Friday, May 23, 2008

It's A Durian Life

It seems like every country is appointing a famous icon for welcoming tourists (or drawing them) to the country. There's the Hello Kitty for Japan for the start.

In Malaysia too, we've had stars becoming tourism ambassadors - people like actress Michelle Yeoh & singer Michael Wong (Guang Liang). Even jazz singer Sheila Majid has mentioned a thing or two on spas in Malaysia in some videos.

Then of course there is the cute big eyed Siti Malaysia (don't get mistaken, it's not Datuk Siti Nurhaliza haha - some of you will know why I'm laughing!).

But this virtual Siti Malaysia is new. How about one that is tried & tested. Of course Lat the kampung boy (village boy) comes in mind for a Malaysian cartoon character. But that is for another day.

I was thinking how about the famous strip of It's a Durian Life. Yes, the one done by CW Kee that appears in The Star every other day in the comics section.

Why Durian Life Can Be Malaysia's Ambassador
Firstly it's title of a fruit synonym to Malaysia - raw & spikey it may seem, but nice in the inside - ok, I'm promoting Malaysia here :) (the other version, which I think is the original reason for the title - you can never know what to expect!).

Anyway, here are the reasons why the Durian Life cartoon characters can be the new Malaysian icon:

1. It gives the latest update on Malaysia - good for tourists to know what to expect

kees world, its a durian life, update on malaysia

2. It promotes multi racial Malaysia - Truly Asia!

kees world, its a durian life, multi racial, muhibah

3. It promotes Asian (Malaysian) values - caring for the elders

kees world, its a durian life, grandma

4. It welcomes you to their home - good for Homestay programs

kees world, its a durian life, home

5. It shows loving & caring Malaysians - aren't we a loving lot? :)

kees world, its a durians life, love

So, what do you think? Is this 'durian' good enough for Malaysia? :)


  1. who is siti malaysia? no image found. durian life? "lojak life" more suitable for msia.

  2. Hiya there..! thanks for visiting my blog site and leaving a comment on it..! See that you have a great interest in movies and cinema..!

    Gr8 to hear from you and do stay in touch...let's both keep track of eachother's blog..!

    Good Luck..!

  3. hey amei79

    ive got her pic on my other post which ive linked. anyway, u can see it here haha

    Siti MSN Me

  4. amei79

    oh ya, btw, yes, rojak it is! sweet - sour & all things in between haha

    hey george
    thanks for the visit back. yes, i do like movies & music - anything related to the entertainment industry. will keep watch on yr blog :)

  5. hope yr pay per post is profitable

  6. anyone can be an ambassador. but i feel sometimes you just have to be so nice. comes to the point that i'm faking nicest just because i want to have a good representation of my own country.

  7. heya bengbeng

    thanks there :) the ppp is just part of the income i guess. haha. tho the thot of being a full time blogger seems nice lol :)

  8. hi dalicia

    hmm, ya know what you mean. kinda agree in a way. but i think they now choose popularity than behavior (esp if like taiwan) - i mean, they must be good but not saints haha

  9. my fav celebrity datuk in malaysia is non other than datuk michelle yeoh!

  10. oh,love her as well. she's quite a marvel :) btw, she's featured in my upcoming book, 50+1 malaysia - of course must put her in heh :)

  11. Haha...hi QuaChee! ^^

    What a surprise! I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for some materials to create directed writing essay questions using 'It's A Durian Life' cartoons / comics.

    I love the comic very much too and I fully support your suggestion that it can be Malaysia's ambassador because it truly reflects us just as who we are - typical Malaysians. :))

    Long live 'It's A Durian Life'!!! Btw, Happy New Year 2011! Have a blast!


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