Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singapore Fashion

singapore fashion dress

I have had the experience of interviewing fashion designers for my previous works. That got me to understand the works of a fashion designer - their thoughts and also their inspiration (one really needs to understand a fashion designer to not step on their toes!).

And when I recently met this fashion designer from Singapore, I thought it will be a good feature here.

singapore fashion

Well in fact, it wasn't that I went searching for him. But instead, Hayden, is not the usual fashion designer. His presence is very much online where he keeps in touch with his clients updating them on new lines (He has a Facebook account + a fashion blog).

singapore fashion boutique

This compliments his fashion boutique situated in one of the high fashion streets in Singapore - Club Street.

This maybe quite a surprise if we move back to the times before Hayden started. Then, he was just serving tables after he graduated.

But his passion in drawing, inspired by the designers back then - especially Karl Lagerfeld, soon brought Hayden to knock on doors at various Orchard Road boutiques with his portfolio of drawings. The rest, one would say, is history.

singapore fashion evening wear

His lines suite the modern lady - who wants something modern yet not too sophisticated, and in a way, light. His inspiration comes from many things - music, art & shows... but most of all, he is most inspired by the people - basically from their lifestyle, their needs and requirements.

This may seem a bit of contradict, but Hayden do not do customised clothes. Instead, he prefers his clients to choose the clothes off his racks and then he will adjust for them accordingly.

singapore fashion, unique
Known as one of the big brothers in the fashion industry here, Hayden is now less focused on Singapore fashion shows, but instead more focused on providing the best he can to his customers.

And that include following international trends, including getting fabrics from Europe and then suiting it for the local weather through his design. He adds the local touch through his fabric details.

With all his skills and unique designs, it is with no surprise that Hayden also do costumes for theatre shows - something which he still finds challenging till today. This is because he wants to ensure that his clothes manages to get the story-telling through.

My last question to Hayden was about his future plans. And to that he replies "to continue my passion of what I'm doing now". I guess we'll continue to see Hayden & his works - but who's complaining anyway? :)

Singapore Fashion For You
To those of you keen to get your hands on one of Singapore's top designers items, Hayden has agreed to give 3 lucky winners a mysterious Christmas gift.

Knowing Hayden, this gift is going to be something unique!

For those interested to get an early Christmas gift, simply share what you like about Hayden's clothes lines!

Contest ends: 14 December 2008.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Movie Lines

Recently because of the upcoming productions, I'm rather tuned in to the my surroundings... and relate a lot of them to the movies.

One of them that I've been doing is to pay more attention to the daily quotes and observe the situations more closely, especially on human behaviours.

Better Than The Movies
Sometimes we laugh at how silly some movie lines can be... but well, they are in fact not far off from our daily lives.

"Wah, bunyi handphone dia tu... canggih lah" (Wow, his handphone sound... so modern lah).... a lady says to her friend when my phone rang in a public mall in Singapore. She spoke loud enough to her friend and all around to hear, including myself who was walking beside them.

Of course, I acted as if I didn't understood what they were saying - for I don't think she expected me to understand the statement lah.

In fact this is not new. I've done this a few times now - acting as if I don't understand a word uttered - most of the times laughing inside.

But once in a while, I do like to spring a surprise or two at times - answering back in the same language when they least expected.

This usually happens when at the counter for something and the people talk in a language they think you don't understand. I suggest you to try this if given the chance, as you'll get to then see the 'horror' look (plus the 'mata terbeliak' - popped eyes!). Lol.

Worst Movie Line
Another incident was also quite weird. I was filling up some lucky draw coupon with the pen I brought. Then someone wanted to borrow it to fill up his coupon, which of course I lent him.

But after he used it, he just asked "Do you need your pen back?" Huh - what a question... seriously, do one need to ask?

I would say if this goes into the movies, it will be in 'The top 10 worst movie lines ever!'

