Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Met 100 Doraemon! (100 Doraemon Malaysia)

Doraemon. Owh, it's everywhere ain't it? 

I remember watching bout this super magic cat when I was young and of course, the high pitch voices of the 2 main stars - Doraemon, and its buddy Nobita. 

Well, anyway.. Doraemon is in KL now, and though I'm not a super big fan.. I knew that I had to go. 

So, went I did to the 100 Doraemon Malaysia Expo. And while, it's not an interactive exhibition but more static Doraemons.. but enjoyed I did. 

For I took really lots of photos of the whole exhibition with the many Doraemons in store. So well.. beware of lots of photos..!!

For Doraemon fanboys and fangirls, do enjoy! :D

Hey :)

Act cute, can? :P

Tell me you haven't done that with your lips :P

Okay, was being naughty

Whatever magic balls Doraemon has! LOL!

Sad Nobita :(

There's a "church" in the expo

One of the segments in the expo is in black and white - very manga-ish heh :)

Oh ya, there's Doraemon's and Nobita's neighbourhood and I visited it too :)

2 cats and a bear lol

We are "family"

Oops, I killed the cat!

I like the teddy bear!

Awww, Giant! Sometimes naughty, sometimes sweet. 

So how did I enjoy the event? Very much. When I went there (weekday night), it wasn't crowded.. and provided enough photo opportunities - especially with the Doraemons I liked :)

*100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets
Website :
Location: Viva Home Shopping Mall

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