcome to my blog haha. malacca boleh one - im sure if parkson grand boleh, malacca boleh! hehe :)

    hi jesie
    thanks for yr compliment too :)

    on the fried oyster, ya, ill write about it someday haha. btw, there's one very popular one, and if you are referring to that, its at jalan bunga raya - only at night. its on the right of the street :)

    hi slowcatchupkuan
    yes, it really brightens the day! :)


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