Beyond Lines

Well the next one is not so much about the line. Anyway, it happened the same time while filling up the coupons.

Someone came up and asked "That one what?". And before I know it, he tries to reach out to my coupons while I'm writing them. Again, huh?

These scenarios sure are kinda weird... and it really proves that Hollywood is not far off! Talk about bad lines - they are all around us.

One more thing - I'm not sure if these scenarios & lines can ever be used for the movies. But if ever it is used, I believe the disclaimer should then be "If ever any characters depicted resembles anyone, it is purely intentional"!

*How bout you? Have you had any such weird scenarios?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Korean Drama & Me

In my review of the Korean Drama: On Air, I actually mentioned the reason I purchased it was because of the storyline... which I feel relates a lot to my current works.

First allow me to explain my current works.

It has been a while now that I have this hope of producing a movie/ film/ drama... especially since after the first book project, Batik Inspirations. However, I've never had the chance to act on it till now.

So, recently I've been learning more about productions and all that is related... and am now kind of ready to embark on the new project - to do webisodes (online drama).

How Does On Air Relate

Watching the series On Air, I can relate to the 4 characters in it.

1. Scriptwriter

I can understand the scriptwriter who threads between creativity and commercialism. Like in the series, many times, the scriptwriter will tend to stick to a certain cliche formula which has been a hit style. However, this can be quite noticeable after a while.

In this series, she eventually relented and gave in... but with a huge risk.

How this relates to my work - well, I plan to co-work with the scriptwriter for this project... as I do have something in mind already and a certain style that I vision. I just hope our ideas are in line :)

2. Director
The director plays an important role in bringing the idea of the scriptwriter to 'live'... plus knowing how to bring the best out of the actors & actresses.

In this series, the director actually played a bigger role - first in ensuring he could get the winning scriptwriter on board... and then getting the scriptwriter to do the unthinkable - ie away from her works.

How this relates to my work - though I won't be directing this drama series, but there are the certain visuals which I hope the director & myself can work together on. And maybe in the future, I'll be a director myself as well :)

3. Actor/ Actress

Here is where the beautiful & award winning actress Kim Ha Neul, played the role of an actress.

Actors & actresses all want a big break - some can act, but most often than not, many have a good face (& figure) to make it big in the industry. And once big, they then have this worry of keeping on the top, wanting their privacy, and some even to lead a 'normal' life. This is actually the hardest part of an actor after the struggle for the big break.

And it is here that we hear lots of scary diva stories - because these actors/ actresses are so afraid, that they just want everything perfect... to give them the smoothest ride and continue their popularity and demand.

How this relates to my work - I've been wanting to play a bigger role in acting. So far, my roles have been rather minor and uninteresting. But hopefully in this webisode, I'll get to show some acting skills and maybe a small break :)

4. Agent
In this series, it showed how a star agent 'grooms' star actors & actresses. First it was selling an image to the world (eg decent cute girl look, girl next door look)... and later on to continue to manage her as a 'star', and making sure the 'star' continues to shine (eg change the look to more than just the girl next door... maybe take on more challenging roles).

How this relates to my work - I can understand how stars are made. It does seem scary to be 'controlled' & 'moulded' - to someone who we may not be. Though it would be nice to be 'groomed to be a star', but for me, I think, it's better if we have achieved something our way - and still be a big star.

I hope these sharing is a good insight to the productions world, and a bit of insights of my current works & thoughts :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Air Korean Drama

On Air Korean Drama Review

on air korean drama

I must admit I'm a slow starter in the Korean dramas. But recently, I've been watching a bit... and one of them this On Air Korean Drama.

And I must say this Korean drama series really blew me - making me keep watching the next episode non stop.

I think it's really super - wonderful storyline, plus the hit OST and the must have beautiful and good looking cast.

But what made me purchase this DVD is actually the fact that it is about what goes behind the making of a Korean drama.

