Thursday, May 01, 2008

Trip To KL: Is KL Getting Tired?

Seminar went well. In fact, better than expected and apparently, more turnout than registered. Food were provided which I really didn't expect - and it was quite good.

During the lunch break, I had to rush to the National Library to change the title of the book, and went back to KL Sentral to get a cab.

kl sentral, plaza sentral
It gets me thinking again: the developments around KL Sentral simply mushroom. I hope there is proper planning as the KL Sentral is already looking 'tired'... and things need to be done to return this place to its tip top. These new infrastructures seem high class, but I hope it won't turn this place into another hub for traffic jam.

Coming back to my trip, the getting a cab was very easy. It was well organised - just buy a ticket at the counter and there is a cab waiting outside. No queue.

I arrived a lil early and the office was out for lunch. I had to wait to exactly 2pm. That means I will be back the seminar a lil delayed.

Did what I wanted to and then walked to a nearby patrol station for the cab. There were many cabs there because many were refueling. I learnt they use gas instead of petrol - ok, I was ignorant before I guess.

kl tower, twin towers, kl
On the way, I saw the twin towers and even the KL tower. I guess a group of people were laughing - seeing me click something they see so very often. lol.

Then I got on a cab and was stuck in a jam for nearly half hour for about a distance of less than 1km. A lil stunned as usually this time round, the roads are free of jams.

The driver made some error as he mistook the place I wanted to go. But it's ok-lah. I had a tour round the city! (Again, think positively haha).

The seminar ended earlier than expected (bout an hour earlier) and I thought that sinced I've completed all my works and it was only 4pm, I should get back to my hometown Malacca.

So once again, I was in KL Sentral and got a cab from there. This is a great system - no hustling from the taxi drivers! RM7 and I was on my way to Pudu once again. The driver didn't seem very happy as firstly I guess it was a near distance, and also because we were headed to Pudu - known for its jam. But luckily, it was still early and the road was clear.

I've never really enjoyed going to Pudu - I think its a sad old building that needs a revamp badly. In fact, I remembered reading the papers last time that Pudu was to be torn down. But till today, the old Pudu remains.

Before I went in, I took a last look around the place from outside.

pudu, malaysia flag
The view from the pedestrian bridge. Can you see the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia's flag)? That made me proud - though the view really wasn't fantastic.

pudu, eatery
The thing that caught my eye was this open air eatery - quite a nice of heritage part of KL.

And then I went to get my bus ticket. There were so many people calling me to buy tickets - to Singapore and to other Malaysian states. I just ignored. But one stopped me and asked in Mandarin (guess he can tell I'm not local - as he didn't speak Cantonese).

I don't know how he works as he just links up to any place. It was then he mentioned Melaka (Malacca) that i noded, and he said which bus company I wanted. He then directed me to one - a new one which I've never tried before. Bought my ticket and then managed to buy some magazines.

pudu, ticket counter
I wonder how this girl can stand being in her cubicle counter like that - with the noise surrounding.

pudu, kl
And before I left, I took one last look around Pudu. If anyone wants to do a 80s or 90s scene, just head to Pudu. No need to do a new set-up. Just get your actors/ actresses to wear a lil retro clothes, and the place will suite fine.

And I left KL with a thought: is KL really getting 'tired'? Is time moving too fast for the capital city of Malaysia?

*I know there are many nice places around and new things too around KL, but this contradiction really is not quite what we know KL can be - a modern city in South East Asia.

KL needs to get a face change I guess... let's at least keep up with Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi... and if you add China - Shanghai & Beijing.

This is a follow up from My Trip To KL, Malaysia's Captial City.


  1. hehe, the girl in the cubicle didnt stop u from taking that pic?

  2. Hie, I've added you to my camaraderie aka blogroll. seems to be like you're an alien huh? As if you are not familiar with KL! Ha =)

  3. haha in a way :) ive only worked in pj before last time for training 2 months... so even then, i hardly go kl. now i do go for biz, but i hardly have chance (time) to visit the places - the very same places i write in the book haha.

    my next aim: the eye on malaysia! :)

  4. hi johnny

    no, she didnt - i guess she was just too busy with her work haha.

    *maybe she found me like a budak kampung and couldnt bother lol!


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