Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can't Wait For Merdeka

I mentioned on my short-term dreams. Reminds me of the times in school & even in university where each time towards the exams, we just can't wait for it to end - like to end all the stress built on the weeks/months prior.

Yes, we call it the day we celebrate Independence Day!

The past week was stressful, and I felt as if I was a student again and to face one's exams - the anxiety, the lack of sleep, can't really eat, etc.

But now, I'm close to 'independence' - close to becoming free! lol. Yes, literally 'Merdeka!'.

Well, I don't have the same 5-6 months break I had after Form 5 or Form 6. In fact, now I'm already starting off with some new web project - really, there's hardly room for rest!

But, now that I'm a lil 'free-er', it's time to buy those pop corns & head into the cinemas and catch up with whatever else I can, if it's still showing.

I miss walking at the beach & seeing the sunset

And there is the travels. Boy, I've really missed going for travels - to see & breathe a new atmosphere! I've worked through Christmas & New Year and now, I'm ready to go places. I've lined up a few places in line - they are still mainly Asian, but new places I've not been to. I just can't wait :)


  1. hmmm... looking fwd to yr travel stories and pics ^^

  2. Hey bro I'm back! Just got back then my computer down. Is been awhile since I last "see" you. Wow! I can see merdeka is coming too. I've just merdeka from my Uni life. Now come the new life-reality. Anyway, do enjoy your trips. =)

  3. oh yeah i have a lot of keeps changing :)

    so, where are you thinking of going?

  4. congratz on "merdeka-ing" !!
    the Fun has barely started ..
    i'm expecting more !! ;)

  5. hey pikey

    it will be real soon - as early as next week hehe :)

  6. hey tekkaus

    wow, welcome to yr next phase of life . lets hear from you & yr job soon :)

  7. hey dalicia

    our dreams sure do change sometimes ya - but i always believe it will come back somehow, maybe not now, but later :)

    for my trips, i've planned 3 so far, and a few others keeping in view haha. the ones confirmed - thailand, indonesia & taiwn :)

  8. hey levian

    thanks! like yr statement, 'the fun has barely started'... hmm, dont mind if i use something similar for my post when im back ? :)

  9. sure thing !!
    use it all you want. ;)
    good things are meant to be shared.
    woo hoo !! *dancing around* XD

  10. We all love our MERDEKA don't we?
    But when we get it, we get bored & hope to start working back. How ironic lol

  11. i wish i can fly everywhere too.
    but money & time not allow (hard to have long leave). will visit phuket in July, 1st step out the malaysia. (not really, 1st foreign country visited was brunei, anyway since Miri just next to brunei, cant be take count...haha)


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