On Air Korean Drama Synopsis
It all first starts with the TV station working with a production house - then getting the right director - next the hit winning scriptwriter who can write good stories - and also importantly the star factor actress to bring in the viewers.

Of course, it's not as simple as that especially when the production tries to bring in the big names scriptwriter & actress. Many things unfold along the way with lots of heated arguments... and blossoming love relationships.

Interestingly, this series also shows the relationship between actress/ actors and their agents.

In short, this whole series do show the full works that goes behind in producing a hit Korea drama series... and it itself being a hit in Korea!

So to all of the Korean drama fans, go grab this DVD! Definitely a must watch! :)

On Air Cast: the beautiful Kim Ha Neul, Lee Bum Soo, Park Yong Ha, Song Yoon Ah.

On Air'' is directed by Shin Woo-chul and written by Kim Eun-suk, the creators of hit dramas ``Lovers in Paris'' (2004), ``Lovers in Prague'' (2005) and ``Lovers'' (2006).

*Next up, I'll share how this Korean drama series relates to my work :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Train Man (Densha Otoko)

Train Man/ Densha Otoko: Book Review

The English version of Train Man

Imagine this:

Scenario: Japan.

Geek guy (nicknamed Train Man) helps a pretty lady (nicknamed Hermes) to fend off drunkard in the subway. Geek guy realised that this is something he has never done before ('where did the courage came from?'). Pretty lady is very thankful and in show of her gratefulness, she sends Train Man some gifts (tea cups) which sparks the lead for romance.

As a geek, Train Man goes online to share his account on the popular Japanese forum, 2 Channel (English version).

Fellow netizens/ geeks rally around him - mostly supporting him from changing his geeky looks to trendy outfits, selecting dinner restaurants and other details to get him the date with Hermes. Some envy as well - for Hermes is described as a cute, lady like - the typical girl next door image of a Japanese girl.

Along the way, Train Man shares all his account - things that happened, including building his confidence, and moving from virtual world to the 'real world'.

Sounds like a fairy tale?

Well, it is in a way... for it does sound too good to be true, especially the description of the lady Hermes.

But because everything is virtually written, there's no way of confirming the truth.

However, according to the book, this is a true account of what happened back in March 2004!

Interesting Book
I'll leave you to read the story's ending yourself (don't want to spoil it here), but let me share what makes this book so interesting:

1. Geek using the internet & fellow netizens to gather support! He says that they are his real friends. This only happens in the geeky world, or does it? I think bloggers can relate to this in some way, gathering support from readers.

Train Man Movie

2. The story is really like a drama series unfolding. Beautiful & ladylike Hermes falling for geeky to transformed Train Man. The scenes described are just so beautiful.

3. The book is snippets from the forum posts - and which eventually goes into manga series, TV drama series and even film... To know it all started from just a post online, and by a geek.

4. The book/ novel has a reach of over 1 million copies sold worldwide... and it's no ordinary novel, but instead just abstracts from the forum. Again, something I'm sure many will not believe in first instance - to read something that is already online... what more reading threads of posts on hard copy.

Those Who Like Beautiful Stories
Well this book is really interesting. And though I'm no big time novel fan, but I still believe for this book to succeed, there must be something in it that touches the hearts of over a million.

Maybe it's the fairytale story behind it. Whatever it is, I suggest it's a good read :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gemuk Girls

Do they look fat?

gemuk girls actors
Well, before you think I'm teasing anyone... this is actually the title of play from Singapore's The Necessary Stage.

gemuk girls poster
And again, before you go wondering that this play is about teasing fat people - let me put it straight - it doesn't.

One will think that it is kind of weird to have a play using Fat as the theme, and in with the relatively 'huge' cast. Well, that is because the cast is meant to give 'weight' to the show...

It's A Play Of Weights
The mother-daughter Kartini & Juliana are one loud pair - and obviously huge. And with huge confidence as well!

The scripts by the 2 ladies are funny & humourous at times - where they have the "I don't care what the world thinks" kind of attitude.

