Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Thumbs Up For Bloggers

Note: Dear readers, I understand that some of you may not necessarily like Paid Posts. But trust me, I only write those relevant & beneficial to you (& me).

I've mentioned before how I've been learning & discovering new things on blogs & blogging. I have been discussing this with some friends, and they've mentioned that blogging is actually like a community of like-minded people (basically of bloggers!). We so called share a certain character & behaviour & that's why we click!

Of course, our blogs may differ from one another from layout to content, but we have somethings in common to stick together. In fact through blogging, I've made a few good friends though I've yet to see some of you in person (and some not even the photos haha).

Getting Connected & Making Friends
It may take quite some time to search for blogs and fellow bloggers. That's why networking sites can come in useful - especially those niche or blogger specific.
Well, welcome the new kid on the block, SocialSpark.

If you like to make new friends, especially fellow bloggers, then this is the medium for you. Just like a social networking site, you can upload your photo (or your unique avatar), and describe yourself & list your blogs.

socialspark, user page
My profile at Socialspark - add me if you come onboard! :)

Then you can use their search function to find fellow bloggers by industry or even by country! This is one missing link in the blogosphere that is finally fixed!

search function, socialspark
The many ways to search fellow bloggers

(I've always been wanting to connect to my fellow countrymen where I can msg them direct) :)

Oh, and one unique function here is you can prop (thumbs up/ vote) to the people you like and even prop their blog(s). Of course, you can 'drop' (thumbs down) to them too.

Drive Traffic
And by having more friends means you can be driving more traffic to your blog (they can see yr blogs on your profile). So, in fact, this is really like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I think these are already good enough reasons to join this site.

But Wait, There's More
Now, the 'juicy'/ 'juicier' part - at least for some of you. Well what you guys can do here is again to be a paid reviewer (like an editor of a newspaper - just that you are a paid writer on your very own blog).

I've mentioned before that this is really one of the ways to earn money besides Pay Per Click Ads. Simply go to the Marketplace, and choose relevant Advertisers that meet your readers' profile. Of course, you'll need to qualify as well (there's a certain requirement eg. no. of hits, etc).

socialspark, marketplace
The Marketplace - a place for you to get those blings

As for payment wise, they pay via PayPal, so all you will need is to have a PayPal account.

So, guys, come and join in this new site at SocialSpark. If monies really not what you are after (or why you write your blog), then, at least make some new blogger friends.

Again, I hope this article came in useful for you :)

Sponsored by SocialSpark


  1. this is my first time hearing about socialspark. let me think about it....i'm glad you made a lot of good friends.

    i'm not so popular and interesting like other ppl..hahaah

  2. hi dalicia

    i think yr blog is interesting enough :) oh do try out the social spark thing - really can connect with fellow bloggers :)

  3. welcome to blogging worlds.. haha..

  4. i already joined while ago, but not be so active user..

    their interface is a bit confusing..huhu

  5. socialspark? is new to me. have tried to head on the link, but it seem like, the page very slow to be loaded, somemore just hang there.

  6. socialspark? is new to me. have tried to head on the link. it seem like the, the page very slow to be loaded, some more just hang there.

  7. hey keeyit,

    thanks for the warm welcome ! :)

  8. hi izzat

    i totally agree - i was lost at the beginning too. but take time to learn it, i think its quite beneficial for bloggers :)

    btw, ive found ya! have added u in my list :)

  9. hey amei79

    i tried it - seems ok on my part. maybe try again later when you can :) i really think it can help us bloggers hehe

  10. hi...
    i tried which is affiliated to
    somehow or rather, when google detects that there are paid posts on a blog, one's page rank is affected... Have u experienced similar cases?

  11. hey fireopal

    ive heard about that, though im not too sure if that is the reason. last time, i had 0 ppp & they penalised me. but theyve since given me back my pr :)

    and ive just done 3 ppp (including sp), so i dunno if they will penalise. crossing my fingers :)

  12. i had PR3 about 2 weeks ago..
    started PPP.. and now.. dropped to 0

  13. oh my.

    i just got mine back bout 2 weeks. there will be a next round of pr im sure.

    will keep u posted :)

  14. yea..ok..
    how much u getting from them already...

  15. heya fireopal

    i think total is 40+ USD. not that fantastic, but it beats a lot of my PPCs :)


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