The actor & actresses play their roles well... and you'll be surprised that there is a good mixture of Malay, English & Mandarin in between, though the whole cast are Malays actually.

Siti Khalijah who plays the daughter played awesomely well, and was the one who even spoke a fair bit of lines in Mandarin (one could have mistaken for being Chinese!).

*On a side note, she surprisingly lost 15kg to be less Gemuk for the role!

Humour Aside

But apart from humour, there is a dark side to this play - which is in fact the main theme of the whole play. The creators look at the politics of Singapore (& which in a way is close to Malaysia's) - things like the ISD/ ISA.

Interestingly, they show how the family cope with a heavy past, and how the outcomes can turn out to be, by choosing different paths. And this is one makes this play rather interesting as we are quite certain to be in one of the path chosen.

Not Censored?
Gemuk Girls really pushes boundaries and goes quite beyond the ordinary imagination of average Singaporeans.

I, like many in the audience is quite surprised that this play is not censored.... or for that matter banned in rather tight & controlled Singapore!

gemuk girls the necessary stage
And when I had the opportunity to meet with the Director Alvin Tan and Playwright Haresh Sharma, I actually managed to get them to clarify.

In fact, they are pleasantly surprised that there are no censors as well. For this theatre company used to be on the close watch list of the authorities (the company was fromed back in the 1980s). But now, after more than 20 years, this company is now not only able to have much more freedom & staying clear from controversies, but is now also recognised by the Singapore's National Arts Council.

Alvin contributes this to the opening up of Singapore - and which something he sees will continue to improve.

Gemuk Girls Are Coming To Malaysia
Despite the thumbs up approval in Singapore, however, Alvin wasn't too sure if he would be getting a go-ahead from the Malaysian authorities for this particular play in KL.

But all things seem to be going fine, and yes, the Gemuk Grils are finally coming to KL!

And that's good news because I'm very sure the Malaysians can relate just as much of it over here because of the very close similarities of the issues.

Venue : Pentas 2 KL PAC Duration : 4 - 7 December 2008
Category : Drama Price : RM35 or RM20 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Win A Pair Of Tickets!

gemuk girls actors & actress
The cast - Siti Khalijah, Najib Soiman and Aidi 'Alin' Mosbit

For those interested to watch the opening night, KL PAC (with the association of The Necessary Stage) is giving 1 pair of tickets to the lucky winner. All you need to do - simply say why you want to watch the Gemuk Girls here.

Contest ends: 28 November 2008.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 20: My Upcoming Talks

malaysia book, talk, batik fashion show
In 2005, after releasing the first book (Batik Inspirations), I actually participated in a fair bit of events to promote the books. First the launch with the Peranakan community in Singapore, including a staged batik fashion show - right in the heart of the Lion City!
malaysia book, talk, kl fashion week
Then within weeks, there was the Asia Fashion Week KL (where we met Amber Chia!) and the KL Batik event (where we were congratulated by Pak Lah).

malaysia book, talk, kl batik convention
Amber, while she was still an 'upcoming model' back in Nov 2005. Together is Datuk Dr Victor Wee @ the KL International Fashion Week.

malaysia book, talk, batik bookstore talkThe team :)

malaysia book, talk, batik bookstore talk
In 2006, I continued with some smaller talks in the bookstores. In fact, looking back, it wasn't that small afterall, as we actually even did a fashion show in the MPH bookstore, inviting fellow designers and models. Even the press was present.

2007: Quiet Year
Organising these events has been very tiring, though rather fun - especially when looking back (but not when you're on it). And since in 2007, there's no new offering, we remained relatively quiet the year throughout.

And I really didn't thought of doing much events anymore - wondering if it's worthwhile for all the time spent (for each event including the bookstores, 1 full month of time spent is common).

Moving Forward: 2008
So comparing with the first book, the release of the 50+1 Malaysia book is rather queit.

malaysia book, talk, uitm talk
I haven't really bothered to organise any events - which is really unlike the first book when our events were just apart by the week! (imagine participating & organising 3 events in a times frame of 4 weeks or so).

In fact the only event I did with regards to the 50+1 Malaysia book was to have a talk in UITM.

Queit No More
Then quite recently, the bookstores offered to co-organise some talks in conjunction with the release of the books and asked if I'm interested.

Unlike last time when I readily said yes, this time I took some time to give an answer. But when I finally did, I think you also know the answer - "Yes"!

Invitation To You
So, I would like to invite all readers who are in KL or would be in KL this coming weekend to join me in my first public talk for the 50+1 Malaysia book.

Though there won't be any Amber Chia or fashion show... and it's just gonna be me this time round, but I'll give my best to make the 2 talks as interesting as possible... and that you can take something inspiring back.

You can join me in either talks or even both as they are on 2 different topics - one on our beloved country, Malaysia - and what many find it beautiful about... while on the other talk, I'll share the works that went behind the whole publishing process and more interestingly, things behind the scenes! :)

Event Details:

I LOVE Malaysia Lah
So often than not, living in Malaysia, we have 101 complaints about this country. But beyond all these, Malaysia is a beautiful country from places, food and even people. And to say I LOVE Malaysia is no understatement. It is afterall, home.
15 NOV 2008 (SAT), 2pm,POPULAR @ Sunway Pyramid

50+1 Malaysia: The Journey & Things You Might Not Know

Did you know we had over 100 book covers? And that the book title was something different in the start? These are just the few things we faced. If you are interested to learn more on the journey of publishing this book and insight to the publishing industry, this talk is for you.
16 NOV 2008 (SUN), 2pm, POPULAR @ IKANO Power Centre

I do hope you can join me :)

*Oh btw, before you get any shock, QuaChee is bigger (in size) now haha!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gong Li Is Singaporean!

We all know Singapore sustains itself by foreign talents... and now, one of the newest talent to cross over, and most possibly be the biggest star in the island city is non other than China born, Gong Li!

Yes, this famous actress has made Singapore home in heart! Not just being a PR, but she is now a Singaporean herself.

Wow, now Singapore can jolly well say they have Gong Li as their big star!

Interestingly, a few months back, I've read before in the Malaysian press (but not as a headline) that Jet Li has also made Singapore home - how true I don't know... yet to bump into him at the kopitiams haha.

This is way better than giving Datukships huh - which I believe the people will be more tolerant over :)

So come over to Singapore, and you'll see... stars! (who knows on the seat beside you!) :)

Full report.

*Could Michelle Yeoh or Zhang Zi Yi be next? :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Early Christmas

christmas tree
Christmas tree in the works

Walk around the malls, and we can see the Christmas decorations come popping up. It is a reminder that Christmas is coming.

In fact in the news, there are reports that Christmas is early this year, where retailers are going all out to woo their customers earlier - before the dark economic crises sinks further.

early christmas
Well, I'm also having an early Christmas... but of a different kind.

These are not Christmas decorations... but instead the fillers to fill up the space in between the boxes.

I learnt about having these plastic fillers but can't remember their name. And was actually searching a bit on where to get them. This was really my first time doing such (because of the different packaging requested).

Some search and I eventually bought them at the local post office!

early christmas
Putting these fillers makes me think of snow white Christmas - but instead of what some may use these to make artificial snow, I'm filling up boxes instead haha!

But that's good news, as I'm proud that we are getting reorders for my first book, Batik Inspirations... To make this doubly sweet, this is from Indonesia some more!

Hooray to the early Christmas! :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's Like Going Bananas

I've mentioned this briefly once when doing the 50+1 Malaysia book. And I'm mentioning it here again. The reason simply because I'm into a new project.

Whenever an idea is conceived, I usually feel good about it. Have you experienced it before? The feeling of excitement that the idea will turn reality with a super outcome (like how we want it to be) and even envisioning a smooth ride!

Not Cloud 9

But then, when I really get down to 'grind' the idea proper, the first problems arise. Sometimes, some ideas then turn out to be just so-so, and it maybe abandoned. Other times, they are workable, and more 'grinding' is needed to make the first step of it turn reality.

Well, now that I'm on a new project, the same thing arise. This has been vetted (by other parties), meaning it is a workable idea. And the green button is already on.

However, despite that, I didn't jump in. This whole thing seem really too new to me and really very overwhelming.

So my first step is to get more insights on the industry by attending a few courses and events which I think are related.

And the outcome - there is hope (it seems funny having to mention this), though I really got quite scared out of the reality as well. In fact, it made me quite confused at times too!

Talking To Others

Despite attending the courses, but that doesn't complete the thought process as they were merely insights (things to do, the step-by-step guide, what others have done, etc)... while the idea of this project remains at its infancy.

So, the next thing I've been doing is to link up with industry players a bit... and in fact, even to the non industry players. These gives a more rounded approach - where while industry players will give even more insights, however, the nons are the ones with usually a good twist, many times looking from a different perspective.

Talking to these people have helped a fair bit in my progress. After some round of discussions, the idea seems to 'fall in place' now.

So, what's the outcome?

It's been nearly a month now that I'm on this (seriously, 1 month of research can get tiring & make one go bananas!)... and yet despite all that, I can't say that I'm ready to roll out the idea as yet. It still needs a fair bit of 'twitching'.

Whatever it is, I'm keeping a positive mindset on this. There has been advancement in the past 1 month... and let's hope for something good to comes out. Wish me luck! :)

*The bananas pic was taken in Orchard Road!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Interview With Karen Kong

Some of you will be familiar with this name while some may find her a lil new.

Whatever it is, let me introduce to you this petite yet very talented Malaysian singer - Karen Kong, whom I've been fortunate to be able to interview her specially for this Talented Malaysians & Singaporeans segment.

How I Found Out About Karen
I knew about Karen quite accidentally. I was at a music store in KL and the staffs were unpacking her new CDs. And on air, they were playing her album.

I found her voice unique (strong yet sweet), and ever the supporter of local talents, I purchased her album. What made it unique is that, that was the first day that her first album was released. What coincidence.

I have since been a fan of hers and has been seeing her rise from internet star to reality.

Karen's Background

What makes Karen unique apart from her voice is that her first album is actually 100% Malay. Titled Mulakan, it has some very nice tunes like Cinta Helo Kitty, Mulakan and the Datuk Siti inspired song - Ku Tak Upaya (seriously, listen to the song, and you can at times mistaken her for Datuk Siti).

Cinta Hello Kitty

Well that is no coincidence, as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is Karen's idol.

"I idolize Datuk Siti since I was very young because I think she is very passionate towards music and no matter what song she sings, she’d blew me away with her superb voice."

Ku Tak Upaya

And apart from Datuk Siti, Karen's other idols are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, A-Mei, Fish Leong, Stephanie Sun, Misia - whom she admire for their passion in music and hardwork they put in, something which I believe Karen is doing as well.

Interestingly, Karen has also released her first Chinese album, 表演 Showtime with hits like 離島 (Li Dao) Island Away, 沉默秘密 (Chen Mo Mimi) and 龔柯允 (Zhen Zhen Tiao).

karen kong, performance
Karen's Music History
Like many other singers, her passion for music started young. Her first competition was at the age of 4, where she won and represented Labuan in the Sabah state competition.
And it was there that she fell in love with the stage.

She continued singing in many other competitions but it was not until she participated in her university’s (UTAR) Talent Night competition, emerging as the winner that she was talent spotted.

The rest, as you can say, is history.

Malay songs? Why?

I'm sure this question must have popped up to her so many times now. It is rather uncommon for a Chinese to sing in Bahasa Malaysia, what more a full album on it.

She regards her influence of Malay music from her family. "Though I’m Chinese, my parents really enjoy listening and watching malay music at home".

And in fact, it was a Malay music that got her spotted - yes, she sang Bukan Cinta Biasa (by Datuk Siti).

So, it was natural for her to come out with her first Malay album which actually took a good 2 years to produce. But it has sinced become extra special for Karen as looking back, this is the album that managed to bring so many races to like her album (she has fans from all races and honestly, I feel proud for her on achieving this).

Former Malaysian Idol Contestant?
You'll be surprised that Karen has actually also entered into competitions like Astro's Talent Quest and the glamour Malaysian Idol. However, her luck didn't go far.

But it is this that makes many people admire her - for she didn't give up her dreams. Instead, she continued persevering and improving herself. We always hear many who say they'll make a comeback in the industry, and sort of dissapear. But not Karen.

She improved her singing, putting in much more work needed, and is now thankful to be able to realise her dreams of becoming a singer.

karen kong, concert
What's In Store For Karen
Karen has been brushing up on her Mandarin, preparing for a regional Mandarin album. But also in the pipelines is a new Malay album slated for 2009.

You will most likely continue to hear a lot more about this shinning star, who launched her presence online using Friendster and has since blossomed to a full singer.

Here, a video of her journey - may you be inspired:

Karen Kong's Contest Giveaway
To those of you who would love to grab hold of a personally autographed CD by Karen, kindly send your wishes and aspirations to Karen here.

1 lucky winner will get this CD specially arranged by Prodigee Media.

Contest ends: 17 Nov 2008.

*Connect with Karen Kong:
Karen's blog
Karen Kong's Friendster

*To Karen, love your spirit and vocals. Can't wait to hear more of you! :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Using Internet For Filmmaking

dmfest, digital media festival

Filmmakers all know the tedious works and relatively high budgets one need to make films and movies for the big screen. But now with the internet, things are changing... and this is what I discovered at the recent Digital Media Festival Singapore.

Making Movie Using The Internet
This may sound new to some like myself, but not for Timo Vuorensola, a film producer from Finland.

His movie, Starwreck, was actually done a lot online (maybe except filmming with the actors), and taking a good 7 years to do so.

Now what is interesting is that he actually got a fair bit of the online community to actually be part of his movie project - eg. some parties helped developed the spaceships for his sci-fiction movie.

This method came good as he only had a shoe string budget (15000 euros only). How Timo survived 7 years for his project with his tight budget is interesting, but what makes it more interesting is that this movie had 8 million online downloads since launched! Now that is quite something for a first time producer... and especially for an independent movie coming from Finland (have you watched a Finnish movie? - well, that was his question).

Timo Vuorensola, Iolo Jones, Hugh Hancock

More Insights On Digital Filmmaking

Another interesting key speaker is producer Hugh Hancock who showed the potential in the tv/ flim industry going online - and how ordinary folks like ourselves can be part of it as well.

He contribute this mainly because of the low entries, like the relatively low budget films (he does funny cook shows for less than $100/episode). This means nearly any Tom, Dick or Harry can be an instant film maker/ show producer.

The only drawback, he cautions is - Noise (ie too many players) hence the difficulty of getting heard or in this case, seen. But even though he understands this, this positive outlook personality still insists on aspiring film makers to just go out there to make their films.

And what happens if the film/ movie is bad? Just do another one! (Of course, these are more for mini series rather than feature length movies).

More To Just Making Films

Of course, we all know (and should know) that there is much more to film making than just producing it like finding the right platform to showcase it - from using the internet and even mobile phones or even the traditional theatre and DVD release, which was actually shared by a few other speakers... Add all these and the going is not as easy as it seems, though it can be lucrative and huge when breakthrough.

But for now, let's all know that at least, that the internet can help filmmakers in film making and who knows, creating that blockbuster hit!